Andrei Arlovski breaks jaw at WSOF 2, Jackson’s MMA blames timekeeping issues


Many of you may not have known or realized this, but Anthony Johnson apparently broke Andrei Arlovski‘s jaw with a right hand in the final seconds of round one, in their main event fight at World Series of Fighting 2.

Crazy huh? Well it’s get’s crazier, not only did he go on to fight another two full rounds with his jaw broken, but apparently the New Jersey state athletic commission’s timekeeper for the night was to blame for the injury.

According to Arlovski’s long time camp Jackson’s MMA, the first round went approximately 8 seconds too long.

Which is noteworthy seeing as how the injury took place at what appeared to be 5:03 of the first round.

The event was already in jeopardy of being cancelled or post-poned due to issues that the NJSAC had eariler with the canvas WSOF was using in their cage for the event. But when one controversy was averted another popped right up.

Jackson’s MMA gave the following statement on the matter via Facebook:

The NJ athletic commission was worried about the World Series of Fighting getting a new canvas and new corner pads for the cage they almost canceled the fight Saturday night. Unfortunately they forgot to get a time keeper that was trained properly. 1st round 5min 8 sec in the Andrei fight. A devastating blow was landed after the 5min mark. It’s amazing how so much time is spent with over regulating but the simple things can cost dearly.

It’s tough to say what kind of significant impact the injury may have had on Arlovski’s performance or the remainder of the fight for that matter. But it is important to note that the complaint is a valid one, as the unified rules should be abided by across the board and a competent timekeeper should in essence be able to “Keep time” with no issues.

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  • If you play the fight back between 5:02 and 5:04 you can distinctly hear a chandelier break.

  • Hey Dana, Not too bad for a guy who hits like a Welterweight

  • He may be past his prime but if this is all true his heart is still that of a stud.

  • D

    Who cares if it went 8 seconds too long. It's 8 seconds. It's not like he hit him after the bell.

    "Protect yourselves at all times." Enough said.

    Officiating and regulation of any sporting event is never going to be perfect. Losers always have the option of looking for excuses.

    • While I agree with you… The fact of the matter is that the time DID go over and he DID land a significant strike in time that should NOT have existed.

      Just saying. The complaint is a valid one. God damn time keeper isn't exactly doing rocket science.

    • It isn't about excuses. It's about calling them out for being unprofessional. And it's just the truth, and would be whether he won or lost. Had he won, I imagine he would still be unhappy that he broke his jaw when the round was supposed to have been over for a few seconds. It may be about money too. When this is over I suspect Arlovski could own WSOF, with the right lawyer.

    • Rounds are five minutes long….not approximately, five minutes long.

      If this is not the case, then why was Paul Daley thrown out of The UFC?

      The round (or the fight), is over @ the 5:00 mark. Period. There is no debate. There is no excuse for getting it wrong.

  • I've always liked Arlovski. I've always thought that he had all the tools he needed to be a top-notch fighter. However, he's always had one problem and that is, he hates getting hit. He hates it to the point that he becomes shy in a fight, if he's not dominating. As much as I like the guy, he should hang it up. He's 34 years old, with a broken jaw, fighting in off-brand promotions, racking up wins over nobodies and losing to UFC cast-offs. He should just pack it in. As a fan, I'd like to see him walk away and walk away with his health.

    • Agreed. The best I've seen him look was against Fedor, just before he got knocked out. He looked crisp, quick and confident.

      His boxing looked solid he was doing all the right things, using the push kicks, using timing and distance to his advantage. As Fedor fan I was actually getting nervous until that one punch landed. He looked good.

      Wish he stuck with Freddie Roach and that boxing mentality.

      • All true, but his biggest problem remains, that he neither likes to be hit, nor takes it well and (no pun intended) he seems to have a weak jaw.

        I wish him all the best, truly I do. I was really hoping that he'd make a come-back, but when and how he lost to Kharitonov, I knew it was over. That anything beyond that fight, that he was either marking time and collecting paychecks or kidding himself. Either way, it was over.

        I wish him all the best. I think he'd make a great coach.

  • I agree with ''MMA Truth''
    Andrei i was one of your biggest fans and still respect you very much but PLEASE RETIRE man.
    I mean it can't get more obvious than that, can it..?
    Enjoy your life , do other things besides getting KTFO and getting your jaw broken.
    You had your run and it was great , but enough is enough.
    Do you want to keep fighting and fight only second tier competition? I dont think so..
    So hang them up man , be a coach or something

  • just like Evans he needs to watch rocky 3 a few times and also start boxing with freddie again. maybe go back and train in a shed in bellarus?