Jake Ellenberger: Johny Hendricks has an easier fight now


UFC Welterweight Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger appears in an interview with MMA H.E.A.T. to discuss his upcoming bout with Nate Marquardt at UFC 158 next week. It will be his tenth fight with the UFC, and he has ran into some bad luck with opponent injuries as of late.

Originally scheduled to face Johny Hendricks, Ellenberger found Marquardt as a new opponent when Rory MacDonald was forced to withdraw against Carlos Condit. Ellenberger believes Condit is an easier bout for Hendricks. He also shows respect for the experience and skills of Marquardt, and predicts GSP will defeat Nick Diaz, noting that St-Pierre has great timing.

Regardless, The Juggernaut will fight who they put in front of him, continually searching for that Welterweight title shot. Will he reach the top of that high peak?

  • Of course he Ellenberger is talking crap about Johny, Jake was scheduled to fight the #1 contender who is in the spotlight and would bring much more publicity to his fight and if he won it would be huge.
    Now he is fighting a guy who is having his first UFC fight since being kicked out and was completely dominated by someone most UFC fans will never have heard of.

    A huge opportunity for Ellenberger changed to an almost lose/lose situation, winning against Marquardt is obviously good but it isn't going to fly him up the ranks.

    Even though I am a big fan of Ellenberger (I thought he was top 3 until Kampmann stopped him), Condit is a much harder fight,

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      I know Condit beat Ellenberger a couple years ago, and at this point Condit certainly deserves to be ranked higher than Ellenberger.

      That said, I think Ellenberger was the tougher stylistic matchup for Hendricks. The one loss on Hendricks' record is to Rick Story, another strong wrestler who has a very similar style to Ellenberger.

      Hendricks has the option of making the fight a wrestling match against Condit in order to win a decision. That option was not as available against Ellenberger.

      • Hmm I dunno, Story is more of a brawler who tries to grind you against the fence while Ellenberger tries to use his explosiveness to KO you while being technical.
        Also he uses his wrestling much less than Story does and when he does it is usually a double leg trying to take you down rather than grind against the cage (which is how Story beat Hendricks).

        Also he can take a good hit but Ellenberger has been dropped quite a few times recently and I don't know if he could take Hendricks punches the way Condit probably will.

  • Hendricks got a tougher fight, not an easier fight. With the rankings placing Condit @ third and Ellenberger @ sixth, the math doesn't work. More to the point, Hendricks has drawn a much more dynamic fighter, who possesses both knock-out power and a high finishing rate (92% vs. 79%).

    As to Ellenberger's bout with Marquardt, it’s like all Marquardt fights, it depends on which Nate shows up. From time to time, he has shown brilliance and then he's demonstrated himself (as) to be less than UFC worthy, evidenced by his cut and (only just) recent return. Will Ellenberger face the Marquardt that decimated Tyrone Woodley (up) against the cage, in July of 2012? Or will he face the woeful Nate Marquardt of January 2013, which lost a five round, was never-in-it-fight and (which) had no answer for a leg-kick, vs. Tarec Saffiedine?

    Where Tyrone Woodley entered The UFC in impressive style after having been signed by The Promotion, the fans will now ask the question, can Marquardt also impress and give us the July 2012 Nate? Or will they be treated to the flat, no offense, no defense and no-answer for anything, Nate of January 2013? My guess is that Ellenberger will be able to coax out of or impose upon Nate, the Marquardt performance of 2013.

    All in all, I believe Ellenberger to be the one who got the easier fight out of this scenario. Not Hendricks.

    …and in an era where The UFC cut a #9 fighter and signed one coming off of a loss and that had been cut by The Promotion prior and one who has had issues relating to PEDs', then I’d say Marquardt needs to win and almost to the point of saying….he better win. To cut a ranked fighter like Fitch and sign an un-ranked fighter like Marquardt and then have him lose, is a pretty crappy message to send to the fans. He needs to justify his signing or perhaps better yet, The UFC should hope / pray that he justifies the signing.

    Of course here's the Catch-22, though. If Ellenberger loses, then there goes another massive hole in The UFC 170 rankings, because if the #6 loses to an un-ranked fighter and I don't believe Marquardt would beat Fitch, but it's irrelevant either way, then what does that say about The Division’s rankings, in total, below the #5 spot? Not much in my book.

    Concluding – The UFC's mistake of cutting John Fitch is potentially looming larger, by the fight. If Dana has any brains, he'll get himself a John Fitch doll and start sticking pins in it every time Fitch fights and begin hoping that John loses and does so, soon, because pretty soon, The UFC may only have a top 5 @ 170, which can be legitimately argued and defended.

  • Good one Jake….

  • Forget about the rankings theyre mostly just opinions anyway.

  • Jake is gonna get his *** beat