Jake Shields considering move back to welterweight


Jake Shields‘ MMA career has been up in the air ever since he came over to the UFC after a six-year, 14 fight unbeaten streak. The former Strikeforce middleweight champion has gone 2-2 with one no contest since making the transition and has had a difficult time finding a comfortable fighting weight. 

He debuted in the UFC against Martin Kampmann in the 170 division and squeezed out a controversial victory (seriously, how many people get by Kampmann without controversy). He was then rewarded with a title fight against Georges St-Pierre but lost on points. After the loss, Shields, perhaps unwisely, pushed on with a fight against Jake Ellenberger despite his father passing away prior to the clash. The result was an ugly one as Ellenberger flattened Shields in the first round. A move to middleweight followed where he earned yet another relatively ugly decision victory over Yoshihiro Akiyama at UFC 144. After that came the fight with Ed Herman that he initially won but was changed to a no contest after Shields failed a drug test.

Today, Shields is considering going back to welterweight.  

“I’m bouncing around quite a bit [between weight classes],” Shields told MMA Fight Corner. “But probably back to welterweight, but nothing is 100 percent yet, just staying up is so much work I have to eat so much and just my weight naturally tends to go down closer to ’70. So we’ll see, nothing’s 100 percent at the moment though.”

Citing a return back to the cage in February, it will be interesting to see which route Shields chooses.

  • Just pick a weight class Jake. You’ll be upper tier in either one but you’ll never hold the belt.

  • Why did you ever leave welterweight you dumbski?

  • Because Gsp beat him at his own game.

  • He left WW a long time before that fight.

  • He should have came to the UFC as a MW, and if he lost to Anderson then dropped down. Coming in with the confidence of taking multiple H-bombs would have done wonderful for his style against Anderson. He matched up much better against him than GSP.

  • Anyone else find it totally weird that we still know what Jake got busted for? I can’t recall the banned substance being kept secret in any other case.

    Shields is a good fighter, but not a great one, so I don’t think he’s cracking he top 5 in either weight class.

  • Shields / Maia…I’d pay, Dana, to watch that…

  • D

    Last time I checked, Shields’ game wasn’t striking…

  • Word.

  • Maia all day

  • This decision Shields is making is twofold : One, Shields knows he’d fare worse than Sonnen did in 2 fights versus the Spider. For those of you talking about how he withstood the onslaught of Dan Henderson, The only thing it proved is he has incredible resolve. He does, however, have 0 chin. It helped Henderson gassed.
    Shields has always been a mid-tier fighter with mid-tier standup and excellent grappling skills. This guy barely beat Mayhem Miller. He came to the UFC and was exposed…albeit, controversially, by Martin Kampmann. After being beaten by GSP, he finally got finished by Ellenberger. We shouldn’t take too stock into that though as if you’re not close to him, you can see the mental state caused some fragility.
    2nd, Shields definitely believes Condit has the skills to beat GSP and wants a shot against him (he beat Condit at Rumble on the Rock, remember?) so he hopes that happens and get a crack at the crown.

  • SHields having 0 chin is about as inaccurate as you can get. He beat Kampman in a very close decision (the same way pretty much every other fighter who has a win over Kampman besides Daley and Marquardt did). Mid tier fighters don’t go on some of the biggest win streaks in MMA history over the likes of Paul Daley, Dan Henderson, Yushin Okami, Carlos Condit, Dan Henderson, and Robbie Lawler. His stand up is less than mid tier, but his ground game is one of the best in the world. He has grappling wins over Vinny Magalhaes, Leo viera, and Ben Askren.

    SHields wanted Silva more than GSP. He said multiple times he wanted to come to the UFC as a MW over WW. Dana just offered him more to go to WW as GSP ran out of challengers (at the time). Silva had Sonnen, with Belfort and Okami waiting in the wings.

  • Shields kills em.