Johny Hendricks: I’m Not Scared Of GSP, I Don’t Care About His Wrestling


UFC welterweight title contender Johny Hendricks has been making waves throughout the 170-pound arena for some time now. He owns knockouts over divisional stalwarts like on Fitch and Martin Kampmann, and he most recently edged out the ultra-tough Carlos Condit via decision.

Many believe the title shot that he will get at November 16’s UFC 167 in Las Vegas is long overdue, and that Hendricks is indeed the man to finally pull Georges St. Pierre off his lofty perch. Hendricks appears ultimately confident heading into the fight, clarifying his intentions in a UFC interview:

“I’m not scared of him, I’m not scared of his wrestling, I don’t care about his jab. I know what he’s gonna do. You know, it’s mine for the taking. I just have to take it. GSP’s been a great champion; he’s done a lot for the sport. I just been saying it’s time for somebody new. I wanna be the person that changes the UFC 170.”

Hendricks has some of the best knockout power in all of MMA, and he’ll look to test GSP’s chin early and often when the two lock horns. Is that going to be enough to dethrone the longtime champ? Who is your pick to emerge from the MGM Grand Garden Arena with the title? 

Outer Photo: Eric Bolte for USA TODAY Sports

  • Ivy

    If he connects I think it's going to be a short night for GSP.

  • Hendricks will be the new Welterweight Champion. Key to success = Takedown defense and a left hook.

    • It is hard to throw a hook when you are constantly preparing your sprawl.

  • The unknown factor in this fight is this:

    After the first Sonnen fight Silva trained his TDD. After the first fight with JDS Cain decided he needed to move forward relentlessly. A good strategy can make a big difference. We saw this with GSP and Kos.

    GSP is a shrew fighter. He sticks to his plan and listens to his corner better than anyone. If Hendricks can handle GSP's wrestling – surely GSP can handle Hendricks's wrestling. That leaves Hendricks with a power hook / overhand. That was the threat with Serra, Hardy and Kos. I think GSP has a solution for that puzzle and Hendricks has no idea what new thing GSP will bring.

    GSP is not coming with the jab like he did with Kos. What is he coming with this time? No one know…yet. GSP for the win.

    • @Michael Stephson – Dude, your all over GSP's NUTSACK!

      What makes you think GSP is a better wrestler than Hendricks? Hendricks won the 2005 and 2006[4] NCAA Division I wrestling title at 165-pounds, and he finished second in 2007 and a 4-time All-American at OSU and a three-time Big 12 Conference champion (2005, 2006 & 2007). Hendricks won three state titles and the 160-pound high school national championship! What the heck has GSP ever accomplished in Wreslting?

      • @MS GSP is a *shrew* fighter He is highly territorial and incredible strong for his size, plus I am pretty sure he has a locking jaw! 🙂

        • @KFR – when I went to school today my mom only gave me 3 d's in my lunch bag and I had to be careful how I used 'em. Shrewd became shrew 😉

      • @DeeJaySlyTee – a couple of questions and comments for you too:

        1) Your nutsack comment is so 2000. How old are you now? This site is for 12 and up.

        2) No where in my comment do I say GSP is a better wrestler so I don't know how to answer your question. Maybe I can clarify some of the things I think you might have misunderstood: "It is hard to throw a hook when you are constantly preparing your sprawl". What this means is that the most solid punch comes when you are planted solidly to the ground. That is harder to do if you have to be thinking about GSP's takedown. I don't say that because I think GSP is necessarily the better wrestler but because you said "Hendricks will be the new Welterweight Champion. Key to success = TAKEDOWN DEFENSE and a left hook" I was referencing Hendricks TDD that you mentioned. In my second comment above I simply said that if Hendricks doesn't have to worry about GSP's wrestling I would say that is true of GSP worrying about Hendricks wrestling too. If anything I put them on par out of mutual respect. Maybe you should look at my comment again and then look at your excited reaction and think again about who has a nutsack problem.

        3) "What the heck has GSP ever accomplished in Wrestling?" Are you kidding? You go and try and train with the Olympic Wrestling Team and see if they let you in. You try and learn to be one of the top wrestlers in the world AFTER high school and college. Lastly if you missed GSP dominating his division at champion for six year against many very decorated wrestlers then you haven't been paying attention.

        • GSP will put your NCAA titles in the trash.

  • If Hendricks actually puts Georges Safe-Pierre to sleep, then I'll be a very happy man 🙂
    I hope this wont another Georges Safe-Pierre/Kos kind of fight, though. I hope not.

    • I hope this won't *be* another Georges Safe-Pierre/Kos kind of fight, though.

  • I hope GSP comes agressive to finsh…if not I would rather see Hendicks KOing GSP than another snoozefest win from the Canadian.

  • So called MMA fans slating one of the best MMA fighters to ever fight grumbling like chldren on lowkick still? Will this site ever change?

    As far as this fight goes GSP is facing something he has faced before many times. Hendricks is facing something he has never faced: a p4p elite and probably the smartest fighter to ever fight.

    • PS: I don't think wrestling will be much of a factor. MMA wrestling GSP is the best there is. You can keep your NCAA ladi fookin da titles, wrestling is another thing entirely when someone is trying to smash your head in at the same time. But I think this fight will stay standing much more than some think. I expect GSP to out strike and out work Hendricks leaving his face a bloody mess in another cameo performance of how to apply MMA.

  • In my opinion Hendricks lost the Condit fight. He is not any different from the rest of the recent contenders who lost to GSP. I expect him to loose too.

  • Hendricks only has a puncher's chance… And he won't be able to land that hard moving backwards…GSP will be all over him… Hendricks Cardio will drop soon, and GSP will finish him….Not even a close fight.

  • Interesting point. GSP doesn't seem scared either, and it can definitely be argued that Hendricks was fading towards the end of his fight with Condit. Rigg won't be able to take GSP down like he did NBK, obviously.

  • It all comes down to wether not Hendricks can connect with a big shot. If he can't he loses for sure. Also, its hard for him to implement his explosive striking without being taken down. GSP will have the right game plan to neutralize him like all the other guys. Hopefully GSP tries to submit him on the ground, since Hendricks looked weak on the ground with Condit.