Johny Hendricks Has A Question For GSP: When Are We Going To Fight?


Dana White’s recent teaser that GSP and Anderson Silva would be fighting in the near future came as music to the ears of all MMA fans. For a while we have all speculated and debated the possibility of the number one and two (arguably) P4P fighters on the planet colliding.

While fans and pundits may rejoice in the possibility, at least one person is not amused. Johny Hendricks is that guy. Hendricks has tore up the 170lb. division to the point that he probably should have had a title shot at least a year ago when he pinged Jon Fitch. ‘These things happen in MMA’ springs to mind. Check out what Hendricks had to say about the situation via MMAJunkie:

“If he wants to go to 185 then by all means, go to 185 and fight Anderson Silva. Yes, it would be a great thing for our sport. But I want the belt. I’d like to fight GSP for it, but if that doesn’t happen, I’m not going to hang my head and say, ‘Oh man, I’m going to be fighting that guy for the belt. I don’t mind that he goes for Anderson Silva,” he said. “I understand why he would. I don’t know if he has a good chance to win, but if that’s what makes him say, ‘Hey, I really want to do that,’ go for it. I just don’t want to be sitting here fighting for No. 1 contender spots while he’s doing that.”

‘Big Rig’ is 15-1 (10-1 UFC) so any argument against his earning of the title shot, regardless of the decision against Condit, is totally void. The level of fighters that Hendricks has faced, beaten and finished is consistently higher than most other fighters can boast. Hendricks continued:

“I don’t want to wait three months,” Hendricks said. “What if Anderson Silva doesn’t win? Chris Weidman is a very tough dude, a very good wrestler, and he’s very tough on top. He beats him, well now we’ve been pushed to three months when we could have been fighting maybe a month after him….There’s a part of me that thinks it might be me and Condit again,”

In summary Hendricks had a message for the Welterweight Champion:

“‘When are we going to fight?'” he said. “Or, ‘When are you going to go up, so I can fight for that belt?'”



  • Hendricks has been put through a run-around like no other

    • Yeah, I'm not sure Mike. Hendricks didn't earn it until 2012. Beating Kos didn't mean much. Fitch did but then no impressive wins until Kampman. Anyway, you could make an argument that Melendez has had the longest run-around.

      Hmmm, other long waiters?

      • gsp is always dudging a bullet, its clear he's afraid of hendrix.

    • i think anthony pettis got it even more, sure he lost to guida, but he should never have fought him in the first place, and the way he 'lost' i mean, compared to how he WINS? its been what? 2.5yrs since the ufc absorbed WEC or more even? n Pettis has destroyed, minus the problem he had getting offf his back against guida(which he was actually doing more on his back than guida was on top but hey).. i think pettis got burned more than hendricks has so far.. gsp WAS injured keep in mind, that really did affect how long he's had to wait, diaz n condit would of both been in 2011 and hendricks 2012.

    • I couldn't agree more. The guy has been promised a title shot and then had it revoked at least twice.

      It's a really complicated situation because you have soo many different elements and really the only guy getting screwed is Hendricks.

  • It's time for this fight for sure!
    I'm realy not intrested in the gsp vs silva fight, silva's gonna k.o gsp or gsp is gonna put silva on his back and keep him there!
    Jones vs silva is the only logical fight there!!!
    So GSP vs Hendricks, yes please!

  • WTF Lowkick i gotta watch a damn pointless video just to read a article ?

    **** still going downhill around here, makes me so mad, one year ago this site was so much better………………. Whats happening ?

  • ok damn it the video wont even play….. so i cant even waste my time watching just to see what Hedricks had to say. FIX IT ! ! !

  • Just give him a title match already. Somebody needs to start a petition for the guy. I'm not even a huge fan of his. But come on…

  • I'd sympathise with Hendricks but for the fact he only won through bullshit judging against Condit.

  • Come on , do you really think he s gonna outwrestle GSP ? Can you imagine GSP get hit by a wide hook ?