Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller Blames Dana White For MMA Being Illegal In New York


It’s well known that Dana White and Jason Miller don’t see eye to eye, and this has become more apparent in recent times. White took to his Twitter account to announce that New York would once again oppose the legalization of MMA, and the backlash from Mayhem has been nothing short of insane.

Check out what Mayhem had to say to DW:

Now these are certainly serious allegations, but I would not put it in to the realms of truth or lies before seeing any hard evidence. White can be an incredibly difficult person at times, and has certainly made plenty of enemies, including his own mother, during his lifetime.

The question remains, would Dana put the legitimacy and profit margin of the UFC in jeopardy due to personal feelings?

Since the UFC’s acquisition of Strikeforce/WEC/Pride FC, the word ‘monopoly’ has certainly been thrown around a whole lot. But does it hold any relivance here? Obviously any companies objective is to grow, create bigger profits and reach bigger audiences. Is it fair though, when this growth and profit means dissolving competition?

Ok, time for a ‘HYPOTHETICAL’ question. A local business man, who has owned the grocery store on your block for 30 years, is losing custom to a big name company. The company holds promotional days on the same dates as the small grocer’s, tempts his employees away with bigger wage offers, publicly slanders and condemns the grocer’s brand/product and eventually the grocer caves. All his staff have gone, he can’t even sell a measely stick of brocolli.

He eventually takes a check, moves his family out of town, and is never heard from again. Is that fair? Now that hypothetical question has passed, anyone think that the UFC is monopolizing the market?


  • I think it's because Dana is being a total *******, I mean the guy does what he wants, says what he wants, and has no respect for anyone who disagrees with him. The guy has to learn that sometimes, not all the times, you just have to let people do what they want to do without calling them dicks. Dana has a playlists full of videos where he just rants about the NY legislature, you don't think they've seen some of the footage, I think they have and I think they are pissed off.

    • He made the footage after they wouldn't let it in, not before, so that argument doesn't make sense.
      Anyway what do you expect Dana to do, just say that New York is cool for not allowing it?

      It's politics, just politics and nothing else.

    • mayhem miller should be in the ufc, he is still the best fighter in the world, he finish sakuraba one of the best in the world who had not a chance to show his skills in the ufc but i think if they fight with anderson i think he would finish anderson via submission, pls mr dana white let mayhem miller back in the ufc.

  • in order for Dana White to truly take this sport globally, he has to conquer his own country and i think NYC is getting pressured by something to not make it happy. i believe NYC wants it to happen but i think NYC is juiced by something telling them no.. i read on a retarded blog it was the NFL and laughed but then thought about it.. maybe its not as far fetched as that..

    • There's someone pressuring them, it's called the Culinary Union.

  • Sorry Rory but those last couple of paragraphs didn't make much sense, what you gave an example of is nothing like what the Zuffa has done.
    Zuffa didn't lure all the fans away from Strikeforce and Pride, destroying the brand and leaving the owner with no business.

    As far as I can remember, Strikeforce's owners had enough of the MMA business and were trying to sell it and Pride was going broke.
    With the WEC, the UFC made it even better and kept it for a while and can anyone disagree with me saying the UFC/WEC merger is one of the best decisions in MMA history?

    You can't really call them a monopoly when there are dozens if not hundreds of MMA promotions in the US, never mind the hundreds or thousands in the world.

    Even more, the second biggest MMA promotion is run by Viacom and if the UFC was such a dominating monoply they would've been able to easily get Eddie Alvarez, how's that going?

    At the end of the day, I'm pretty sure all the guys who were in other companies are a lot happier now that they're in the UFC, many of them waited years for the moment. If the fighters are happy then that's what matters. What I feel bad for is the fighters that didn't make the cut.

    • Keith,


      Also, for anyone who doesn't have a clue about business – and the UFC is a business, a promotion – the idea is to maximize market share and create an unfair competitive advantage wherever and whenever possible.

      Peoples opinion of Dana and the UFC and MMA exist to a large part to the courage and persistance of the people behind the movement of MMA… before criticsizing I would like to see the detractors state clearly how they have spent and risked their time and money promoting the sport they purport to love.

      In conclusion; don't critisize until you have got serious skin in the game.

      • lol, I've bought enough UFC events that I should own stock.

  • On the actual topic, Mayhem is just talking garbage… it's all to do with the Culinary Union, not to do with Dana speaking his mind on things or the UFC potentially being a monopoly, especially since they were investigated for it and there was no case so they dropped it.

    Mayhem seems like an okay guy, at times…. but he is one of the biggest attention seekers who has ever competed in MMA and this is just him trying to get some more.. sadly he has succeeded.

  • The fallout of this may be more far reaching than people realize. The Frittata brothers are the brains not DW he is the bulldog/mouthpiece/showman. If the Frittata brothers decide that Dana is a liability what do you think will happen (yes DW own like 10%)? They will push him out and get a more 'profitable' mouthpiece.

  • @ Rory….

    The UFC are now a monopoly but the fertitas took over when noone else could make the UFC a success and noone wanted anything to do with it. It was banned, it was **** fighting etc etc….

    The UFC have grown the industry by creating the need for more feeder organizations, gyms etc. Noone was able to take the sport to mainstream so they deserve all the credit for this.

    In terms of Dana White, he often gets alot of credit but lets face it, he walked in hand in hand with two billionaire friends who were happy to drop $50 million dollars. Starter organizations just don;t have this type of funds. The ufc can definetly maintain this monopoly status but in many respects their earned that right in building it over a decade

  • @Rory, you left out which persona of Miller was tweeting.