Is Normal? Anderson Silva Is Training To Be A Cop In Los Angeles


Anderson Silva may have had a rough 2013 in MMA, but it seems that the time off since December has opened a lot of doors for ‘The Spider’. Silva has enrolled with a Hollywood movie agency, visited a Brazilian cancer hospital and now news has emerged that the former UFC middleweight champion is looking to join law enforcement.

The news was first reported by Folha.UOL that Silva is training to join the Los Angeles Police department, and his statement on the matter was translated by MMAFighting, check it out:

“I’m studying at the Los Angeles School Police Department. I’m studying to become a police officer. I train every morning, take my kids to school and go to the police school”

“It’s a personal wish, something that will make my uncle happy,” he explained. “He thought it was a little weird that I’m not doing this here (in Brazil), but it wasn’t the right time. My brothers are police officers and my nephews are police officers. It’s a family thing.”

With Silva’s return to MMA postponed until 2015, perhaps his extra-curricular activities are more of a distraction than a replacement job. The division isn’t exactly flying by him at the minute, but anything could happen by the end of 2014.

With Chris Weidman injured and scheduled to undergo surgery on both knees, the state of the middleweight category is a little up in the air. Lyoto Machida is the next in line for the title shot, and there is plenty of fresh talent at 185 pounds, but without Silva the division seems a little lost.

I’ll keep you updated as and when Silva decides to take on another job, but lets hope it doesn’t get bad enough for him to consider working at Wendy’s.

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  • i blame steven seagal for this one

  • Is normal.

  • he doesnt know what the fuck he wants. first he wants to come back qucik now not until 2015 or maybe hes retired doesnt want jones fight anymore, now wants to be a cop… enough already. him and GSP never wanted to be in the spotlight while fighting and now you cant get them to stop talking.

  • How long until Chris Weidman has drugs planted on him.

    • When he says "uncle" he's talking about Dana.

      Weidman fucks-up the rubber-match, Dana makes Anderson join the police so he can walk Chris to the ring. Chris throws a high-kick and a bag of heroin with Osama Bin Laden's fingerprints on it flies out and gets caught in Herb Dean's dreadlocks.

      Chris goes down for 40 years.. Anderson gets his title back and goes on another run before he reveals he's training to be a prison guard at the very same facility. Anderson snaps Chris' leg in half while he's accidentally viciously beating him, the circumstances seem strange but the accident report is filed under "Normal", so no further action is taken.

      • You've been smoking too much weed bro.

        • That post deserved more love, I apologise for nothing.

          Also, you're correct.

          • That was dead funny Endo. You should make a movie.

      • I gotta say this was so fuckin funny

      • Well played sir

  • Supercop.

  • April fool?

  • He needs to learn english first and at his age. Until then He no back this year o nex year .