Is Jon Jones Already The Greatest Fighter Of All Time?


When speaking about the best pound-for-pound fighter to ever grace the cage, the first person that usually comes to mind is Anderson “The Spider” Silva, and rightfully so. With 16 straight UFC wins, 10 straight title defenses, and the owner of some of the most spectacular knockouts you will ever see, why wouldn’t he be considered the greatest to ever do it?

Because one other man is gunning for that top spot, the title of being called the “G.O.A.T.” and may be a lot closer than many of you think, if he’s not there already. That man is reigning UFC light heavyweight champion and pound-for-pound king Jon “Bones” Jones.

Jon Jones is currently riding an 11-fight UFC win streak (it would be a 14 fight win streak if it wasn’t for a DQ loss to Matt Hamill back in 2009) and has seven consecutive title defenses. He owns the most title defenses in the UFC light heavyweight division and has an almost spotless overall record of 20-1. Now you might be asking yourself, “Bones” has less title defenses and less consecutive UFC wins than “the Spider”, so how could he possibly take the coveted title of being known as the best ever?

For one, Jon Jones is the youngest UFC champion in the history of the company and will have more time inside the Octagon then Silva. So eventually if Jones continues his dominance, he will certainly surpass Silva’s records and become the greatest despite any fans or media member’s opinion. But, in my opinion Jones has already gotten to that point.

He has been just as dominant as Silva and has done it against arguably better competition, which is my main selling point. Jones has defended his title against five former champions, Rashad Evans, “Rampage” Jackson, Vitor Belfort, Lyoto Machida, and “Shogun” Rua, to Silva’s three which includes Rich Franklin, Dan Henderson, and Vitor Belfort.

Besides those champions, “Bones” has taken out a plethora of extremely talented mixed martial artists in his title reign. This list includes: Chael Sonnen, Alexander Gustafsson, and Glover Teixeira.

Silva’s list of title defenses that does not include the former champions looks like this: Yushin Okami, Demian Maia, Thales Leites, Patrick Cote, Nate Marquardt, and Travis Lutter. Don’t get me wrong, that is a tough list of fighters, but the talent level that Silva faced just does not compare to the talent “Bones” has faced, in my opinion. A great example of this is Chael Sonnen. Both men fought Sonnen, with very different outcomes.

Silva was dominated by Sonnen for over four rounds, and pulled off one of the best comebacks and finishes of all time. However, Sonnen exploited Silva’s weaknesses. Despite the fact that Silva won more convincingly in their rematch, Jones absolutely obliterated Sonnen, knocking him out in the first round. That fact may make you think a little bit.

Another reason for Silva being considered the greatest of all time is because of the deadly display of skills he showcased which resulted in a highlight reel of finishes that will be remembered for ever. His triangle choke win over Sonnen, and the front kick to the face of Vitor Belfort are just two of Silva’s best finishes. Silva had seven finishes in his title reign. Jones, on the other hand, has four finishes in his seven title defenses. They may not compare to Silva’s, but they are quite a good example of just how good Jones is.

In my opinion, there will never be another fighter like ‘The Spider’. The things he has done inside of the octagon can never be replaced and never be forgotten. He is without a question one of the best fighters of all time and a Hall of Famer. I think many can agree that Jones is on his way to becoming the “G.O.A.T.”. If he keeps doing what he is doing, it is inevitable. However, when you look at the facts, he may be there already; and if not, he sure is a lot closer than we may believe.

So what do you think? Is “Bones” already the greatest fighter of all time, or does he still have a ways to go?

  • grandslam

    Chael Sonnen, “extremely talented mixed martial artists”?? I agree he dominated SIlva for 4 and a half rounds, but how can you not mention that “Sonnen had an unallowably high testosterone/epitestosterone (T/E) ratio of 16.9:1 at the time of the fight”? See this is where the bias kicks in. You would never allow Vitor’s accomplishments without mentioning his TRT abuse. So what makes Sonnen such a gem in your opinion??

    Jon Jones and Anderson Silva are in different weight categories. You cannot compare their performance on the same opponents. I believe this is fundamentally wrong. There is a reason why GSP never fought AS.

    Finally, I think it would be rather naive to declare greatness based in numbers alone. Jon Jones is certainly ahead on the numbers when compared to the others. However, his antics inside and outside int he octagon are a bit of a disgrace to be honest. BY all means call him a GOAT, or whatever, but he will remain a douche bag for most fans like myself.

    You may start by defending Chael Sonnen.

    • toxic

      Jones is for sure the greatest eye poker of all time..
      And also the most arrogant champion of all time!!
      Fighting with that kind of size and reach advantage, Jones can Never ever be the greatest of all time.
      Only the greatest he could be with a test in the Ultimate division…
      But see that we never will…

      • matt1926

        Most fans have absolutely no perspective. If you hate Jones he will never be the greatest of all time in their minds. Because sports are so subjective, fans are always able to come up with valid reasons in their minds why an athlete or team are better than the others. I do think Jones is already there and he will continue to cement himself as the greatest and surpass Anderson’s records.

        However there will still be a ton of fans that will never admit he’s the greatest simply because they hate him. When he beats Cormier they will either say he got “lucky”, or they will immediately begin talking about how Gus is going to kick his ass. And after he beats Gus again there will be just as much hope for the next opponent whomever that may be.

    • dropkickmurphy

      Forrest Griffin was a champion that Silva defeated. Griffin, Bonnar were light heavyweights that Silva destroyed. Silva was just as devastating the weight class above HIS.

  • SpaceJam

    I personally still think Anderson is the GOAT, But Jon is P4P the best Mixed Martial Artist in the world. You are kidding yourself if you think Aldo, Gus, Cormier or anyone else is above Jones on the P4P list. This was a great article good job Mike!

  • thexperience1

    Absolutely not… he still has a lot of work to do before getting to that point.

  • Zip

    If Space directs a ‘good job’ in your direction, something is terribly wrong. Chicken bones has fought only one guy his size, yet still held the reach advantages, and was beat up badly. Instead of demanding a rematch, he ran… and ran… and ran.

    Character matters as much as the number of wins.

    • SpaceJam

      Why don’t Gus, DC, Rumble, Glover, Davis or any other fighter in the UFC say that Jon is only successful because of his reach??? THEY ALL SAY Jon Jones is P4P #1 because of his tremendous skills. Jon is not extremely tall but he has extreme reach. Just like hundreds of other fighters spread out across the weight classes. There are a multitude of advantages and disadvantages to ever come with certain opponents. Are you saying that all of Jones previous opponents couldn’t do anything because of Jon’s reach?? Or was it Jon’s skill as a fighter?? All I ask is for you to explain how 5’10 Mark Hunt KOd 7’00 Stefan Struve? 5’8 Rob Font KOd 6’1 Geroge Roop? 5’5 Manny Gumburyan beat 6’1 Cole Miller? All of Jon previous opponents had every chance in the world to beat Jon, they didn’t because Jon is the more skilled fighter, not his height and reach. Aldo hasn’t Jon won most of his fights by submission or ground and pound??? Doesn’t that eliminate his height and reach entirely?? Zip you are beyond pathetic, you cannot handle the fact that someone you dislike is P4P the best fighter in the world. Its also laughable that you call Jon a chicken when you wouldn’t have the guts to step in the cage with him.

      • Zip

        I see you’re still ‘sharping’ your own shit, Space. Now that you have to be logged in to do that, there’s probably a log of it. Never mind though, here’s what Space will say when DC wrecks chicken bones, and if Gus beats him again, “I said anything could happen in MMA. Any guy could win. No one is any better than anyone else. They’re all the same. Whoever wins is a win for me. Whoever loses is a win for me. I’m a winner! Yeah me!

      • falcon4917

        The reason spacejam that those guys all say Jones is the best is because they are from his division and it makes them look better to say he’s the best weather they lose or win to him.

  • falcon4917

    you use the fact both men fought Sonnen and how Jones did better. Well Jones is bigger than Silva and Silva has actually fought people bigger and rangier than himself which Bones has not. Also if you want to compare fights, how about both of their Vitor encounters? Anderson destroyed Vitor much quicker than Jones. Just look at their movements, Silva is far more technically great standing and grappling than Jones. Jones has been simply too large for his opponents.

    • SpaceJam

      Jones did fight someone with the same reach, Gus…..Also Jones got TRT Vitor not pudgy Vitor.

      • thexperience1

        yeah just 1 guy the same size (and still about 3.5 inch longer reach) and what happened? He got beat the fuck up and got away with highway robbery.

        • SpaceJam

          Again accusing me of sharping my own comment when I clearly haven’t. You could answer one of my questions, that makes you a coward in my books. I know Jon Jones is not invincible, no one is in this sport.

          • Zip

            I’ll give it a shot, sport:

            “Why don’t Gus, DC, Rumble, Glover, Davis or any other fighter in the UFC say that Jon is only successful because of his reach???”

            Because they’re classy.

            “Are you saying that all of Jones previous opponents couldn’t do anything because of Jon’s reach?? Or was it Jon’s skill as a fighter??”


            “All I ask is for you to explain how 5’10 Mark Hunt KOd 7’00 Stefan Struve? 5’8 Rob Font KOd 6’1 Geroge Roop? 5’5 Manny Gumburyan beat 6’1 Cole Miller?”

            They didn’t use their reach advantages.

            “Aldo hasn’t Jon won most of his fights by submission or ground and pound???”


            “Doesn’t that eliminate his height and reach entirely??”


            There you go, Space. Not a question left unanswered.

        • SpaceJam

          Ok then X how many other top 10 205ers did Jon choose not to fight??? Jon fought everyone the UFC put in front of him. Gus didn’t do well against Jon because of his reach it was his skill as a fighter. Jon didn’t get beat up the entire fight, he got beat up for 2 rounds. Jones beat Gus up for the last 3 rounds including almost KOing him…. How the fuck do you consider Jones vs Gus highway robbery??? Jon woun 3 maybe 4 rounds Gus won 2 maybe 1 round. Every time Gus landed a clean punch, Jon landed several hard kicks and elbows right after. You know what I took away from Gus vs Jones 1?? Both are warriors and Jones proved that he is a true champion by overcoming adversity to dominate the end of the fight. Say what you want, I use factual evidence, you and Zip use moronic opinions.

          • thexperience1

            You’re clearly a Bones fanboy so this discussion is senseless. Just the fact that you think Bones won 3 or 4 rounds in the fight with Gus, shows me how senseless it is even discussing the matter with you. Cause you can’t be objective.

      • grandslam

        @spacejam, I understand you are a big Jones fan. Nothing wrong with that, but your arguments are rather weak. You have a tendency of repeating the same argument again and again hoping that people will start accepting them.

        Not trying to get at you, but you need to calm down and think rationally. Jon Jones is nowhere close to being the greatest in this sport. He will get the number but will never get the respect! Not sure you will understand that?

        • SpaceJam

          How about you read my first comment. I clearly said I don’t think Jon is the GOAT yet, I think he is P4P #1 though. How are my arguments weak? I am presenting factual evidence. Have you also noticed the clear and concise arguments I do present get no answer?? So how about you do me a favor and use your brain. If someone can refute my points with FACTUAL Evidence then I will have no problem conceding.

      • falcon4917

        Gus has a reach 5 inches shorter my friend, nice try. Also Vitor was TRT’d vs Silva as well.

        • thexperience1

          The whole TRT reverence is nonsense anyway, cause it plays no part in the actual fight. It’s nothing but a myth. It helps with recovery and cardio during training but does absolutely nothing in the actual fight, cause it adds nothing to skill/technique/speed.

  • ksooner76

    No way have we forgot the guys who paved the road to let him act like an ass
    and get praise for what he has done let him fight A.Silva no way could he take a Fedor in his prime.. “of all time”…. how fast the great are forgotten these day and age,. so many more names

  • Cookie77

    Is Jon Jones Already The Greatest Fighter Of All Time?

    I think he is the most physically gifted fighter with his natural advantages BUT that wont make to the greatest lets wait till he fights DC. I’m not saying that DC will beat Jones that would be going off track but what if DC did beat Jones will DC be then considered as the greatest fighter of all time? No of course not it’s way too early to call Anderson has been doing it longer but I don’t think he is the greatest fighter of all time but Anderson and Jones are great fighters. Maybe Jones and Silva are the greatest fighters of current times.

  • Liam

    Jose Aldo is the best P4P fighter there is at the mo. THE END!

  • Liam

    …and Fedor was the greatest and best P4P fighter the world has ever known! None of them come even close to his legacy! FACT!

  • watermelon fresh

    This coming from a guy that rooted against Jones since shogun and fight and there after. Jones is best ever in my opinion, he’s dominated ever guy, except gus and still decisively won. And he’s faced excellent competition, better than the guys Silva has faced but Silva was very dominant too except sonnen fight. Ppl have to give credit where it’s due and Jones is best ever, not the best person or nicest guy but that’s not the question

  • murderous1

    Nothing to compare Silva is a mercenary killer Jones is a play it safe strategic fighter with win instinct but no killer instinct

  • murderous1

    Ok ask yourself could he do it without his starve himself out of his weight class reach everybody forgot about that right