Johny Hendricks: I taught Martin Kampmann how to wrestle


UFC Welterweight contender Johny Hendricks appears in an interview from, and quickly states his analysis of opponent Martin Kampmann‘s game. While both are rising to the top of the UFC quickly, Hendricks notes that he taught former training partner Kampmann much of what he knows about wrestling and defending shots. Kampmann comes in off of wins over Thiago Alves and Jake Ellenberger, while Hendricks has beaten Jon Fitch and Josh Koscheck in his last two. The winner will most likely receive a crack at the title versus the winner of Georges St-Pierre and Carlos Condit, which will take place directly after Hendricks-Kampmann. This will be a very closely contested battle, at least on paper, so who do you think will emerge victorious in Montreal?

  • Some fighters are much better coaches, (myself included)… If it’s true that Johny is a great coach, then the fact he taught Kampann may not translate into a competitive advantage… When coaching we instinctively teach others to avoid our weakness… and nullify our strengths.

    If this were true in this instance then Johny’s proclaimed advantage may not provide him with the advantage he states he anticipates…

  • hendricks is going to win.

  • Should be a good fight.

    One thing which can definitely be said about Kampman is that he’s one tough and resilient dude. He’s not a guy that should ever be counted out in a fight, regardless of the damage or the points on the card.

    This could be well end up being fight of the night, regardless of the top of the card.

  • I am still not sure if his win over Fitch was a bit lucky, great KO of course but doubt he”d beat Fitch again. I think Kampmann will take this as his striking is way underrated and he’ll likely pick Hendrick’s off from distance. So long as Kampmann doesn’t let this fight get messy it’s his for the taking IMO.

  • That could have been said but after he went toe to toe with Kos in wrestling and striking and ended up as the arguable victor, he’s proved himself as an elite WW.
    Kos is a long time top 5 and Hendricks proved himself to be as good if not better.

  • Alves and Ellenberger are both good wrestlers with alot more power than fitch or koscheck hahahahaha.Kampman use to fight at 185 he is not going to be bullied or controlled here. His striking and submissions are far superior to hendricks. Kampman will TKO hendricks for fun.

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    Fitch and Kos are not the same fighter. Kos, like you said, is a long time top 5…or at least top 10. Fitch is a long time top 2. He’s been a much more consistent winner than Kos. If they fight several times, I think Fitch outwrestles Hendricks for a decision much more often than not.

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    To support my point, Fitch and Kos have 8 fights against 7 common opponents ( Hendricks, Alves, Pierce, Thiago, GSP, Sanchez, Joslin). Kos’s schedule was a little harder because he got GSP twice, while Fitch got Alves twice, but the bottom line is…

    Kos is 3-5 against those opponents fights. Fitch is 6-2.

  • Johnny taught Martin wrestling and Martin his going to teach Johnny to kickbox.

  • Kampmann by RNBC — Rear Naked Beard Choke… True Story.