POLL: Is The Feud Between Jon Jones & Daniel Cormier Real, Or An Orchestrated Hype Train?


The ongoing feud between light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier reached fever pitch this week, first there was the impromptu brawl between the two at the UFC 178 media day, then the back-and-forth over social media, followed by a ‘heart felt’ apology on Sportscenter, and finally with a ‘hot mic’ out take of the two exchanging venomous insults.

With the fight over a month away from transpiring, it seems the hype behind Jones vs Cormier is unlike any we’ve seen in a long time. Comparisons range from Tito Ortiz and Ken Shamrock, and more recently Chael Sonnen/Anderson Silva. One question, among many others, remains unanswered though; is this for real?

The brawl itself involved Freddie Roach and a befuddled Dave Scholler, surely they weren’t in on it? And then the ‘hot mic’ video was ‘leaked’, any chance that the 90-second snippet was planned? We all know that hype is part of the package deal in combat sports, and plays an essential part in keeping interest levels high for big fights.That being said, the NSAC requested video footage of the fracas in Vegas, although nothing has been done as of yet.

So what do you think, is this beef for real, or the work of a scheming mastermind? Take a vote, have your say!

  • No way this is just hype. When Jones called him a pussy and issued a death threat on ESPN when he didn't realize he was being recorded would only happen if there was real animosity. This is not fake at all.

    Plus the staredown fiasco was too dangerous. No way anyone would have gone for that if it was just hype.

  • It's real but if they were co-workers in a factory they wouldn't let it escalate like this. There is likely an element of embellishment given their "roles" in the drama. I don't think they would have risked the injury potential in the scuffle and fall off of the stage the other day if it was fake. IMO

    • In terms of the hot mic being scripted – if so it is a poor script. One guy saying I would kill you – no really – actually kill you and the other guy saying I'd spit on you??? Weak script. Too stupid to be planned.

      • I just had a new thought maybe the hot mike wasn't scripted per se but it might be that DC and a friend conspired to set JJ up. If you look at what was said it is certainly plausible that DC new this video was going to be "leaked"

    • The difference co-workers are encouraged to NOT fight. In this sport they are encouraged to fight. Besides, they aren't co workers. They are competitors.

  • The fact that you are even suggesting this could be fake is amazing. No need to sell this fight with the calibre of athlete involved. Chael had to do it because it fighting style is boring so he needs a back story. With these guys, their fighting is so spectacular it does all the talking already. This is genuine macho man shit and shows that Cormier is very much the man out of the two and Jones is very much the psycho out of the two…

  • It's a little of both I'm sure.

    I'm sure it is a real rivalry to a point. But at the same time I remember something Jones said when they first announced Cormier as the replacement…

    He said something along the lines of "Hes excited, this is the match he wanted anyway, it will be a whole new level of hype that he hasnt experienced before"….

    Also keep in mind Cormier was the one that told him he should go all out like Floyd Mayweather.

    Jones is a smart guy and knows Cormier was ready to play off that role, and from the trash talk that went on before the fight even happened, this is the natural progression.

    So to answer the question, I don't think it's one big planned scheme, but I think they have been prepared to work off each other hyping this fight far before it was announced.

  • ian

    Cormier has had his crosshairs on Jones since Strikeforce, besides their personalities are way different. I doubt this is fake.

  • This beef is as real as it gets… anyone thinking otherwise is out of their mind.

  • Ivy

    I wouldn't say fabricated, but certainly not "discouraged"; which is almost the same as hype. I really do think the animosity is there. By and large fans dislike Jones, and he knows it, and it rubs him the wrong way. DC is a favorite already with people and that irks Jones even more. Still, this behavior is unprofessional and I've def lost a little respect for both, but esp Jones for calling DC a p****y.

    • Jon Jones has a tremendous fan base. I highly doubt DC's fan base is larger, you pussy.

  • DC been talking shit bout Bones. Had the face off & got lightweight scrape. Then got mic'd up & sounded like a Beverley Hills soccer mom.

    "LIKE oh my god really LIKE oh my god i hate you so much LIKE i just wanna spit in your face LIKE your so fake LIKE"……I was surprised that this muthafucka didnt say "gag me with a spoon LIKE.