Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg break down Henderson vs. Melendez


UFC Announcers Joe Rogan and Mike Goldberg are on hand to break down last night’s ultra-close UFC Lightweight title fight between champion Ben Henderson and Gilbert Melendez in his UFC debut. Many felt that Melendez did enough to win the fight, but it was Henderson that landed the more strikes.

Melendez fought a good bout, but fell just short of the always hard-to-hit Ben Henderson. With the win, Bendo will apparently fight the winner of next month’s Gray Maynard vs. T.J. Grant bout for his next title defense.


  • I ever tell you guys how much I love it when videos are not "available" in my country?

    • DG1

      ^^ *facepolm* wish your comment was not available ha!

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  • I thought Ben took the fight but I feel Ben has been too relaxed about where the fight is a lot of the time and could win more decisively if he had some urgency to make it clear cut. He's almost too comfortable at times. Cormier is a stylistic nightmare for Cain. I think Cormier could wear the strap.

    • That surprises me…I thought last night showed that Cormier is a step behind Cain in pretty much all areas.

      • Cormier to me looked like he might hit harder and likely outwrestle Cain to keep it standing and his hands are just as fast if not quicker than Cains. Even his cardio seemed okay although 5 rounds will truly test that.

  • It'll be interesting to see who Cormier fights next, think that Jones would have beaten that version of him

    • IMO Jones would be any version of him simply because I don't think Cormier would have a speed or strength advantage. I think it would be eye opening on how Jones would outwrestle him. Kinda like when GSP outwrestled Koscheck back in the day.

      • Really guys? I think Cormier would put a hurting on Jones. Only one way to find out though. Hope it happens at some point.