Jake Ellenberger: I want the number one contender fight next


Jake Ellenberger squared off against former Strikeforce champion Nate Marquardt at UFC 158 last night, and delivered a brutal knockout. ‘The Juggernaut’ put Marquardt’s lights out in the very first round with a vicious combo followed by some ground and pound. In a night of fights to really decide the future of the welterweight division, Ellenberger was a standout with his knockout of the night victory. This was a big step for Ellenberger facing a former UFC title contender and ex Strikeforce welterweight boss. As for Marquardt, two straight losses will be a real dent to his confidence, and I hope he can bounce back from this most recent loss.

Check out Ellenberger’s post fight interview below and stay tuned to Lowkick for more post-UFC 158 coverage!

  • Ellenberger is a beast and lots of fun to watch. Hes becoming a favourite in the division for me. If he wins against whoever he fights next he's definitely the next guy after Hendricks to fight for the belt.

  • Perhaps Ellenberger vs Saffiedine for the No.1 spot wouldn't go amiss.

    • @ Gel

      I'd think Ellenberger / Maia would make more sense. The winner of that, would get the winner of GSP / Hendricks. Saffiedine should probably be given to MacDonald, given Rory is healthy enough to fight and given that his match with Condit isn't apt to happen, now, as a result of CC's back-to-back losses, Rory would be available for the match.

      • That's true but Saffiedine has the Strikeforce belt which needs to be unified with its UFC counterpart but other than that I agree with you.

        • @ Gel

          Other than holding the SF belt and beating Nate Marquardt to get it, I don't think Saffiedine has earned a shot and a title unification from a smaller, now defunct promotion, doesn't mean a great deal, to me.

          If this were the case, then Luke Rockhold should be fighting Anderson Silva for his / the belt and not Vitor Belfort.

          For my money, Saffiedine has to garner some wins @ 170 before there can be any talk of his getting a title shot.

        • Needs to be unified? Not really….I see why the NFC and the AFC unify into creating a superbowl champion. But strikeforce and ufc unification talk has been pretty ridicule for a while now….!!!!

  • Marquardt should change his nick-name from Nate "the great", to Nate "the late, great" Marquardt. He's done.

    Keeping John Fitch, would have been a better idea than signing Nate Marquardt.

    • Only Nates previous fight was better than all of fitch's fights combined

      • I disagree. Erick Silva fight was awesome.

        • ya because Silva is a fun fighter. Im pretty sure it would have been even better had he had another fighter to fight.

    • Nate destroyed Woodly, dropped a decision and got KOd. That is a two fight losing streak after destroying a top 10-15 guy. Not only that but before he got caught he was looking like the better fighter. I will wait a few more fights before I am ready to say Marquardt is done.

      • Woodley got killed..Was he not undefeated next "big thing" LNP champ….

    • Nate the late?? I dont get it….Nice try but nope

  • D

    The crowd going nuts for the fight of the night in the background is cool

  • Ellenberger vs. Lawler. Jake goes to sleep.