Joanna Jedrzejczyk: I’m The Queen, The Belt Is Mine

Noah K. Murray for USA TODAY Sports

According to Joanna Jedrzejczyk, her next fight is set and it will be for the strawweight title.

The Polish striker is coming off of a shocking first round stoppage loss to Rose Namajunas at UFC 217 earlier this month (Nov. 4 2017) in New York City in which she surrendered her 115-pound title in the process. After the fight, she made it abundantly clear that her immediate focus was on regaining her title, and it appears as if the UFC will give her a chance to do just that:

“I already spoke to the UFC, and my return is set,” Jedrzejczyk said to InTheCagePL as translated by Fan Sided. “My next fight will be for the title belt. I don’t know if Rose is going to want to fight in a month, in January or in February. I’ll spend the next two months in Poland with my family,” she added.

Prior to the loss to Namajunas, Jedrzejczyk had defended her title five consecutive times, while establishing herself as one of the best fighters in the world in the process. And while she won’t take any credit away from Namajunas, Jedrzejczyk feels as if she is the ‘queen of this weight class’ and that she always will be:

“Rose was very shocked, like the rest of the world,” she said. “Like I’ve said, she won in a beautiful fashion, but the belt is mine. I’ve built this weight class. I’m the queen of this weight class and I always will be. You can believe it or not.”

It’s currently unclear when and where the fight will take place, but are you in favor of Jedrzejczyk being granted an immediate rematch?

  • iberian warrior

    I’m not in favor of her receiving a rematch, because firstly: She was such a bully and bad sport towards Rose in the lead up to the fight in the mystic tap fashion. Secondly, she was taken out so decisively that she is not even at Rose’s level.. I wanna see Rose fight a worthy contender. This goanna chick should go and hang out with her buddy borington and do some more video work on some of mystic tap’s press conferences.

    • Back to da house

      Well said….

  • James Frederick

    She is suffering from brain damage after the beat down Rose put on her. She acts like a entitled witch. Somebody needs to throw water on her so we can watch her melt.

    • Back to da house


  • Back to da house

    Its obvious JJ now has brain damage. The way she has conducted herself since her cataclysmic embarrassment proves it……
    Nothing more than a disrespectful, loud mouth bully that the rest of the division will walk over now she has been exposed……
    Thanks Rose 🙂

  • Bill Wolf

    Joanna Champion should get a rematch, because she almost cleaned out the division. If she is supposed to earn credibility she doesn’t have before she can fight Thug Rose again, who is she supposed to beat in order to do that?

    And if Thug Rose should fight the most dangerous challenger, who is that, according to all previous results?

    • Rippit

      As mma shows, any opponent can be a dangerous opponent. Cody and JJ dont deserve a rematch because it wasnt close just like RR doesnt deserve rematches against HH or AN. 5 round close fights or split decisions warrant rematches….

  • Rippit

    Back of the line for JJ. She doesnt deserve a rematch much like RR never deserved one against HH. Rose knocked her down twice, dodged everything JJ threw at her, then made her quit from punches in just 3 minutes. It was a slaughter. JJ needs to beat a top 5 to earn the right for a rematch and not expect RN to sit on her hands for more than 6 months and fight no one just for JJ who was clearly whipped……….

  • Fester

    In previous bouts, JJ has been struck, yet shown she has a good chin; in her match against Namajunas, she underestimated the power coming from the karate black belt.

    This follows a slow decline in JJ’s sharpness, from her initial very high quality defense;
    since having great cardio and winning by attrition over five rounds, works only if conscious, perhaps JJ became complacent about her defensive game, as she worked on offensive skills.

    The next person to face JJ is in for a lively evening, there can be little doubt of THAT.