POLL: How Will The Jones Vs. Cormier Media Day Brawl Impact UFC 178?


UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones and arch nemesis Daniel Cormier were involved in one of the most sensational and controversial happenings of 2014 so far, as they brawled at the UFC 178 media day in Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday. The impromptu punch-up sparked a worldwide debate among us MMA fans, and provided much excitement on an otherwise mundane Monday.

PPV sales were likely given a huge boost by the public bust up between ‘Bones’ and ‘DC’, but the UFC code of conduct could cause more trouble for both men than the scuffle was actually worth. Dana White was non too pleased with the display, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission has requested video of the fight to help decide what action to take against both men.

In other words, although the unexpected scrap was entertaining, it may cause the promotion and Jones/Cormier some headaches in the not too distant future. Without a doubt the fracas has fans clamouring to see the two throw down in the octagon at UFC 178, but what impact will it have on the sport of MMA?

Obviously this kind of media day battle has happened in the sport of boxing a lot more regularly in the past, but MMA has been trying diligently to move in to the mainstream with a clean cut image. So what do you think, was the UFC 178 media day brawl good for the sport, will it bring shame, or will life go on? Take a vote and have your say.

  • It was in no way good for the sport. What it really made was to hype the fight for people that already know mma and these guys even more. But for MMA as a sport and for the growth of MMA this was one of those bad moments.

    Now I'm not gonna lie, this brawl made me wanna watch this fight even more than before but I still thing this was more for worse than for good.

  • All these injuries & dirty Piss test is bad for this sport. Two brotha's involved in a lil brawl with no gunplay involved is a V in my book. I'm sold, I'm heading to the MGM Grand for the weigh ins & I hope they still hate each other guts.

  • It's good for the PPV card but bad for the sport overall.

    • I second that. Chances are that UFC will have one of the most successful cards because of the pre fight brawl, but this will not go too well for the sport's / promotion's reputation.

      MMA does not need to endorse hatred between fighters. They are athletes first and then fighters. Yes, emotions can run high during a stare down, but that is the case in any other sport.

      Anyway, I am not a fan of either of those gentlemen who fought. Both are highly skilled and well respected in my opinion. However, if it was one of the fighters I looked up to, I'd be embarrassed. Brawls are for inside the Octagon, not outside.

  • i dont know much about hockey, but dont they fight all the time and its allowed by refs?

  • I did not realize Daniel was so much smaller than Jones. I have been sure DC could beat Jones, I am not so sure now. It's just the leverage in my opinion is not great for take downs when you are shorter than your opponent as you have less lift room to pull them off their feet. I am no expert in wrestling so maybe I am wrong and someone could enlighten me but won't it be easier to get someone off their feet if you're taller?

  • Tat

    id say in this particular instance, all publicity is good publicity. Unprofessional conduct…yes but no1 was hurt, 2 grown men who dont like each other wanted to fight before time. its mos def gon get butts in seats and eyes on the telly. I see huge PPV numbers. Even my housemate who knows nothing about mma came to me asking if i saw the video and when the fight was