Jon Fitch, Matyushenko, Russow, Volkmann and dozen others released by UFC


Sad news for 16 MMA fighters.

Former UFC Welterweight title challenger, and one of the top welterweights on the planet, Jon Fitch, now finds himself out of the UFC, after going 1-2-1 in his last four fights. But he’s not alone – MMA vets Matyushenko and Russow, Jacob Volkmann, former promising up-and-comers Che Mills, Paul Sass, and Terry Etim are now all cut from the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

This could be a very good news for Bellator MMA, who will be able to update their roster from top to bottom. More than anything, Jon Fitch vs. Ben Askren might finally happen, while Terry Etim and many others would be a fantastic addition to the evolving Spike TV product.

So what do you think, LowKick’ers? Do you agree with the UFC sending off Jon Fitch? Which who would you rather keep in the UFC? Make your feelings known in the comments section below.

Unlucky 16 list via

Jon Fitch (Overall record: 24-5-1, 1 no-contest; Last fight: Unanimous decision loss to Demian Maia at UFC 156; 1-2-1 in last four UFC fights)

Wagner Prado (Overall record: 8-2-1, 1 no-contest; Last fight: Submitted by Ildemar Alcantara at UFC on FX 6; 0-2 with 1 no-contest in last three UFC fights)

Mike Russow (Overall record: 15-3, 1 no-contest; Last fight: TKO loss by Shawn Jordan at UFC on FOX 6; 0-2 in last two UFC fights)

Jacob Volkmann (Overall record: 15-4; Last fight: Submitted by Bobby Green at UFC 156; 1-2 in last three UFC fights)

Vladimir Matyushenko (Overall record: 26-7; Last fight: Submitted by Ryan Bader at UFC on FOX 6; 0-2 in last two UFC fights)

Che Mills (Overall record: 15-6, 1 no-contest; Last fight: Lost split decision to Matthew Riddle at UFC on FUEL TV 7; 1-2 in last three UFC fights)

Jay Hieron (Overall record: 23-7; Last fight: KO loss to Tyron Woodley at UFC 156; 0-2 in last two UFC fights)

Terry Etim (Overall record: 15-5; Last fight: Unanimous decision loss to Renee Forte at UFC on FUEL 7; 1-3 in last four UFC fights)

Paul Sass (Overall record: 13-2; Last fight: Unanimous decision loss to Danny Castillo at UFC on FUEL 7; 0-2 in last two UFC fights)

Jorge Santiago (Overall record: 25-11; Last fight: Unanimous decision loss to Gunnar Nelson at UFC on FUEL TV 7; Was return to UFC)

Mike Stumpf (Overall record: 11-4; Last fight: Unanimous decision loss to Pascal Krauss at UFC on FOX 6; 0-2 in his last two UFC fights)

Simeon Thoresen (Overall record: 17-4; Last fight: Unanimous decision loss to David Mithcell at UFC on FOX 6; 0-2 in his last two UFC fights)

C.J. Keith (Overall record: 8-2; Last fight: Submitted by Francisco Trinaldo at UFC on FX 7; 0-2 in his last two UFC fights)

Motonobu Tezuka (Overall record: 19-6; Last fight: Unanimous decsion loss to Vaughan Lee at UFC on FUEL TV 7; 0-2 in his last two UFC fights)

Josh Grispi (Overall record: 14-5; Last fight: Unanimous decision loss to Andy Ogle at UFC on FUEL TV 7; 0-4 in his last four UFC fights)

Ulysses Gomez (Overall record: 9-4; Last fight: Unanimous decision loss to Phil Harris at UFC on FUEL TV 7; 0-2 in his last two UFC fights)

  • Dana's just been waiting for an excuse to get rid of Fitch, and while his record may possibly warrant it, the level of opponents he faces in general is extreeeemely high, unlike, say Dan Hardy. We all kind of knew this was inevitable if he didn't keep up a winning streak.

    • And Btw, fuck Volkmann, he's like an even more boring, less talented, smaller, version of fitch. Good for the UFC

    • I don't think Dana made the cuts, Ulysses Gomez even said he was cut by Joe Silva, not Dana.

    • john fitch is a good player not lyke santiago who i think one of the worst fighter in ufc.

    • Bullshit.

      Fitch's record was one of the best in the UFC. Only 3 losses in the UFC, and they were not consecutive. Your right about the caliber of opponents, and dbags like Hardy and others have like 4 or 5 losses in a row and arent cut.

  • Jon Fitch, Jacob Volkman, Mike Russow, and Paul Sass's combined record 11-8-1 in their last 5 fights. Dan Hardy, Leonard Garcia, Melvin Guillard, and Brandon Vera's combin…ah no use.

  • Wow – Dictator Jerkoff White is at it again, isn't he? We've all heard this before "One man's trash is another man's treasure." So, I suppose Bellator is going to greatly benefit from some of those idiotic moves by Mr. Baldy.

    By the way, I'm not a fan of any of those guys, I just think that control freak is once again overreacting.

    • It's apparently Joe Silva who made these cuts. According to Ulysses Gomez, one of the fighters who was cut.

    • LOL @ Jerkoff

  • I can tolerate a lil ground & pound but the cover & smother that Fitch perfected was god awful. Glad to see the homie Johnie k.o. him & i expect the same thing is going to happen to CC

    • go fuck yourself


      • Due to weight lifting four days a week for the last 5 months but off & on for the last 10 yrs & JKD training 3 nights a week for 2hrs, please call me a muscular ass kicking keyboard warrior.

    • lol Hateo, you hit their FitchNerve. I had no idea there was that much love for Fitch, oh well. I didnt care either way really.

  • Retarded. He had 1 loss that was substantial the other circumstantial and the draw with Penn was stupid judging. Fitch should be stayin for sure. What a joke.

  • Need to start this off by saying I was never a huge fan of Fitch but I always respect hard work, dominance, toughness and the ability to win in the UFC.

    Some of these are acceptable and none of them are really shocking, except Jon Fitch… it's just appalling.
    He took a lot of flak for his style but whether you hated him or not you couldn't deny how good he was – one of the best UFC records in the history of the organisation.
    Just for his sheer ability to win alone and his time with the UFC, Jon Fitch was a household name.

    A lot of people have Fitch as the 3rd best WW of all time in the sport not just UFC and if not 3rd, no one can deny he is near the top.

    Jon Fitch should be getting considered in a couple of years for HOF, no if he is ready to get back in the UFC.

  • Oh and coming from someone British, the fact Dan Hardy got to stay after 4 consecutive losses and at one point had just as many UFC losses as wins…. while Jon Fitch leaves with a record of 13-3-1, only losing to the elite of the WW top 10.

    It's just ridiculous.

  • If I was Bjorn Remney I'd go out and have a celebratory dinner. After that, I'd sign a number of those fighters, the most obvious of which is John Fitch and have a press conference Live on SPIKE, to do it.

    This is another lose scenario for The UFC IMO. They keep handing Bellator easy wins, by handing them quality, name-brand fighters.

    Score one for Bellator.

  • Glad Fitch is gone, the guy is an incredibly boring fighter. Winning in that fashion does nothing for the sport.

    The one Im most shocked by is Che Mills, that guy is an entertainer and only lost his last fight cause of a fitch style opponent where he pretty much took zero damage.

    • it's called mixed martial arts not striking art dip stick

  • Surprised Pahlares wasn't there.

  • Sad that he is gone…he had an awesome fight with Erick Silva and lost to Maia (who wouldn't??) he is very very talented and if we are talking about boring what is GSP then?? 5 4 3 2 1 … Here comes the weaking!!!

    • Well, In the absence of Jon Fitch, GSP (Get Safety Plus+) will automatically become the most boring UFC fighter by default. Forget about being weaked, man, just say it like it is.

  • Yet they bring back Nate Marquart ( * )( * )

    • Nice tits

      • Supposed to be "rolls Eyes" but thanks anyways, it was tough getting my chick to lay still on the scanner though 8D

  • Bullshit…… Dana White WTF….. Jon Fitch… Really…..Wow…Not cool..

  • This could potentially be great for Bellator they have real potential to grow their roster and gain a lot of popularity if they sign some of these fighters. I have to wonder with the UFC absorbing Pride, WEC and Strikeforce that it's roster has just gotten to big. There is only so many cards per year and only so much money made to pay these fighters. We all know how money driven Dana White is.

    I hope Bellator grows into a serious challenger to UFC for dominance in the MMA world, that maybe the only thing in the world that could ever possibly humble that bald headed douchebag Dana White. If you think about it Anderson Silva and GSP have already talked about retirement and if they ever lost those 2 they could take a serious step back.

  • These fighters are boring, they do not draw viewers, worse, they kill the sport for some people. This sends a message to other fighters in the UFC. This is great news for fans.

  • Cutting a guy like Fitch is some serious BS the guy's record is better than most other UFC fighters. Bad move Dana.

  • Fitch had one win in his last four fights. With all the young hungry fighters coming along, at 170, this doesn't surprise me at all.

    Fitch gave a glimpse of the fighter he could have been against Erik Silva, where instead of just grinding out top control, he actually did some damage. If he'd been fighting like that for awhile, I think he'd still be in the UFC.

    Lacking GSP's striking, he's someone who actually deserves the lay'n'pray tag, To be honest, I think the writing was on the wall after the Hendricks fight. There are enough gatekeepers at 170 and most are more exciting to watch.

  • Joe Silva and/or Dana White just made Bellator a viable rival.

  • This is not the end for Fitch, he can easily redeem himself and get back on the roster. It seems harsh but when you have a history of contract disputes with Dana you can never expect to be given any favours in the future. Jon Fitch is not the most popular fighter however things may have turned out differently if Dana was promoting him more. In his last fight Fitch looked lost at sea for three rounds so it comes as no surprise.

  • I just think this is wrong. Wrong in so many ways, especially for Fitch. how do you justify having a 14-3-1 record in the UFC, losing to the champ, the recent number one contender, and the best jiu jitsu fighter in the league as your only losses and be released? especially when fitch could be great competition for the the back half of the top ten??? cause he should be considered right in the middle. just wrong to me.

    • who weaked this comment? I want to kick your ass personally

      • lol, send him a knuckle sandwich in an e-mail 8))

  • majority of these fighter are now pretty much a household name to most casual fans of mma built up by zuffa and others, now bellator has a pretty good chance of getting these guys on contract and should fill there cards with more (well know) fighters…competition is always good hopefully bellator will drive on with ratings and come closer to ufc

    • @ Irish

      You got it, man. Dana just keeps handing Bellator wins. To cut a fighter like Fitch, to cut a young, very promising fighter like Che Mills whose stand-up is amazing and who demonstrated real growth in his last fight, with his improved TDD and ability to get back up when taken down…makes no sense.

      If I was sitting on the board of directors of The UFC and read this, I would have hit the roof. You can't just dump that much talent and name-brand. Not all at once, at least. You end up building your competitions business for them, which is kind of what's going on.

      I'm no MMA aficionado and I don't know all the fighters on the list, but I recognize at least half of those on the list. If I'm tuning in to Bellator one night and I were to see John Fitch / Che Mills, I would…one, immediately know both fighters and something about them and secondly, I'd stop and watch.

      As you said, more and more of these guys are becoming household names to the casual MMA fan and as you pointed out, built by Zuffa dollars and now, they'll all be in Bellator.

      One of these days, The UFC will wake up and realize that the fighters "are" the business and that they can't cut that much of the business without helping their competitor. But then again, I'm the guy who would advocate for a base salary for signed fighters. Enough salary to allow them all to avoid having to have outside jobs to support themselves.

      Dana might have been the right guy to build it and get us here, but he might not be the guy to take it to the next level. The next level for me being, a network deal that kills the PPVs and puts our beloved sport on the same level as the other major 4 North American sports. For me, until that task is accomplished, the job is not done. And at the rate Dana is going, Bellator just might beat them to the holy grail.

  • This makes no sense Fitch is one of the best fighters in the history of ufc. Not many fighters will reach his record. I hope this is just a rumors

  • Why Fitch he just lost one fight,before that he beat Erick Silva,wtf?

    • Maybe you're onto something, he derailed the E.Silva hype train, Dana was sad .

  • I think Aaron Simpson got cut too,so I heard…to think Grispi was once almost a title contender,he's certainly fell off the ladder,good luck to you sir!

    • Grispi is 0-4——I just read your "was" comment….You scared me for a sec.

  • Have any of you "jumped on the tapout bandwogn" faqns SERIOUSLLY been entertained by fitch since the GSP fight? Or was that before "MMA" blew up? Actually Blew downhill in my opinion……..All in all Fitch's loss to GSP was more entertaining then ALL of his fights combined.

  • Remember when Chuck and Vernon fought? the word is fought..Like Fighting…..A real fight..Trying to hurt eachother…..It's so sad that wrestling is out of the olympics. But the good news is. The UFC always has a spot for you blanket fighters!!!!

  • Fitch's UFC record: 14-3-1
    He said two fights ago he was on the brink of retirement due to financial problems. Then the UFC just slaps him in the face and says his record and time with the company don't mean shit. I have nothing to say.

  • That is insane that Fitch was released. I'm not a huge fan of his fights but he has had some great tilts in the past; more recently, vs Erick Silva.

    Someone is eating the same breakfast as the Olympic committee

  • I just watched Dana's interview and realized that there is no rationality behind the cutting of John Fitch.
    Like or hate his style,you dont cut a guy like John Fitch , Dana ,Period!
    Hypothetically speaking,what will happen to Frankie Edgar if loses his next fight as well? Are you going to cut him too because he will have been 0-4 in his last 4 fights?
    Makes absolutely no sense at all.(and yes i know Frankie has been the champ where as Fitch has not, but nonetheless he is a championship level fighter too)
    Uncle Dana made an error here, but i suppose he will eventually make it up for Fitch