Will Chris Weidman Be A Candidate For GOAT?


Chris Weidman did the unthinkable (for some fans) at UFC 162, knocking out Anderson Silva and stripping ‘The Spider’ of his long-held Middleweight strap. There was doubt left in the minds of many MMA fans; and even the ‘All-American’ fans had sectors of doubters in the outcome of the first fight.

This, of course, is not to take away from Weidman’s achievements at UFC 162, but rather to give an honest interpretation of a bizarre finish to that fight. The rematch, in my opinion, was less controversial. Although it ended with Silva’s injury, Weidman was able to drop him in the first and erased most doubt in a lot of fans’ minds.

That being said, I still think I need to see a third match. In my mind, there has only been one convincing fight thus far. This could add to my desire to see Silva compete again; but also I think that a five round fight between Silva and Weidman would be an awesome spectacle.

All of that aside, Chris Weidman could well be building the next GOAT career record. He is currently unbeaten at 11-0 and fresh off beating the pound for pound best fighter on the globe (pre 162/68). Although I’m not as much a fan of Weidman’s, it would be foolish to think that he isn’t on the right path to legendary status.

Considering the top 10 at Middleweight right now, it is clear that Weidman has an opportunity to become one of the most dominant fighters of all time. Now it’s time for speculation; IF Weidman beats Vitor Belfort, Lyoto Machida, Ronaldo Souza and then Michael Bisping or Luke Rockhold. I know this s probably two or more years away from potentially happening, but it is evident that legends like GSP, Silva, Fedor, BJ Penn, Dan Henderson, Lil’ Nog and many more are either retired or fading.

It is time for the next generation of superstars to come up through and run the ranks, whether we believe it yet or not. All of that considered, look back to fighting greats like Randy Couture, Hendo, Penn and many more to consider how many times people have called them ‘done’ or ‘over the hill’. Anything is possible, and beating Weidman just once is not out of the question for Silva.

I’ve followed martial arts/MMA for the most part of my life and one thing I know is to expect the unexpected. That little gem applies inside and outside the cage; just as a fighter never truly knows what will transpire until locked in the cage, neither should we expect to predict it. Just the last twelve months should tell you that.

To argue either way is a foolhardy affair, but to be open to all possibilities is more of a realistic approach. I understand that anything can happen, but I also believe that Silva will beat Weidman in a rematch. Whether that happens or not is up to fate (kinda), but Weidman will still achieve a level of superstardom that Silva never quite reached. In my opinion, it is all a matter of time (quite literally).

Silva started out in the world of MMA when it was more of an underground blood sport. The scope was not there to become a millionaire from fighting in a cage, but it is now. Although the luxury is not available to mid/lower tier scrappers; it is within the grasp of the champion at 185, all he has to do is keep winning. Even if he loses to Silva in a third match, Weidman could well go on to be the next GOAT.

When you look back over all great Champion’s records, there are losses. Fedor lost early in his career, as did Silva, GSP, Penn, Liddell, Couture and countless others. No-one goes there entire career as GOAT in MMA without a loss, not yet anyway. Could Chris Weidman be the first to retire unbeaten as the greatest of all time? I don’t know, but I do believe that he will reach that status in the future, regardless of any losses that might come before that time. I also think that he has the current GOAT to thank for that.

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  • Nope.

  • I dont think just winning is enough to be the greatest, which is why I never put GSP in that category. But either way its too early to tell, maybe Chris will keep for the belt for 10 years and amaze every one. maybe not.

    • Perhaps a better question would be: is Weidman the B.O.T.Y. (Best of the year). Hmmm, maybe.

      • more like is Chris Weidman the next long Middleweight reining Champion? because asking if he is the next GOAT is the dumbest question ever! , I mean the next greatest of all time? isn't the word self describing enough? greatest of all time, so how many greatest of all time can we have? the answer is obvious just 1.
        Did Big Foot became the greatest after he beat fedor, NO , did Werdum, NO! , did Silva became after Fedor lost ? Hell NO!
        there is only 1 GOAT for each sport that simple, the question is the dumbest thing any MMA fan could ever ask

        • dude times change. the greatest of all time is not a one time thing. What if weidman achieves more than Fedor? Surely he becomes greater than fedor…….

          • No we just prefer people didn't lol. We cherish the heroes that came first and set the standard for modern day mma. People like you can't wait to forget them or move them further down your list as soon as the new guy comes a long. I have a question for you, have you wrote an article similar to this about the other dominant UFC champs bar GSP or Jones ?

    • yeah just winning in the toughest division MMA has ever seen isn't enough….

  • Lol rofl….. Come one! I love this site but why waste time with this question. We don't know or seen him beat enough top people outside of Anderson and Maia. Don't waste your time spinning your wheels on this question until he cleans out division. Which he won't.

    • Exactly, this the proposal that Chiris is the GOAT is ridiculous. He's 10-0, and he beat Silva twice. That's great and all, but outside of Silva, he hasn't done anything too special. Silva was considered the GOAT for his seven years of absolute dominance. Weidman wins two fights he leapfrogs guys like Jones, GSP, Aldo and even Barao and Johnson? No. Can he become the GOAT in a few years, sure. Not even close right now though

  • Is Chris Weidman the next in line as GOAT ?

    I have a better question, is Jon Jones the next line to be the G.O.A.T or has that question already been answered ?

    An even better one, is Aldo Jose the next in line to be the G.O.A.T ?

    I thought of another one is Cain Velesquez the next in the line to the G.O.A.T

    Can you see where I'm going with this ?

  • Ivy

    How can there even BE a GOAT? All time presumes future tense as well as past and present. Plus, it's a subjective opinion. It's a question without an answer.

    • When I checked in the future Silva was still best of all time.

      • HAHAHAH its funny how people don't see that Silva or fedor can be surpassed in achievement

  • Please STOP it already, enough.

  • So, welcome to the Weidman Era??

  • It's a little bit premature for that. He's only decisioned Maia, beat Munoz, and had two victories over Anderson that raised more questions than answers.

    Fedor has gotta be the current GOAT. Taking out the toughest out there at the time when they were in there prime. Big Nog twice, Mark Coleman Twice, Ricardo Arona, Cro Cop Babalu.

    Also a lot of this was back in the PRIDE days where if you were a mixed martial artist, you HAD to fight there to be seen as anybody.

    Just wish he'd fought Randy

    • Exactly Johndo. That was my point – a allusion to Rogan's premature declaration of Machida's impending reign suggests it is premature to consider Weidman's…GOATness I guess 😉

  • Well imo his win's against anderson are a true statement of his skills!
    He's got a bright future ahead of him and will be one of the top tear fighters for some years to come!
    Time will tell!

  • Ronda Rousey is the GOAT.

  • Rory Kernaghan says,

    "I still think I need to see a third match. In my mind"

    Stuntman replies,

    "It will never happen. Anderson was rushed into a rematch that pretty much destroyed his chances of ever using his left leg competitively again. His management thinks a fight with George would be great… Read between the lines.. They have always been afraid and are still afraid of Weidman's abilities!

    Rory Kernaghan says,

    "I think that a five round fight between Silva and Weidman would be an awesome spectacle."

    Stuntman replies,

    Lowkick needs to re-think who they're allowing to write for them. You're coming across as a SILVA fan when you should be a journalist writing unbiased material. You're imagining a hypothetical fantasy fight where Anderson magically takes Chris to a 5th round??? He's fought a total of 2 minutes and 34 seconds against Anderson and look at the damage he's taken! You need another 25 minutes of hurt on Anderson to convince you? Rory… I don't know what your fighting capability is, but I know for a fact you would've put on a better show than Anderson in his last 2 fights against Chris. You'd probably also do better than Anderson in a 3rd fight! You're a journalist… If you're into opinionated facts, reply like we do in these forums! Do some research and pump out some really good articles so I can take interest in what you have to write about."

    These two facts below provide more information than you've stated in two lengthy write ups about Weidman and Silva that have garnered front page Status on Lowkick!

    1. Weidman has the UFC record for being the least controlled in his career. (A minimum of 5 fights). A total of 3 SECONDS!

    2. Weidman's UFC win-streak is the longest of any active fighter in the middleweight division.

    • Weidman is not flash, fancy footwork or antics. The guy simply gets in there, avoids attacks and strikes, out boxes and can take you down and be a huge threat there. He's in one word simply "effective". He seems pretty humble as well. I like the guy and the GOAT question will simply be a test of time and out come of his continuing career. His upcoming fight with Vitor gives me the impression, that Vitor will only be taken down if he poses any threat on the feet(Maybe not even there) and then controlled and maybe subbed.

    • Take it easy stuntman, Rory is a fire fighter who loves MMA, and finds time to write thought provoking pieces intended to incite debate, that is a lot harder than just reporting news.

  • Hate to say it, but it's Jones.