Jon Jones’ Rehab Visit Lasted One Day According To His Mom


It’s been a crazy couple weeks now for the UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones, as his reputation has truly been placed under the microscope. Having been popped for cocaine metabolites in the run up to UFC 182, albeit out of competition, “Bones” found himself the subject of criticism and ridicule in equal measure.

Having checked in to an unnamed rehabilitation clinic, UFC president Dana White stated he was glad that the champion was getting the help he needed. As fans, many of us grew concerned as to how serious Jones’ problem was, and further test results certainly raised some eyebrows. The UFC was obviously not going to penalize one of their biggest stars, and Jon Jones rehab stint would surely help resolve this messy situation.

Well, according to Jones’ own Mother, the champ spent one night in rehab. Check it out, from

“I’m glad that this happened to Jon, this stopped him in his tracks, this let him know that he may need to change some friends, you know, because everyone is not for you for the best. Me and my husband considered it a blessing from God that our child was able to be helped and know that he need to stop and know that he needed the assistance to stop before it came to something worse. When he tested positive, my first question was, do you have a problem, a serious problem? And then he told me what happened. Jon is usually very honest with me, so he told me what happened. I was like, good for you….good. You needed to be caught, it was just timing.”

His stint in the rehab program lasted just one night, but Jones said her son is continuing to get more educated on the subject.

“You know, it did not affect his game, it was not in his system during the fight, so he’s still a good athlete. So before something becomes serious of it, I was glad it was nipped in the bud.”

Wow, so Jon Jones rehab was consistent of one night in a clinic. Talk about the biggest PR stunt ever, and how ironic is it that his own Mother was the one to reveal this absurd news.

As if this story couldn’t have got any worse for the champion, we learn that even his effort to lessen the backlash from the media was half-hearted at best. What are your thoughts? Is the champion tarnishing his image beyond repair with these antics?

  • darejz00

    The official storyline since the beginning has been that something bad happened to Jon and everyone is glad that he’s getting help. It’s like Jon is in no way responsible for what happened…

    • It’s a messy situation, and surely he would know that one night in rehab is probably worse than none, right?

  • Michael Drahota

    Overall this whole mess just makes me feel like the UFC thinks their fans are the stupidest people on the planet. I mean it’s just too obvious that this was a PR stunt; how could Dana White say he’s glad that Jon is “getting the help he needed?” What kind of a cocaine addict is cured in one day? There is not one. There just isn’t.

    • james

      He doesnt like to spend too much on his fighters, rehab is expensive…especially for the pr stunt.

    • lol

    • Zip

      Yes Mike, they really do think we are that stupid. Unfortunately, the fans often are. Their wealth comes from us, and I continue to be surprised at fans who blindly follow without fully understanding that. Only way to force a change, is to force Dana & Co. to take a pay cut. Been doing my part since 168. In part based on last year’s earnings, I think more fans are too.

    • watermelon fresh

      I agree. This seemed like a PR play from the start and that’s basically what it turned out to be. Although I wonder if the athletic commission has the ability to now lay down some sort of punishment at their discretion since Jones is skipping treatment? I wonder what Dana’s take is on this? Also, the Commission is a joke and shows how inefficient our government is with unqualified people overlooking it….

      Case and point – Because Wandy Silva ” ran” from a drug test and made off unflattering remarks he is suspended for life? What’s the difference between him ” running” and an athlete refusing it? It would normally be an automatic failure and 12 months suspension…But because things became personal for athletic commission they abused power and suspended him for life??

      What a joke and they have as much credibility as Jones and the baldfather.

  • james

    The guy had an ego before addiction(not saying he is) if he is hooked the addict ego wouldn’t let anyone tell him he can’t hang with his white friend. He could have been forced (strongly advised) he needs to go to rehab by his employer. It works better if you hit rock bottom and go in yourself out of fear of your own life and everyone around you……. Or he just parties a bit (not currently addicted) and its a pr stunt.

  • michaelchimique

    the fact that the UFC is defending him is sickening, they are doing damage to the sport by saying that it doesn’t matter if you fail a drug test as long as you are a top draw.

    • What do you expect them to do? throw one of their biggest stars under the bus? Let’s be real… the UFC is a business! You’re not gonna willingly destroy one of your highest grossing products.

      • michaelchimique

        draw or not, that’s bullshit. it totally takes away the legitimacy of the sport by saying the drug test only counts for some people.

  • JD51

    Where does she say he was only in rehab for a day? It doesn’t in that clip you attached (or I’m a complete moron).