Jake Ellenberger Set to Face Rory MacDonald at UFC on FOX 8


While many thought #4 ranked UFC Welterweight Jake “The Juggernaut” Ellenberger would match up up against Demian Maia in his next bout, it appears that another top-level fight has materialized. The Province reported today that the UFC’s return to Seattle will feature a bout between Ellenberger and #3 ranked Rory MacDonald.

MacDonald was set to rematch Carlos Condit at UFC 158 last month before a back and neck injury sidelined him indefinitely. Apparently he’s getting back into form, and will fight a very pivotal bout on July 27th. Ellenberger was last seen at UFC 158 himself, knocking out former Strikeforce 170 lb. Champion Nathan Marquardt with a vicious display of striking.

Ellenberger was slated to face Johny Hendricks on that card before MacDonald was hurt. Hendricks of course beat Carlos Condit in an intense battle, earning him his coveted title shot at Georges St-Pierre. The champ and number one contender will face off at a yet-to-be-disclosed time, and it’s hard to imagine that the winner of this bout will not face whoever wins between Ellenberger and MacDonald.

MacDonald last fought in December, beating BJ Penn in a one-sided affair. Ellenberger is going to provide a noted step up in competition for “Ares,” who’s a friend and student of GSP. The two have repeatedly stated that they will not fight each other, with MacDonald promising a move to Middleweight should the situation arise.

Ellenberger has been on a steady climb to the top of the UFC Welterweight division for years now, and his only loss in his last nine fights was to Martin Kampmann last June. Ellenberger was dominating that fight until he got caught with some brutal knees. He’s appeared to have learned to have paced himself in his last two bouts since then.

The event is rumored to be UFC on FOX 8. The matchup has been confirmed by the UFC, so fans can rest assured that this may be one of the best matchups available in all of MMA right now. Both fighters are extremely well versed strikers with high-level wrestling ability. Who would be your choice to win and likely get a title shot in this battle of top-ranked contenders?

  • This is great news, a win over jake will put rory in with johnny while a loss puts jake and johnny on a collion course.
    Providing of course that gsp gets past johnny, which he will imo.

  • I see this as a loose loose for Jake… beating Rory does not give him an immediate title contention becayse homeboy Rory wont face his girlfriend GSP… unless jake beats the crap out of him which I doubt… and loosing to Rory would send him baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack on the line… definitely an interesting match up but a bad one for Jake…

  • I would think that as a number 4, beating the number 3 would be about the best thing that he could do. The only other thing would be to fight and beat Condit, who as the number 2 is in no-man's land, miles away from a title shot, but becoming sort of the title shot gatekeeper. IMO, the winner of this should get the next title shot at the winner of Hendricks/GSP.

    • @Mike… I suspect Condit vs Maia may be next in line considering they both fought within a month of eachother.

      But what happens if rory wins….thats complicated in terms of title shot. Maybe they should have stuck with Rory vs Condit 2 and Maia vs Ellenberger.

  • I think Jake may upset Rory on this one.

    • I would hardly call it an upset…. Rory is super talented but Jake is packing heat in those hands man… I would not be surprised at all if Jake takes him out, just as little i would be surprised if Rory beat Jake. It's pretty much a toss up…

  • This match up makes sense, but I would still rather see Rory Vs Condit.
    Ain't that a *****.

  • A good test for both. Although, I was hoping to see Ellenberger / Maia

    Glad to see that Rory is better and back, ready to compete. I love watching his fights.

  • Rory needs a little humbling.