Hunt vs. Struve Fight Video


In the co-main event of last night’s UFC on Fuel TV 8, Mark Hunt took down the much taller Stefan Struve.
The fight ended in the 3rd round as Hunt KO’ed Sturve, breaking his jaw in the process.

LowKick has you covered with all angles of the event. Watch this Fox Sports Hunt vs. Sturve fight video to see Hunt’s knockout, and stay tuned for more.

  • Mark Hunt is a complete warrior. he took a beating and came back with the most brutal finish of Struve. I suspect Struve won't be the same fighter after getting his jaw smashed so badly.

  • Great back and forth battle but it isn't the sort of fight you can go out and say mark Hunt deserves a title shot off this or that the rest of the division needs to watch out.

    If we had another performance like he had against Kongo, that would be scary, but as fun as this was I don't think any of the top 5 are crazy worried.

    • HW is shallow as f\/(k. This fight gets him a number one contender fight.

    • He overcame the height and reach from Struve he showed good ground defense, he should be a fight away for the title at most.

  • I'm sorry, but that KO was a thing of beauty. The way Mark went left-and-right on Struve and, with the last devastating strike, The Big Man simply turned away and watch the 7 foot tall colossus fall the the ground, just as if he were a large tree being felled. That was just flat out pretty.

    Where does he go next? I'm not sure, my guess is that he'll need another win. However and with that said, how many guys in The Division are riding 4 fight winning streaks?

    And in a division where Big Foot Silva is getting another title shot based on a 2 fight winning streak, one could ask the question…why does or would, Hunt need another win to get, earn or deserve, a title shot?

    • Yes. However, I think that the next title shot will be the winner of JDS V Overeem because it will sell. It may not be right but that is the way the UFC does things. The best thing we can expect is that this fight will earn Hunt a number one contender fight.

      • @ ICP

        I wouldn't argue with your logic. It will be interesting to see who they match him up with. As a Mark Hunt fan, I would really like to see him get a shot and what he did last night, not only the KO, but his ability to reverse and get back up once taken down or mounted, was impressive. However, my guess would be, that if Cain had Mark in a similar position, he probably wouldn't get back up.

        For a guy who only recently has learned the TDD and get back-up game, he's doing phenomenally well for himself.

        As a next fight, I wouldn't mind seeing Hunt / Barry, but as Mark's on a 4 fight win streak and Barry only on a 1, its probably not going to happen.

        No matter and either way, that was a great performance by the
        Big Samoan , last night.

        • @MMATruth….The only thing that concerns me about Hunt at this stage is his cardio should he ever get in a 25 minute title fight down the track. I know he didn't train for a 25 minute fight this time around but he looked completely gassed by the time he got the job down. Whether that was due to damage I don't know.

          • @ Enjoy

            I wouldn't disagree with you. Your comments are spot on. He did looked gassed and no, that won't fly against CV. However and in his defense, he's coming off of a long lay-off and hopefully next time out, he'll be in better shape.

            Either way, after looking at that picture of Struve's head, its pretty hard to argue the end result and the power that achieved it. Hunt, IMO, can walk-down any HW in the division.

            E – if he can stay on his feet and improve the cardio, he could / might easily take the belt. Damn, he has power.

  • Hunt should get Roy Nelson next and then the winner should fight the loser of Overeem/JDS.

    That would be interesting.

    • So he should be having a 5 wining streak to face a guy who has lost 2 in a row, thatdoes not sound logic at all.

      • It does when that guy is ranked much higher than you are.

        And since when does logic factor into the UFC's matchmaking. They haven't been using logic for a few years now. There's too many fighters and interesting matchups to make.

        • Nope, it does not make sense, Hunt has earned his place in the rankings with 4 wins in a row, he should fight a top 5 HW, who is ready for a tittle shot, like Werdum if he wins or Cormier or Mir. Why would you match him up against Nelson who is 1-2 in his last 3, if it were for interesting match ups Hunt should've got that tittle shot when Reem got caught.

    • I'd like to see him get someone higher up the ranks than Big Country and I'd like to see it as a fight that sets-up the winner of that fight to a title shot.

      One more win would give Mark 5 wins in a row. I think the view of it, from the POV of The UFC brass, should be to get Hunt there and not to make him have two or three more wins. A loss boots a 38 year old vet back down the ladder and in all-likelihood would end any serious contender status for him. For that reason alone, one more win and I'd like to see Mark get the shot.

      And as Bryan noted, match-making logic @ The UFC these days doesn't always seem to make sense (GSP / Diaz Jones / Sonnen), so for me, Hunt getting a title shot coming off of another win and extending his streak to five, makes a much logical sense to me, as anything else I see on the heavy-weight table.

  • It's amazing to think that Gegard Mousasi has beaten Mark not that long ago.

  • Hunt is a beast but guys like Cain are on another level….. Hunt woulkd have a puncher's chance against Cain only and for a short amount of time.