Johny Hendricks says it’s title shot or bust


Johny Hendricks cemented his place as the number one contender for St-Pierre’s title with a thrilling 3 round war against Carlos Condit last night. ‘Big Rig’ was awarded the decision after 3 rounds of back and forth action.

The fight was close, but ultimately the judges gave Hendricks the nod unanimously. Surely Hendricks is the only man on the planet who has earned the next shot against St-Pierre. My personal thoughts are that GSP should have taken on Hendricks at UFC 158, but I suppose we got to see a great fight between ‘Big Rig’ and ‘NBK’, and Hendricks should be awarded the next shot now.

Check out this post fight interview with Johny Hendricks and stay tuned to Lowkick for more post-UFC 158 coverage.

  • Not so sure, Saffiedine is suppose to have a title unification bout as Dana has promised and while Hendricks won the match he most definitely lost the fight vs NBK. One thing is for sure Hendricks would never have a won a 5 round fight vs Carlos.

    • Dana mentioned in the pre-fight press conference that the winner of the condit-hendricks match was the no.1 contender, so I fully expect Hendricks to fight for the title before saffiedine.

      • I've said all along nick never deserved the shot, it was a great fight, but it was clear he shouldnt have been in the cage with georges

        • he was strikeforce champion he had 12 fight win streak how the **** he did not deserve a title shot … :@

  • Ya the way I heard it it sounds like Hendricks is getting the title shot for sure outside of gsp vs silva.

    And ya I dont think he could have won 5 rounds against Condit, I mean I didnt even give him the win in that 3 round fight. Super close but Condit got up from every takedown and even did more off his back so how much is the takedown really worth?

    • Hendricks is a joke, claiming he earn his title fight
      he lost to Condit, he came to the fight all cocky thinking he was going to KO Condit and didn't to a thing to him , sure he took him down hes a Wrestler but after that he did nothing Condit got up everytime and landed more strikes and damage while on the botton than Hendricks on top like Rogan said.
      Also he lost to Koscheck he got the decision by the judges but didnt really beat Koscheck, if anything he should fight Jake Ellenberger for the No.1 contender spot at least Jake really won his fight.

      • wow… are you serious right now?
        Are you actually trying to say Hendricks doesn't deserve a title shot???

        Johny Hendricks has probably had the toughest road to the title shot in the history of MMA.

        His current streak is over Waldburger, Pierce, Fitch, Koscheck Kampmann and Condit… that is an incredible win resume for an entire career never mind a title run!
        His last 4 opponents were all arguable top 5s in the division when he beat them, I've never heard of anything close to that before and with it being in one of the most stacked divisions in the world makes it even crazier!
        Yea a couple of them were close but guess what, he's fighting absolute monsters! Even squeaking fast this guys is incredible and I think people forget he murdered Fitch and Kampmann.

  • The consensus view seems to be, that Hendricks wouldn't have won the fight, had the fight gone another two rounds. Unfortunately, it did not. Which raises the question, why aren't under-card fights, ones' as important as Hendricks / Condit, five round bouts?

    I (seem to) recall Dana, a couple of years back, making a big deal about five round fights, yet, we seem to have great bout, after great bout, where it's only three rounds. As a fan, I would have loved to have seen Hendricks / Condit go another 2 rounds. As a fan and as a general rule, I'd love to see every fight, which is slotted in the 2nd & 3rd spots, behind the headliner, to be a five rounder.
    With that said and all-in-all, it was a very entertaining card.

    • In my opinion it didnt need another 2 rounds he lost that fight… takedowns are overrated.. if u take someone down and dont do **** with it and get beat up on the ground, u shouldnt get points cause you're in a dominant position and can't do any damage! So pretty much your opponent shuts down your offence and punishes you for the effort! Condit beat him up for most of the 3 rounds i had Condit winning 2 to 1 easily…

      • Many saw it as you saw did. I'm actually planning on re-watching both fights this afternoon. I know CC put up a great fight, but as I watched it last night, I gave the fight to Hendricks.

        All-in-all, I feel it works out best for the division, either way. Hendricks is a new face to The Champ and new metal to test his steel by.

        Should GSP beat Hendricks, there's really only one other name I'd like to see him add to his win record and that would be, Demian Maia. I would really like to see that fight.

        If GSP can beat Hendricks and Maia, assuming that Maia fights Ellenberger (which would be my match selection) and beats him, then I think Rush will move on from and out of, The Division. I don't think The Champ has much time left @ 170.

    • Can't agree more. They should apply 5 rounds particularly to a 'co-MAIN' event.

    • @MMATruth….5 rounds would be great, however they would need to cut some fights on each card to make that happen otherwise the networks would struggle to cover it for such a long time. But the co-main event could easily be a five rounder.

      • @ Enjoy

        I understand what you're saying, but I'm not suggesting every fight be five rounds, but the main, plus the co-main, should be five rounders. Possibly even the top three fights.

        I know I would have loved to see that fight go another two, last night. The same way, for example, that I would have liked to have seen Ellenberger / Sanchez go another two rounds.

        I think that any significant divisional fight, that would be a bout where one or both fighters are ranked, should be five rounds. It would help cut down on decision wins and allow fighters who are better "late round" fighters a chance to actually get into the fight. It would also require fighters to have much better cardio.

        It's a thought, at any rate. Regardless, I think most fans would agree, that five round fights for the mains and co-mains, would be a good thing. To be honest, I thought that's what Dana had promised the fans a couple of years, back.

        None-the-less, it was a great card last night. I hope you enjoyed it.

  • Condit got robbed. I really don't like how the judges score takedowns in such a distorted manner. And lately, some fighters are starting to exploit that glitch just watch the last guida fight for example.

    You can get beat up the whole time, but simply land two or three unused takedowns each round and you still win the decision? Really? We must live in bizarro world, if strikes, submission attemps, ring control and so on don't even matter at all.

    • @ Holy

      Many would agree with you and it as it seems, that rationale might account for the cutting of a fighter like John Fitch. However, there is no easy solution to the problem, other than the one which we've had since the inception of the sport, which is, fighters must learn how to deal with, solve or prevent, being taken down, if they can't already do so.

      Anderson Silva is a great example of this methodology. Silva has always had tremendous stand-up, but his wrestling and TDD, have always been suspect. Of late though, it seems that Anderson has dramatically improved (at least) his TDD, as well as his wrestling. So, if The 185 Champ can deal with it, why not the rest of the fighters?

      Like it or not, I think it behooves the sport if it starts penalizing or complaining about wrestlers who make good use of their skill(s), simply because other fighters have difficulty using their own skill sets against said wrestlers.

      For me, the only solution to this problem, if indeed it is a problem, is an organic one. Fighters who struggle to deal with wrestlers, need to learn how to deal to do so.

  • Whatever happened here, Big Rig has deffo earned a shot at GSP!!

  • All I'll say is Condit admitted he knew he lost and he needs to work on his wrestling, so if Condit knows why he lost and what he needs to work on, why do you guys think different from the man himself?

    • He said he needs to 'work on his wrestling', because he knows, it's the alpha and the omega right know when going the distance. And it's not meant fighting wise, but point wise.

      From my point of view it's so messed up, that even the fighters themselfs admit they have to adjust their skill set to this point regime to make shure they win a decision. Don't get me wrong, you need a wrestling/judo/sambo style to determ where the fight goes, just as with different striking and grappling techniques, but does MMA selemly has to have one technique, in this case the takedown, which has to be the "holy fuckin' grail"? IMO it's the white elephant in the room nobody really likes to adress these days. Not even the media, Dana White or most of the fans. I get the notion and logic, " it's the way it is" or " even the fighters say its like that" yeah, I know, but i like to think for myself when it comes to the sport of MIXED Martial Arts, where all techniques should be equally awarded within the scoreboard system. And that is -not- the case.

      Just imagine choke attempts had this point advantage or even position/pinning holds. That would be even more strange than the takedown onesidedness. A takedown ( we are talking in this case simply about the transistion from standing to grappling via single or double) is not everything in a fight and in the end you can dryhump other fighters all night long, you simply won't ko anybody. You will just piss off most of the fans. The sentence " Don't leave it in the hand of the judges" is in this case the pure epitome of this unidirectional system favouring one move, which most don't even question anymore.

      But I'm fed up with it and it doesn't even phase me, that fighters admit they have to 'work on their wrestling', which is a euphemism for: "i have to specifically work on my takedown/sprawl". It's sad, because wrestling doesn't only consist of that.

      Take a look at other martial arts, where this happened to an exptreme: It's as annoying as with the evolution of olympic judo vs traditional judo. f.E. Holding in olympic judo is viewed upon as a legit winning move. [ Again: pinning someone down for multiple seconds is considered a win] In old school judo randori or sparring, it's just stalling, when you do it as long as that. Modern judo is so castrated and diminished in favour of a wrestling-in-a-gi-point-game, modern judokas don't even know any atemi (striking) techniques anymore, because it is not requiered to win. I hope somebody understands my point. Rant over.

      • @ Holy

        Good rant.

      • Good rant, but the takedowns from Hendricks weren't soft (I know you didn't say that, but making a point). Hendricks routinely picked up Condit off the ground, and dropped him on his back/****/head. Try having that done to you in a 15 minute time span. It's not the worst thing in the world by any means, but it is a trump card in a close fight.

        As for takedowns being the holy grail of scoring, you might have a point in the broad sense but I have a hard time quantifying it to this particular fight. Each of the first two rounds were extremely close in the striking aspect. By fightmetrics numbers: Condit outstruck Johny by 1 in significant strikes for each of the first two rounds. He landed three more strikes total in the first, and 2 strikes less in the second for total. That is a close call on that merit alone. Johny's shots had a lot of steam on them, and they were landing.

        When adding in 4 takedowns in each of these rounds, the decision has to be simple. Takedowns can look meaning less sometimes, for instance GSP's takedowns were basically light tackles on Diaz with basically no impact on the fall at all. This was not the case with Hendricks, and because of the impactful falls (coupled with the rounds being razor thin close to begin with) Johny is the rightful winner of those rounds.

        There can be talk of scoring controversy when the takedowns are taken into account in a fight where one guy is obviously getting the better of other aspects, but that wasn't the situation in the Hendricks-Condit fight. It was a match where one guy did extremely well for two rounds, and did enough to win the third while being taken down. A very good fight, but a fight with a clear winner.

    • @ Keith

      True, that.

      I thought it was close, but I gave it to Hendricks. Good for Johnny. Sadly, I think 2 more and CC might have pulled it out.

  • What Georges does not know, and is not prepared for, is Johnny's secret weapon. He is hiding a third fist inside that epic beard, and will unleash it when GSP least suspects it.

  • That decision was extremely bogus. Hendricks did nothing with his takedowns. Condit was the aggressor. Hendricks was simply holding on to life. I feel indignant on how these bogus decisions can harm a fighter´s career, in this case, Condit´s. He should be the #1 contender right now. He won that fight…I cannot see anything that justifies Hendricks getting the decision. In the end, it´s all about the bottom $$. And this decision hurts Condit in that aspect, unjustifiably so. I have nothing against Hendricks, I like the guy…I just feel bad for Condit, he got terribly robbed.

  • Bust? As in busted hand? If it's broken, Hendricks title shot will have to wait.

    It's too soon for GSP vs Condit 2 and even though the NBK's fight could have gone either way, giving title shots to guys who lost their fight isn't going to become a habit for the UFC. Diaz was the exception.

    Cue Jake Ellenberger…

    • GSP said he'd like a little while off. If Hendricks needs 8 months i think that's fine.