Jon Jones Rips Colby Covington Over Altercation With Fabricio Werdum


UFC lightweight champion Jon Jones has stayed somewhat quiet since it was announced that he failed a drug test a few months ago.

However, with everyone chiming in on the altercation between Fabricio Werdum and Colby Covington in Australia, it was enough to get Jones to take to his official Twitter account and sound off.

It’s well known by now, Werdum, who is slated to headline Saturday’s UFC Fight Night 121 in Sydney, Australia, was charged with assault for allegedly throwing a boomerang at Covington on Thursday.

The incident took place outside the Hilton Sydney. Some of the altercation was filmed and posted on social media.

Covington has his own footage, which he put it on social media. Once his video starts, he’s already hurling expletive after expletive at Werdum. After the exchange, he turned the camera on himself and stated the following to his fans:

“F*ck Brazil. F*ck Fabricio Werdum. Little b*tch ass. “F*ck Brazil. A bunch of filthy animals. And they wonder why they get talked to like that. Because they’re a bunch of animals.”

His words fall in line with his anti-Brazil remarks in Sao Paulo following last month’s win over Demian Maia at UFC Fight Night 119. Thus, Jones had enough and gave his thoughts on Twitter.

This wasn’t enough for the former UFC champion. Once 12 hours rolled around, he went off again on his former roommate in college. It has to be noted that the UFC prospect stated in a recent interview that Jones is a “piece of sh*t dirtbag.”

  • Bill Wolf

    “At the end of the day brother, I feel sad for you. I couldn’t imagine holding that type of animosity in my heart.”

    Another sermon from Saint Jon “Bones” Jones.

  • ernesto chavez

    Mr. Jones, pot v. kettle please.

    Mr. Covington is not a good, warm, caring, nice, or loving person but he does not compare (at this time) to “Felonious Jones” who intentionally ran a red light, T-boned a pregnant woman’s car, left the seen without checking on her or calling for help, returned to the crime seen only to get some money, and left again without rendering or calling for aid.

    Just imagine what Jones, a self described “Christian,” would have done if he were not devoted to the Lord. Holy- moly that’s a scary thought.

    I left out the minor cocaine, PEDS, and other issues.