Jake Shields talks Liddell Vs Ortiz


Jake Shields who was the assistant coach on the latest season of Ultimate Fighter, says that Liddell is more motivated then ever to make his big comeback.

“I haven’t seen him this motivated since years ago when I first met him,” Shields said. “He’s like a whole new Chuck. I think a lot of people are counting him out, being like, ‘oh, Chuck needs to retire,’ but the way Chuck’s looking right now, I wouldn’t want to fight him.”

When asked what is the main motivation reason for Chuck’s comeback, Shields had this to say;

“I think it’s a combination of Tito pissing him off, and the fans counting him out saying he should retire, “Shields commented about Liddell’s return.”I think Chuck’s got another run in him. “He is going to beat the living crap out of Tito. Chuck truly does not like Tito. He just runs his mount and pops off, tries looking funny on TV, but I’ve never seen Chuck so motivated in my life. “People are going to be surprised at the beating they’re going to see. They’re going to be like, ‘wow, Chuck’s back.'”

Chuck Liddell has not fought since April 9th of 2009 and will be trying to comeback against Tito Ortiz, who recently lost to Forrest Griffin at UFC 106. Liddell will try to revive his career by defeating Ortiz for the third time, this fight is rumored to be at UFC 115.



  • Jack Shields… hehe

  • lool, shit cant believe i missed that

  • Of course Jake Shields doesn’t want to fight Chuck. He’d knock him out.

  • why should we care what jake shields say ?

  • Have you seen Chuck in person lately?
    Have you talked to him?
    No-one said you had to care.

  • very funny man

  • We all want to see F*ck him up Chuck back. Remember watching him and just waiting for the knockout?
    It was like vintage Crocop back in pride, you were on the edge of your seat waiting.
    Chuck is a f*cking warrior and he is going to steamroll through Tito. But the sad part is that I think (IMO) he is done as a contender, and I wish more than anyone that I am wrong about this. Thanks for the awesome knockouts Chuck. Hope you have the best one yet in your next fight. P.S Tito sucks.

  • I said it before, and i will say it again, this is a MUST WIN for Tito Ortiz! If Tito looses he deserves to get BANNED from MMA. Period!

  • chuck should kill tito again. then he should fight forest. after that it get’s real tough, but chuck should be warmed up by then and be able to compete. a match with machida might be able to put him on top. gettin knocked out by rampage, rashad, and shogun is not a shame. those dudes are badasses.

  • Chuck is gonna rape Tito. Tito has not won a fight in damn near 4 years. the exact same thing is gonna happen to tito that happened the first time.