Joe Lauzon’s UFC Fight Night Vlog 2 Is Awesome


Joe Lauzon comes at us once again with an awesome Vlog, the second in his current Fight Night 26 series. The day is August 12th, just five days from fight night, and we get to see some amazing footage of Lauzon’s preparations. It would seem that J-Lau’s grappling is becoming more advanced by the minute.

The training takes place at Lauzon’s MMA, featuring some input from one of Lauzon’s instructors on how to perform a pretty slick reversal. We also get to see Joe Lauzon perform some pretty amazing submission attempts, including an off the cage flying triangle. The kick ass music helps to make this video pretty damn awesome.

Check it out, courtesy of Fox Sports, and stay tuned to Lowkick!

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    Showtime triangle?

  • J-Lau! Kick some aszz