Johny Hendricks: I Might Be A Better Wrestler Than Georges St-Pierre


Johny Hendricks is about the best number one contender to a title that we have witnessed in years, his battle to the top of the 170lb. food chain is unparalelled. Just look at his last four fights: Carlos Condit, Jon Fitch, Josh Koscheck and Martin Kampmann. His UFC record is 12-1, this guy needs to get that title shot if the UFC wants to be seen to have a serious ranking/title shot system.

Johny revealed that he is still waiting on an answer about whether he will get the shot at GSP, and says that he wants to fight GSP before the end of the year. Hendricks also revealed that he is having trouble keeping sparring partners because of his massive amounts of power.

It will be interesting to see what both men’s gameplan will be for this fight, they are both wrestling based fighters with Hendricks having the nod in the power department.

Check out this Johny Hendricks interview courtesy of MMAWeekly and stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Hendricks seems super confident…getting title shots confirmed must be mental anguish for these guys

    • I think he should be confident. It's clear GSP doesn't like getting hit and I don't see Hendricks not hitting him. Whether or not he can K.O GSP we will see. If his wrestling is strong enough to stop 1 or 2 takedowns directly after landing a BIG shot I think he can really take GSP out of his game. As far as being a better wrestler… I don't doubt it. So many of these guys have straight wrestling accolades before the UFC where GSP doesn't. GSP learned wrestling and developed it to another level, surpassing most fighters. Some I believe still have better straight wrestling. NONE have better MMA wrestling. He mixes it up so well it's almost impossible to see it coming even though everyone knows it's what he wants.

      • hendrix your not just a better wrestler your good at everything compared to gsp, you finish fights while gsp fight to win, i mean your good for the sport hendrix cus u come to the octagon to finish fights and give a good entertainment while gsp always play it safe, Hendrix didnt finish condit cus he had a broken hand but still he won.

    • I don't know what the hang-up is. If they gave that fight to anyone other than Big Rig, there'd be open revolt online. As a GSP fan, this fight hast to happen and it needs to happen before the year is out. I have full confidence, that short of injuries to either party, it will happen.

      Of all the fighters that GSP has faced, the two that concerned or concern me the most were / are Koscheck and Hendricks and for the same reasons, KO power in their hands and a little reckless / aggressive in their styles.

      If GSP cops this win of Hendricks, then wow. One more win, hopefully over Maia and he should call it a day. Other than possibly Ellenberger and as he will never fight MacDonald, there is nothing else for the man to prove.

      My only hope, should he face and beat both, that it's not by decision. Even I, as an ardent fan, am getting tired of the same-old-same-old.

  • And then he wakes up when GSP is on top of him.

    • Sounds like you are experienced with GSP waking up on top of you as well?

      • lol

        • ahh now we know how you get free tickets!

  • LOL how many others said they had better wrestling….all this guy has is power in punches…no way he has better wrestling. I still don't think he can be GSP in any area including stand up.

  • Only guy that is a serious threat to GSP is someone GSP has to face at their own game and that IMO is Maia. I think Maia will have it all his way in that he will be constantly backing up GSP and if it goes down it will be all his world. GSP has to be on his back foot or doing 10 second take downs all fight for Maia. I think that is a fight that his points game might not work with unless he remains very quick and elusive and pulls off a points win. Hendricks will be out worked and he does have a punchers chance but he is not as dangerous a foe as Maia KO aside.

  • Too bad it's not a wrestling match. Even if it was and even if he could get Georges down, then what? He's not going to submit or pound George out and I doubt, seriously doubt, that he could keep Rush on the ground and on the bottom for 25 minutes.


    Big Rig needs to go with the game-plan that got him the fight and that's KO'ing his opponents and he can KO GSP, if he catches him. Sure.

    This is a dangerous fight for The Champ, but I don't think the danger lies in Big Rig's wrestling. I think it lies in the challengers right and left fists.

  • If I hadnt seen the Koscheck Hendricks fight, I might fall for all this stuff.