Jake Shields Picks St. Pierre to Beat Hendricks, Hopes To Face GSP Again


This Wednesday night in Barueri Brazil, two of the finest grapplers and nicest guys in all of MMA, Jake Shield and Demian Maia, will square off in a very important welterweight match-up.

A win for Maia would put him at the threshold of a title shot. A victory for Shields should place his name on the division’s top ten rankings list and mark his name with contender status.

However, putting his upcoming bout aside and considering that of Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks, and their November 16th showdown in Las Vegas, Shields is picking the champ and for a couple of reasons; he thinks Rush is too good at what he does and more personally, he wants another crack at the champ and the belt, again.

As Shields remarked to MMAjunkie.com  

“St-Pierre vs. Hendricks is a good fight. I think it’s a really exciting fight and one I want to watch, but ultimately, I think ‘GSP’ is so good at what he does. He’s such a smart fighter. I think ‘GSP’ will end up using his distance, range ,and end up taking Hendricks down and wearing him down and winning a tough fight.”

In considering Jakes thoughts on the fight, it’s a reasonable proposition that GSP will do as Shields predicts. However, I think “Bigg Rigg” deserves a little more credit, here and I don’t think the fight will be an easy one for GSP. In terms of taking Johny down, if it happens it’s not likely to happen until the championship rounds and even then, only if Hendricks’s gas tank gives. However, for the first three rounds of the fight, odds would be good that the champ will have to deal with the powerful wrestler using (only) his stand-up.

In terms of his own desires to re-match with St. Pierre and challenging for the belt again, Shields stated the why of it as such:

“I think ‘GSP’ is one of the greatest of all time; he’s arguably the greatest of all-time. He always looks great, every fight, so to go out there and beat the guy? That’s the guy I’ve wanted to fight for years. I fought him, and unfortunately I fell short. I would love to get another opportunity to fight him. I want to fight for the title again. That’s why I’m fighting. This is a big fight and you never really know where you’re at, but this would put me a lot closer.”

On these notes, I’d be more than happy to see Shields get another title shot; GSP or no GSP.

Jake is an incredible fighter and actually fared well against Rush in their bout; more so than many had probably thought he would. His stand-up is not the prettiest in the world, but it has improved and his wrestling and ground games are certainly nothing to be sneezed at.

That said, he must first get by Demian Maia on Wednesday night and that’s not going to be easy.

Beyond that, there’s the real possibility that by the time Shields climbs the welterweight ladder again, that GSP may no longer be its resident champion and will have moved on to other opportunities.

Either way, GSP vs. Hendricks and Shields vs. Maia should all be great bouts.  

  • Jake Shields is going to get murdered by Maia. He is an absolute beast at welterweight.

    • That he probably will Murphy.

    • Ivy

      Shields, despite his lackluster performances is still better as a WW than Maia's previous victories, including "I've lost all motivation + will to be a fighter Fitch". I don't see Maia just utterly dominating Shields.

  • I've always liked Jake, but that article only brings a picture of Hendricks smashing Sheilds in my mind. I dont see Jake as the next in line by a long shot. Jakes going to have to have a winning streak by means of improved striking if he wants to stay relevant there.

    • Uh, that's sorta exactly what he has been doing. His last three wins (including the BS NC) were the result of out pointing his opponent on the feet. His most recent losses are against Georges and Ellenburger (who I think Jake would do much better against in a rematch) so I'd say it' kind of illogical to wrote Shields off if he beats Maia. I don't think he will beat Maia but if he does I'd have him pretty close to a title shot.

  • Going to disagree with you Mr. Cox, Sir. I think GSP is still going to take Matisyahu down at the early rounds and win a tough decision. And as early as now, I'm betting 20 "Sharps" on Maia for "the new, welterwieght champion of the worrrlllld, Demian MAAAAAAAAAAAIIIAAAAhahahahazzzz…zzz…zzzz…

    • Aki, I won't be stunned if GSP does as you say, he is GSP after all, but I will be a little surprised. Hendricks is no joke as a wrestler,

      As to the tough decision part, I'd really like to see GSP garner a stoppage. To me, that's part of the goal in this fight; to not only beat Hendricks, but to stop him.

      As to Maia, I'm a huge fan and could easily see your prediction come true. However, I think he still needs to stand the test of an good striker and one that can negate Maia's BJJ via great TDD. Demian's stand-up has improved, no doubt, but I don't know if it's just there, yet.

      • I've seen Maia on his back for whole fights before and not be able to pull a sub against guys with good BJJ defense. He shines bright against guys who aren't top level at defense. I think GSP will be more than Maia can handle IMO.

      • Oh and there have been plenty of guys who we've thought would beat GSP but fell prey to GSP's control. Hendricks might end up no different.