Jake Ellenberger & Matt Serra Join FOX Sports Broadcast Team For UFC Fight Night 49 This Saturday


When disgraced former UFC title contender and FOX Sports UFC analyst Chael Sonnen retired in the midst of an overblown performance enhancing drug (PED) scandal, he was rapidly terminated by the network.

A huge void was left on FOX Sports 1’s UFC Tonight and UFC Fight Night broadcasts, and since then, the promotion and network have tested out numerous former fighters for Sonnen’s position.

Daniel Cormier is a frequent commentator on the show, but he was busy dealing with the fallout of his UFC 178 Media Day brawl with Jon Jones.

Chris Lytle was given a shot at UFC Fight Night 45 but didn’t exactly take, and former welterweight title challenger Josh Koscheck was a part of last Saturday night’s (August 16, 2014) UFC Fight Night 47 from Bangor, Maine.

It appears the UFC is still on the hunt for their next fighter analyst, as Top 10-ranked welterweight Jake Ellenberger and retired former 170-pound champion Matt Serra will join Karyn Bryant in the FOX Sports broadcast booth for this Saturday night’s (August 23, 2014) UFC Fight Night 49 from Tulsa, Oklahoma.

UFC on FOX released a video promoting the announcement today:

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    Serra will be interesting. Anyway,

    SpaceJam once shot an arrow into the air…………………..He missed.

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      Even though the dry/silly humor is my favorite, I fear I have shorted you all. To make amends…

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  • matt serra needs his own reality show not this. ellenberger seems like a good fit..cant do any worst than koscheck. truely pitiful listening to him, wanna see him fight though 1 more time