Is GSP versus Nick Diaz destined to be a repeat of UFC on Fox 5?


Recently some great matchups at Welterweight for scheduled for the blockbuster UFC 158 card in Montreal, Quebec this March. Of course the headliner is the long-awaited grudge match between longtime 170 lb. champ Georges St-Pierre and the always-popular bad boy Nick Diaz. This is a fight that fans have been clamoring to see for what seems like years now, as Diaz’s well-known skipping of media events cost him his original shot at GSP in October 2011.

Now, the fight will happen, but if GSP’s recent statements have anything to do with the outcome, we could be seeing a repeat of UFC on Fox 5, where Lightweight champ Benson Henderson destroyed Diaz’s brother Nate:

“I watched very carefully your fight against Nate Diaz. It was a great display of athleticism, technique and wrestling,” St-Pierre told Henderson on Saturday night.
“I’m going to try to use some of the stuff you have done in the fight to win over Nick Diaz as well. I’m going to learn from what you did and try to apply it in my game plan. Thanks for showing me the blueprint.”

“I watched very carefully your fight against Nate Diaz. It was a great display of athleticism, technique and wrestling. I’m going to try to use some of the stuff you have done in the fight to win over Nick Diaz as well. I’m going to learn from what you did and try to apply it in my game plan. Thanks for showing me the blueprint.”

After watching GSP destroy Condit a month ago at UFC 154, I think that all doubts surrounding his injured knee are squashed. He still possesses the power, athleticism, and wrestling skill to control any opponent at Welterweight for the most part. Amidst all the talk from Johny Hendricks, I actually do think that Hendricks is much worse of a matchup for St-Pierre in his second fight back. Diaz may have the better boxing of the two, but will he remain standing long enough to use it? 

Also, Diaz will be coming off of a long layoff after his suspension for marijuana metabolites is expired. Fighting St-Pierre is a tall task to return to, as Diaz has never faced a wrestler of this caliber. GSP makes no bones about his intentions for the bout, and if Benson Henderson’s controlling, power-heavy gameplan is any indication, we may see a result similar to GSP-Condit here. 

It may be true that Diaz’s BJJ is world-class, but it’s been a very long time since we’ve seen GSP be submitted and I just don’t see it happening here. Early odds have St-Pierre as a little over a 4-to-1 favorite in this bout, showing an overall doubt in Diaz’ chances. Nick Diaz is a scrapper who stalks his prey in the cage. However, unless his takedown defense becomes somehow other-wordly, a similar outcome to December 8th’s main event could be seen by fans in Montreal. 

  • GSP is destined to boring, grinding hump fest many fights.. And I believe he will begin his humping on Nick Diaz, right at the beginning of the first round. GSP won't even try to fight Nick Diaz on a stand up battle… Even if he gets train by Freddy Roach, or even if he brings Muay Thai Champions.. Looking forward on a beautiful submission from the bottom by Nick Diaz…………….And New…

    • easy for for gsp, diaz is overrated. condit proved that. any smart striker or wrestler would not lose against diaz.

      i guess people are forgetting diaz was already in the ufc a couple years back and he was average fighter. fans are attracted to his attitude and personality, just like gsp.

      • onemoreround… Easy no for GSP, Diaz is ready for this win. Condit proved that by running. Any smart runner, or strong humper would fight like that against Nick Diaz.

        I guess people are forgetting Diaz was already in the UFC a couple years back, and he was an average fighter destined to become one of the greatest fighters at 170 now.. Fans are attracted to his attitude and personality, just like GSP….. I say Nick will win this fight by submission.. It's my opinion… Just like Bruce Lee would lose to a prime Royce Gracie. Yeb, By submission.

        • bruce lee would destroy royce gracie, just like his royce's daddy got whooped

          • Royce's daddy got whooped by a Kung Fu/Jeet Kune Do practitioner?

          • idiot, bruce lee knew fencing, western boxing, wing chun, judo, and jiu jitsu. stop trolling my comments evan hoelover

          • Yes, but he was an expert in the two I mentioned. He only learned bits an pieces of all that you mentioned.

            You compared Bruce Lee to Masahiko Kimura. One of the greatest Judo players in history. That is a incredibly ignorant point.

            You ask me to stop trolling your comments? Neh. I'll just do it more now. I'll keep doing it until you stop harassing the site with stupidity, or leave all together. Whichever you choose.

          • Wound up wet towel across ass….SNAP!

          • Kimura and Lee are equals. Just because judo translates well to MMA doesn't mean Lee is not to be revered like kimura or Kano himself for that manner. Just like Funakoshi or Oyama these guys left massive inspiration and paved the way for the future. They will also all be considered the best in what they do by history.
            Nick doesn't have much of chance if he hasn't been hiding a secret gameplan that makes sense. I love the Diaz brothers but, Ben and George are species of perfection. As much as want nick to win it will have to be a very tricky gameplan no one expects.

          • movescamp- Nobody said he wasn't to be revered. What he did for martial arts in the world is unparalleled. However, the comparison that he would destroy Royce Gracie because Kimura destroyed Helio goes against everything we've learned about striking compared to grappling in the past 20 years. Great grappling always beats great striking. Specifically, when the striker has limited knowledge of grappling, and take down defense.

            If Bruce Lee trained today I have no doubt he would have been a great 135lb or 145lb contender. However, he didn't. And him going up against a BJJ master would mean the fight would end as soon as it hit the ground.

          • I don't think the fight would end that fast. Lee devoured everything he could get his hands on. He would become skilled in BJJ as soon as he saw it.

          • That goes against everything known about grappling. You don't just become an expert in wrestling/grappling. Anybody who has done it understands its a skill that takes an incredible amount of doing to conquer.

            Bruce Lee was amazing. However, seeing grappling and doing it are completely different things.

          • true bruce was ahead of his time but most these top guys train just like he did, main thing ppl are forgetting is his size, the dude was only 135 lbs so against the bigger guys of today he would get destroyed! awesome fight against Aldo tho

          • Its Evan Knobgobbler the professional google fact checker.

          • His Wing Chun was modified, not traditional. No one ever makes note it and there is a big difference.

          • Evan Hoelover is priceless.:)

          • Hoelover, good one.:)

          • Something has to be going on in the Universe, this is the 2nd time in 2 comments that I agree with OneMoreRound …… Bruce Lee would fuck any MMA fighter up in mins, especially Royce Gracie. Royce got clowned by Hughes, like really?!?

        • @ Golden Bibi, of course, there is no way to ever know. The thing about Lee was he was basically the inventer of MMA. If you read the Tao of JKD you will see that he was borrowing from every martial art he could get his hands on including fencing. Remember the little tombstone by the door of his school with the epitaph: "in memory of a once fluid man crammed and distorted by the classical mess". He loved to discard whatever was ineffective and take from any art that would help him to be a better fighter. No big deal right? Wrong. In his day that was unheard of. Tradition was everything. You will recall his use of open fingered gloves in the opening scene of "Enter the Dragon" where he submits his opponent with an armbar on the ground. His conditioning was like GSP. His speed was greater than Demetrious Johnson – remember that on the set of the TV show the Green Hornet they had to have him slow down because some of his moves were not caught by the film technology of the day. He had footwork like Frankie Edgar and hit much harder than most men at 140. He had the natural ability to fight that is akin to my ability to walk. It came second nature without having to think. His timing and speed combined for devastating power. We have only accounts of challenges and street fights and the existing fighters of the day that saw him to train with to understand his skill set but every indication suggests that he was at least the best fighter of his generation and is responsible for millions of people getting into martial arts. If there is anyone that should be beyond dissing it is Bruce Lee. There will never be a way to know but I personally believe he remains unparalleled in P4P consideration – to this day.

          • As much as I respect GSP's conditioning, I don't think it would have compared tp Lee's. I've never seen GSP do a V-sit or an abdominal motion known as "wave-the-flag", for example. It would probably be safe to say, that Bruce's core strength would go un-matched by anyone in MMA, today. Including Steven Segal.

            One must also take into consideration his lightning-like reflexes and speed. Both of which were seeded to Bruce by Segal, via the Segal "mind-meld" method. First referenced in popular culture on Star Trek, as The Vulcan mind-meld. Segal himself, wrote it into the Sci-Fi series when he pitched the show to Gene Roddenberry, under the series original name "Segal Trek". Roddenberry later ripped Segal off and Segal was never credited. Some say , it's why Segal is so adamant (today) about receiving credit for any advice, thoughts, words or any intellectual property of any kind, with which he has been associated.

          • Steven Segal saved MMA…he made a champion of Anderson Silva..He invented the krane kick…He is way bigger than bruce lee. He even gave birth to the gracie family.

          • welcome back Bruce Lee

          • Thanks Sambo. Nice to be back. @MMA Truth – you're going to have to give that stuff up and go into rehab 😉

        • Bruce Lee worked with top notch wrestlers every day. I guarantee he would have the TDD to stomp Royce.

        • WTF are you talking about? Are you still butt hurt that Diaz was too stupid to change his gameplan vs. Condit?!? Diaz kept doing the same thing & it DIDN't WORK, why not change it up?!? Everytime the Diaz brothers get emabressed/owned they start to trash talk, or flip their opponent the bird (classy & so professional), yet it DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. WOW he's giving Condit the finger, that scores HUGE points, like Nate "taunting" Bendo, and then Bendo tags his ass to the ground …. BAHAHAHAHA!

          I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I agree with 1moreRound, Diaz has already fought in the UFC before & lost to "world class" fighters, lost to Parisyan, Riggs, Diego Sanchez & Sherk, yet you think Diaz is going to beat GSP, even after being out for more than 12 months?!? LMFAO, sure he will, jsut like his fight vs. Condit was going to be a war …… wink wink.

          GSP by 5 round obliteration or maybe GSP might get a TKO by opening Diaz's face from Gnp & GSP's stiff strikes & kicks. Diaz is going to be in for a rude awakening. Apparently so are you GoldenPiPi. 209 got NOTHING on the 514!

      • Wow, no hate for Gsp, are you ok? I'm starting to woory about the 21st Dec, stange things are hapening.

      • Well, Nick was in UFC 6 years ago…
        6 years ago Anderson Silva lost by submission
        6 years ago dos Santos Started his MMA career
        6 years ago GSP has no belt
        6 years ago Chuck Lidell was the best LHW
        All this proves that along 6 years a lot of things can change

        • Okay well, last year Diaz still lost ot a World Class fighter, like he did 6 yrs ago! How's that! Apparently diaz losing to world class fighter in the UFC is as regular as it was 6 yrs ago & March 16th will be even more proof of that.

        • How many top 10 WW's has Diaz beaten in the last 6 yrs?!? WOW all of those guys who wont be albe to write down b/c they were all B level fighters. I guess that doesn't mean anything, GSP has spanked every top WW the UFC has thrown at hime & he's made it look easier than any other Champ in the UFC. Going 30+ rounds undefeated & only being in trouble 1 time in 10 fights v.s World Class fighters is something Diaz can only dream about doing. didn't Diaz lose to Condit, the same guy GSP owned, even after being out for 9 months & having ACL surgery?!? I'd like to see Diaz do that, guess we'll se how he does being out for 12 months & NO ACL surgery!

    • Oh come on! Go and watch that boring K1 and muay thai shit rather than talking shit about fighting. If you can't stand up, either you drunk or either you suck.

    • totally agree !

    • yea your right thats the difference between him and ben. Ben stood with nate and did damage from every position

  • The most decisive factor in the Bendo-Nate fight was Benson's leg kicks. GSP has reasonably well rounded striking but has never shown the kind of leg kicks we saw from Benson. Also, GSP's work from top position in the Condit fight was not particularly great. Nick has a seriously good guard, so the likelihood is that we'll get to see a reasonably interesting fight on the ground. The smart money is def GSP by decision though…

    • That's where I am with this fight as well. That said, if anyone can pull of a sub from underneath Georges, Nick Diaz can do it.

      • He won't even get close to subing GSP! Dec 25th/2012 BOOK IT!

    • The most decisive factor was Ben's leg kicks? You're crazy. The most decisive factor was Ben manhandling Nate in the wrestling department. Ben didn't start throwing the leg kicks with any type of volume until Nate figured out Ben could rag doll him any time he wanted.

      • @even hoelover

        it was a combination of both. immobilization nate sets up the take down

        • Ben didn't start throwing the leg kicks with any type of volume until Nate figured out Ben could rag doll him any time he wanted.

          can you please explain that lmfao!

          • Ben threw landed 12 leg kicks in the first round lol! They didn't start until the fight hit the ground twice (once from a ben take down, and once from the fight basically just ending up there after the clince). LMAO!

            The hardest/stiffest leg kicks landed in the second and fourth rounds (right after Ben had beat the shit out of Nate on the ground at the end of the first, and basically the entire third). LOL lMAO HAHA Facepolm

          • I really hate Evan, hes a little prick. I bet hes 140 lbs with pimples.

          • Dude, your're back again? I had thought you killed yourself by now. it's good to have such a little bitch around again to make fun of though.

          • aww dont be all mad

          • Mad? Hmmm, you still think I care about you. That's cute.

          • You dont miss a reply, so yes you care…..or perhaps your ego comes first.

  • Nick and Cesar are smart enough to fix the flaws in his games. he has melendez whose a great wrestler so that helps now all nick needs is a good muay thai coach and i think hel do good!

    • If you write something about nick diaz being smart then I have no choice but to mark funny

      • GSP has also credited Nick Diaz as being an extremely intelligent fighter and I'm inclined to agree with him. I don't see how a 'good muay thai coach' will make any difference. He trains with the elite of the elite as is. He'll bring in big wrestlers and do a lot of work from his back during training camp to be sure, but he is as well trained and well rounded as they come. I think the biggest (maybe the only) flaw in his game at this point is his own stubbornness, ego, and confidence in his chin.

    • Melendez is a decent wrestler but not even a top 10 wrestler at LW so using him to prepare you for GSP's wrestling, well he should ask Shields to help with his kickboxing

    • "Nick and Cesar are smart enough …." to
      1) change a tire on their own
      2) give the ikea monkey a good home
      3) make change for milk

  • This article sucks BTW. The way media portrays Nate and Nick you'd think they were congenital twins or something, attached at the hip. They are not the same people. They've both earned the right to be considered independently from one another.

    • Personally they are different (mostly) but they are almost identical in the cage, except Nick probably just being of a slightly higher level

      • dammit KFC, where are your double shots?

      • Yeah, there are definitely some undeniable similarities, but I'm aggravated by the fact that it seems IMPOSSIBLE to mention N*** Diaz without his brother, in almost any situation. Sure Nick and Nate are similarly gifted and share some common physical attributes, but Benson Henderson and GSP are completely different fighters. Very, very different skillsets.

        • Actually, GSP and Ben's skillsets are not all that different.

      • I'm not trying to prove a point or anything. The way the Diaz bros are packaged in the media is just a pet peeve of mine. I'm sure nate doesn't appreciate the incessant comparisons with his drug test failing, press conference skipping, title shot fucking up brother. Why would you want that image to be so closely aligned with your own to the point that most of the questions you get around fight time revolve around your brother?

  • 90 days, give or take, is not going to be enough time for Diaz to come up with any kind of game plan to beat what he is about to face. I'm sorry.

    The GSP haters just want to keep denying not only how talented, gifted and well rounded he is, but also how tough and determined. There is probably no man in MMA that is as focused and uni-dimensional in his mindset and living, than GSP. When he sets his mind to a task he has yet to be proven that he can't achieve it. He has beaten the best his division has to offer. He's beaten the whose-who of either the best or second best (155) division in The UFC.

    He is going to crush Nick Diaz no matter where The Champ decides to take it and it will be GSP and GSP alone, who determines where the fight happens and how it un-folds. GSP is about to expose the holes in Diaz's game and 90 days isn't enough time to plug those holes.

    And for the Hendricks fans – one scratch from either of these fighters and my guess is your boy will be fighting for either the belt or an interim.

    • you dont think he's been training with his time off? Use your head and quit swinging from gsps nutz.

      • If he's been spending all of his / the time since his loss to Condit, preparing for a fight with GSP, a fight that he had no idea he'd be getting up-until a couple of weeks ago, if it's even been that long, then the man is clairvoyant.

        Training and training for a fight are not the same thing. Particularly if the fight is against a Champion who happens to be on a 10 fight win steak, with 7 consecutive title defenses, happens to be the best pound-for-pound functional, MMA wrestler in The UFC, has beaten the best in his division (one of the toughest in The UFC), has the best jab in the division and possibly The UFC, has the most explosive Super-Man punch in the 170 division, is probably the strongest guy in his division, has the best cardio in the division, trains with the best people in the world, is never out of shape, doesn't smoke dope, has his on BJJ and subed the Matt Hughes Gracie suber with it….yeah, if he's been working on all that, it would be news to me.

        I hope I've used my head to your satisfaction and GSP's Championship Nuts say, Hello.

      • Ughh maybe you should use your head genius, he had no idea he was going to get a title fight vs. GSP, especially after losing his last fight & being suspended. Not only did he lose, but he lost to a guy who GSP just owned!!!

  • Five rounds of takedowns and an anti-climactic decision coming right up. GSP cant submit guys with horrendous ground games, let alone Diaz and his sick BJJ. Nor can GSP actually KO anyone and Nick's chin is the best in the division. So, get some Sleepy Time tea and get set for another brilliant point fighting match by the champ.

    • ..but you'll watch it, though.

      • No, actually I'm watching this one the next day- that way I can just click towards the end of the fight and skip all the deja vu from rounds 1-4 LMAO

    • So rather than saying GSP will win with insults you could say what you know and just are reluctant to say – GSP will be able to take him down with ease even though Diaz is a lifetime martial artist and GSP will put a beating on him.
      DOn't need to talk crap on the guy just because he is THAT good.

  • GSP needs to fight like how he did when he was not champion, hungry, risk taking, and exciting. Even since he got upset by Serra he fights safe and boring. His last honest stoppage was in apr of 08. What other "champion" hasn't had a finish for that long

    • So GSP isn't a real champ?
      Get out of here please…

    • He finished Koscheck's right eye and career, for a year. Does that count? And how many Champions are in The UFC with 7 consecutive wins?

    • It was so weird to see the words "hungry" and "risk taking" in the same sentence with GSP. He's a good fighter, but just not a finisher, it's just that simple. That's why people lose their minds when they see a guy with REAL balls like Sakuraba face much bigger and stronger opponents – and submit them. Sure, he took some massive beatings- but that's the point- to really put yourself on the line and become better by losing if necessary. (This is where the referee actually has to step in and stop the fight- not where you have to get a note from you opponents doctor AFTER the fight saying how bad he was damaged, etc… LOL.)

      • GSP never got a note from Koscheck's doctor telling how bad the beating was. He didn't need it. No one needed it. It was painfully obvious how bad the eye was and that JK should not have been allowed to answer the bell for the 5th. The doctor failed to do his job. The doctor failed the fighter. That is a far cry from needing a note.

        Perhaps your lack of understanding comes from not watching the whole fight. You missed a great fight in the Condit fight, but you'd have no idea of that, because you didn't watch it. Actually, I don't know how you know anything about GSP if you don't watch his fights, which you say you don't.

    • I would call stopping BJ Penn "honest" – if the fight wasn't stopped at the end of that round then GSP could have done nerve damage, broken bones, even just put BJ's body in to a dangerous state or god forbid long term brain damage… that was a more dangerous situation than Serra getting kneed in the ribs.

    • So when he stoped BJ Penn, that was dishonest/fake?!? TKO is a TKO genius, as for not finishing people. He finished BJ, something Diaz & Rory couldnt do. Jebus Diaz couldnt even beat Condit, being 100% healthy, GSP embaressed Condit after being out for 19 months, ring rust & ACL surgery. Dominick Crus hasnt finished in how many yrs?!? Ben Henderson has had many decision, eventhough he has only been champ for 3 fights, defended twice. Answer me this ….. how many yrs was Fitch undefeated b4 he fought GSP? 6 yrs & noone could touch him, yet GSP spanked him, Shields was unbeaten for 7 yrs & beat Henderson, yet GSP owned him with one eye. You talk like GSP is fighting Anderson Silva opponents, but he's not. GSP has fought how many "champs" Hughes X2, Penn X2, Sherk, Serra, Condit, Shields & now Diaz – How many guys were on the top 10 P4P list? Penn, Hughes, Fitch, Condit, Diaz, Shields & Sherk (eventhough Sherk was a long time ago, but he still was, he was 30+-1 when he fought GSP & GSP was the 1st man to finihs Sherk). Now how many Champs has Silva beat & how many were on the P4P list?!? Not even close!
      Also, why dont you add how many wins & losses the last 10 opponents GSP has fought & compare them to Silva's last 10 opponents, again NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!

  • nick is a better fighter than nate but they share the same weak spot, wrestling. if hendricks can stuff gsp's takedowns he could get the knockout, gsp doesn't have a the strongest jaw

    • it's not just the takedowns but just the overall grappling, cagework and pressure.
      Hendricks can knock anyone alive out cold but if he doesn't land that one big punch then he will lose the fight (been the case with nearly all of the contenders since GSP was champ).
      Condit landed pretty much a picture perfect strike and he couldn;t of hoped for a better shot yet he still lost.

      Let's not forget Hendricks was beaten by RICK STORY with grappling and nearly lost via grappling again to Koscheck… if those two had success I think GSP will have a field day with his wrestling.

      • Also could have lost against Mike Pierce. Another SD.

      • gsp should be the favorite for either matchup, its hard to ever imagine gsp losing a 5rd decision. i just think that hendicks has a better chance of getting the tko than diaz with ring rust

  • I look forward to this fight. I see Nick peppering George with shots but in the end, Gsp will win this fight with take downs and GnP.