Joe Rogan Says Ronda Rousey Would Absolutely Beat Floyd Mayweather


UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is often compared to her male counterparts in the MMA world, but not often is she paired up in fantasy fights with boxers. Aside from Holly Holm (who now is a MMArtist) the comparison almost seems a little hard to make.

UFC color commentator Joe Rogan stopped by with ESPN to discuss Rousey vs. Floyd Mayweather jr., check it out:

“It’s all about how much time Floyd has to prepare, because he would have to really work on his defense. If Ronda got a clinch on him, it’s not just about being taken down, it’s about knees to the body and her manipulating Floyd’s body in ways he isn’t used to.”

Some boxers have attempted the crossover in to the MMA world, and most fail miserably. Probably the most notable is the tale of James Toney vs. Randy Couture, and the waste of time fight that came as a result. Rogan expanded on the subject:

“Floyd would need about six months to prepare and would have to work with the best trainers in the world. Ronda Rousey would win, it’s very hard to avoid a clinch. You don’t see very many early one punch knockouts seconds in to the fight. If (Ronda) keeps her chin tucked and grabs hold of him, she is going to be able to do a lot of things that he doesn’t understand.”

What do you think, would Rousey be able to take out one of the greatest boxers that ever lived? ‘Money’ might not agree with him, but JR certainly makes a good point; grappling has been the undoing of countless stand-up style scrappers in the past, so would there really be much difference here?


  • Lols, I love how the guy at the end just can't believe that Rousey would win buy Rogan's analysis is dead on though. Rousey destroys Floyd unless he can get about a year to prepare.

    • I think Floyd would absolutely smash her face in if it was a stand up fight or street fight. As soon as the fight hits the floor he will be in trouble but the fact he is a world class fighter in one of the most arduous sports in the world should hold him in good stead to shrug off a woman that is the same weight as him. I can't imagine a woman my weight being able to beat me up because I am strong for my weight as a man. I mean a normal woman. Even a female fighter would probably beat me on cardio rather than strength as I'm a smoker from the street. I'd love to spar these UFC chicks….so I can clinch with them and lay in their guard and let them get me in mounted triangles….mmmmmmm, but I wouldn't really want to hit them. the universe has a natural order and human men were made to look after their female counterparts. Simple. In a way these women fighting is against "nature" per se…

  • Agreed Jeff. I still don't think he would win even then, unless he knocked her out with an immediate flurry. Any grappling, even if Floyd trained with Fabricio Werdum for a year, results in a very quick submission for Rousey.

    • You are presupposing that she gets the clinch on him. She was wading in, taking absolutely massive shots from McMann. If a male fighter, especially a professional boxer like Floyd Mayweather, was smashing her with clean shots like McMann was doing, then she would go down.

      The kind of absolute strength advantage a professional athlete man would have on a woman also should not be discounted — it is far from a trivial difference. When you watch her grappling with men, they don't need the same kind of technique that women need to stop a takedown. had a brilliant article where the author interviewed female fighters, asking them how it was to train with men. It's an interesting read that I think would shed some light on the situation.

      If you asked me who would win in a fight right this moment in the street, I would lean towards Rousey. If you gave him a month to two months of serious training and coaching in takedown defense, then I strongly feel that Floyd would win. His coaches would have to come up with the most brutally effective strategy, though.

    • Floyd could train grappling for 3 to 5 years for all i care. Once Ronda gets a hold of him it's a wrap. Ronda has finished some tough competition that been grappling their WHOLE LIFE… and made it look easy. Ronda is also physically stronger than Floyd, trust me! She would man-handle him… Lol

      • She has more grappling technique than him, but she is almost certainly not as strong as him. He fights at 151. Weight is also a massive advantage. I'm not saying he would be able to grapple with her. I am just saying that in a fighting situation, he could get away with a lot just by virtue of being stronger and heavier than her. Again, you are presupposing that she does get a hold of him and that she wouldn't get knocked out in the process.

        She has a track record of getting smashed in the face on her way inside on opponents. IF Floyd were given those opportunities, she would crumble and be finished. She simply is not used to being hit at full strength by men. When you're not used to getting hit with a certain amount of power, you won't be able to handle it. Look at Brock Lesnar.

  • Oh Max Kellerman this is what you're doing now?

  • Ivy

    She would be destroyed by Mayweather. You HAVE to factor in how much WEAKER women are then men. They are extremely weak by comparison. Case in point, I used to do judo with a woman who was a black belt, my exact height and weight. Though we were matched evenly in size she had no chance against me. Her judo didn't work against me because I was able to use my strength as leverage against all of her attempts. It was easy to beat her. Rousey likewise would be smashed by me and half the guys I know, even the weaker ones. Rogan is plain dumb.

    • Rule number 1 in BJJ. Strength means nothing. The reason why it was invented was for the "Weaker" fighter to win with sheer technique. I just had my 2nd Amateur MMA fight 4 weeks ago and I am a well rounded fighter with focus on BJJ and my opponent was 4-1 with kickboxing and boxing. I got the takedown 2 mins in and he felt very very strong, I managed to pass his guard then get to side control, then took his back, then got the RNC. I won by technique. He was much stronger than me and he wilted under supreme technique. Ronda Rousey would kill Floyd in a MMA fight and Floyd would kill Ronda in a Boxing bout. Joe is 100% correct you dumb bitch.

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        • Because I have listened to his podcast for years and he has stated many times that he has never done cocaine.

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  • I'd be surprised if she didn't turtle up after the first punch lands of even partially lands. She's not gonna have been hit full power by a man before. Let alone a man with lethal hands.

    • And Floyd has never been flipping on his head then had his arm JACKED in a armbar….