Joe Rogan Reveals Real Reason UFC Will Strip Conor McGregor’s Title


Without anything close to a clear return date confirmed, the talk about the UFC stripping lightweight champion Conor McGregor is reaching a fever pitch in most MMA circles.

There’ve been multiple discussions about “The Notorious” coming back to finally unify the lightweight titles with interim champ Tony Ferguson, another about him fighting former two-division champ Georges St-Pierre, more still about him meeting multiple past-prime boxers in the squared circle, and of course, his long-rumored trilogy match with rival Nate Diaz.

But none of it has come even close to fruition, and with McGregor demanding some sort of promoter’s or ownership stake for his next bout, his return could be many months off if it ever comes.

That, unfortunately, has the MMA world in a restless state of influx as fans await any news whatsoever from the sport’s biggest star – a star who was greatly missed throughout an up-and-down 2017 for the world’s biggest MMA outfit. And if you ask octagon commentator Joe Rogan, it’s going to stay that way for awhile.

Speaking to UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley on his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast (via MMA Mania), Rogan revealed his opinion why the UFC will have to eventually strip McGregor of the title, opening up the path for a huge Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov fight in Russia:

“Here’s my prediction: My prediction (is) Conor doesn’t fight for a while. They strip Conor. Tony and Khabib fight for the world title. I think they’re going to strip him, because Conor’s got $100 million in the bank, and he’s having fun and talking (expletive), and he’s going to keep training,” Rogan said.

“And he’s going to make a big fight in the future, but I think Khabib and Tony is the big fight and (expletive), they might even do that one in Russia. They’re talking about doing a big fight in Russia.”

Indeed the UFC has long discussed a foray into the fight-crazed Russian market, but logistical concerns have kept them out of the country until now, where it simply can no longer be denied with Nurmagomedov rapidly becoming one of their most dominant and fastest-rising stars.

The promotion plans to put on their first-ever card on Russian soil this fall, and Nurmagomedov insists he wants to fight three times this year, with the first bout coming in the spring and the second coming in the fall after Ramadan has passed. That timeline could work out with the UFC’s first event in Russia, and it could also be when the UFC has finally had enough with McGregor and strips him if he has not at least clarified when he plans to return.

Rogan’s suggestion that the champ is more interested in enjoying the $100 million he earned from his circus-like boxing match against Floyd Mayweather certainly appears true on the surface, and there is a good chance he never returns to the octagon.

With each passing day, Rogan’s point of view could become more and more likely – and that’s a call you can bet the UFC is hoping they don’t have to make.

  • deepgrim

    Can see that myself, tony and khabib is the fight everyone wants to see, and off course if khabib wins they will offer conor massive money to go to russia and try and crack that market, and if tony wins, it will be them or conor will try to win a belt at 170- ridiculous stuff

    • Anton_Zilwicki

      I agree! Either way a comeback fight for CM will be Huuuuge! lol

      • Kris Tophon

        cm punk?..:)

        • Anton_Zilwicki

          Riiiight. That fuckin’ guy… Conor McGregor. Quit smokin with Rogan.

          • Kris Tophon


    • Kris Tophon

      yes i also agree and he will come back waving his old belt in the air shouting ‘i`m the real champ muthafukkuz!’.. it will be quite entertaining i think

  • steel77

    I dont blame Conor. Why fight when you are paid? To hell with it.

    • Peter Dinklage

      Exactly, they (fighters) are fighting to put food on their family. Conor has enough money for food for about 15 years solid. His spending will catch up to him though so maybe 10 years.

      • Shock Wave

        A fool and his money are soon parted.

  • Kris Tophon

    I disagree that its ‘a call the UFC don`t want to make’.. so long as Khabib beats Ferguson in April it sets up a mega fight for Khabib V Mcgregor in September in Russia. OR Tony V Mcgregor in Russia with Khabib V Alvarez in the Co main (if Khabib looses against ferguson). Its probably already a done deal. They have probably already agreed with Conor that he will be stripped and Conor will be OK with that because it makes no difference. He will still go to Russia waving his old belt in the air shouting ‘I`m the real champ muthafukkuz!’.. it will be quite entertaining i think. Everyone makes a shit load of $$$ and everyone walks away happy. Then Mcgregor will take the trilogy with NateDog.. another huge pay day. I reckon its all a done deal already. Personally I don`t really care so long as the fighting real (and not fixed like WWE).. aside from the actual fighting its all just good entertainment. Who cares if the narratives are set up…

  • Draven

    Strip McGregor, promote Ferguson as the champion, make Khabib vs. Alvarez as a title eliminator.

  • OneFootFriendly

    Nurmy/Fergeson is a good fight.
    Let conny do his own thing and think about what he wants to do, I aint mad at him for that.
    Just do it without holding up the title.

    The belts you won are still and always your belts, thats why you get to keep them.
    But if your not sure what you want to do about the title, then go think about it without the title.

    I’m SURE you’d get an immediate title fight if you ever decided to fight again.
    And it would sell bookoo becasue it would be a big coming back party for the legendary conny mcgregor.

    • Draven

      Khabib vs. Ferguson is a good fight but Khabib doesn’t really want that after pulling out so many times. He’s better off fighting Alvarez, Gatheje, Kevin Lee

  • Patrick Kreisel

    McGregor is the most over hyper fighter in MMA. Winning those two titles won’t mean a fucking thing for his legacy without defending them which he won’t do. He fought Mayweather for the money and if he decides to cross over into Boxing hell never make it. Mayweather out on a show for the fans because that’s what was expected of him but these younger guys will show no mercy and beat the sleeves off his stupid ass. I hope they do strip him so the guys that really want to compete for the Belt get that chance