John Dodson says he’s been chasing chickens in preparation for Demetrious Johnson


The always entertaining UFC Flyweight contender John Dodson appears in an interview courtesy of and addresses his title shot this weekend from Chicago. Dodson appreciates the position he is in, as he has come up from The Ultimate Fighter to a title shot in a very short time.

Dodson acknowledges that he is truly ready for Johnson to be the faster fighter, and that he has prepared for Mighty Mouse by chasing chickens, goats, and other animals. Both fighters are extremely fast, who is your pick to emerge with the 125 lb. belt on Saturday?

  • even though dodson comes out greg's camp, i'd still like to see him get that w

  • "thats what that midget was talking about" hahaha gotta love this guy.. Now i really want him to win so we can see the victory celebration

  • Dodson needs some humbling….Decision to Mighty Mouse.

    • I Actually like the guy. I don't see why being happy, and excited to fight come off as cockiness. Let the guy be excited.

  • he annoys me

    • agreed. He's good at chasing farm animals, all female from what I hear. Hope Mouse beats him down.

  • I think Lowkick have misquoted again, he said, 'choking his chicken'.

  • IN case anyone didn't know, the "chasing chickens" is a reference to one of the earlier "Rocky" movies, where Rocky chased chickens to increase his foot speed for a fight with Apollo Creed.

    As a person, I think Dodson is too cocky and could use some humility. I think DJ is a lot more likeable. But I also think Dodson has a good chance of pulling off the upset.

    • what ???? Cocky???? I think is pretty decent human being, always smiling, looks very honest.
      I love flyweights.

  • Zip

    Just saw an serious interview with Dodson, and despite the smiling & antics, he seems fairly grounded and rather humble.

  • IDodson does smile all the time, but he also brags a lot.

    And saying your training for a fight with a champion by chasing a chicken? You don't think he was making a statement on DJ's evasive style. Hardly humble.

  • You guys are overthinking the "chasing chickens" comment. Cranestyle had it right, he is referring to increasing his speed, ala Rocky vs Creed. In case you guys haven't noticed, nearly every comment these guys make about the fight has something to do with speed and being the faster fighter. Dodson is obviously trying to increase his speed to gain the advantage.