Jake Ellenberger and Rory MacDonald Beef Heats Up On Twitter


When we last saw Jake Ellenberger in action he was knocking out former MW title challenger, Nate Marquardt, in brutal fashion at UFC 158. The Juggernaut was then rumoured to be hoping for a number one contender match against Johny Hendricks. It transpired that Ellenberger will now face Rory MacDonald at UFC on Fox 8, even though Ellenberger has quite often expressed his interest in fighting GSP. Ellenberger is 8-2 in his last 10 UFC outings, needless to say, lesser fighters have received title shots (*cough*Chael Sonnen), but Ellenberger will have to settle for MacDonald for the mean time.

Maybe it’s the fact that Jake wants at GSP so bad, or maybe he really doesn’t like MacDonald. Whatever the case, things are starting to heat up between these two guys. Check out what went down over Twitter:

It sure seems to me like there is some bad blood between these two, and it will all come to a head at UFC on Fox 8, but which fighter has the better skill set? It’s all good being able to talk trash on request, but which guy will be able to back their words up when it comes to the crunch?

I’m leaning towards Ellenberger in this bout, he is a powerhouse and a big challenge for anyone at Welterweight. The match up will pit the #8 and #10 Welterweights against each other, and I suspect it will be quite a barn burner.

  • rory all day long..first round will be a wee bit close but rory will win 2-3 easy

    • jake will destroy rory base on the statistical record and experience plus muscles and the chin, jake will destroy rory period.

  • Antics in the Cage often stay in my memory. I still think Rory's dancing against Penn was uncalled for and a pure doosh move against a BJ Penn who most saw as on his way out anyways.
    On that note. Ellenberger all night.

    • I never even thought of it as dancing untill I sae people hating on him for it, I just saw it as faking and distracting, similar to what Machida did before he front kicked Couture.

      Rory is a respectful guy, don't think he would taunt or disrespect someone in the cage.

      • You might watch that again Keith. He was doing the Ali shuffle

        • D

          He also did it with 8 seconds left in the fight, so there's no way you could reasonably call it "faking" because there wasn't enough time left to set anything up…not to mention that there is no technique that you could possibly be "faking" with that type of "footwork".

          It was classless taunting from a guy who knew the fight was over, and he had won. Nothing more, nothing less.

          • "classless taunting" VS a guy who has ran out of the ring after a win, climbed the cage, wiped blood off his hands and face and licked them, and kissed a fighter on the cheek after submitting him…BJ deserved to get shown up like he did.

    • While I agree with you for the most part about the antics, I was actually ok with Rory doing it to BJ. For the amount of trash BJ was talking prior to the fight, Rory made it very evident that BJ was passed his prime and needed to do a lot less talking. I have much respect for BJ as a OG of the sport, but even veterans need to get a taste of reality sometimes.

  • rory just slaughtered the english language… @grammar kid!

    • Yeah, he kills at dumb-talk. I hope Ellenberger crushes this ego-maniac.

  • I see Rory destroying Jake badly… Rory vs Carlos is the one I'm waiting for…The rematch.

  • I can't stand Rory. Looking forward to Ellenberger to win with ease.

  • Rory should get a week! i mean weak!