Holly Holm’s Team Could Appeal Loss To Germaine de Randamie


After quite a controversial fight at UFC 208, Holly Holm finds herself in an undesirable position. Coming off three straight losses, ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ hasn’t tasted victory since December 2015. Following her stunning knockout of Ronda Rousey at UFC 193, Holm had stated she didn’t want to be defined by that sole moment. Unfortunately for the ex-champion, that was the last time she has shined in the octagon. Back-to-back losses against Miesha Tate and Valentina Shevchenko marked a 2016 that Holm would probably rather forget.

With the making of the women’s featherweight division came an opportunity of a lifetime. Both Holm and opponent Germaine de Randamie were poised to make history. Sadly it didn’t play out how anyone had hoped. After being rocked by clean strikes after the bell in round two, Holm would go on to lose by decision. The referee and judges supplied by the New York Athletic Commission have faced heavy criticism since. The same incident happened after round three, although Holm was clearly rocked by the earlier infraction.

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During what was meant to be a milestone in the new division’s history, we saw two examples of questionable officiating. Apologizing after the fact, ‘The Iron Lady’ stated the strikes at the end of round two and three were unintentional. All the same, many fans felt ‘GDR’ should have been deducted at least one point. According to a report on MMAFighting.com, Holm’s manager is considering an appeal of the lamented result at UFC 208:

“We’re definitely looking into our options,” Fresquez said. “We’re looking into the options we have with the commission. We don’t know the necessary process yet. … It’s definitely an avenue we’ll be exploring.”

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Amid the debate about the result, the newly crowned 145-pound champion offered Holm a rematch. Should the result be overturned, then a second bout would surely be imminent. If not, at least ‘The Preacher’s Daughter’ has an avenue to a do-over, in theory.

Would it be fair to say that de Randamie’s win should be overturned? Cast your mind back to ‘stoolgate’ featuring Yoel Romero and Tim Kennedy, is the UFC 208 main event on par? Romero’s victory over Kennedy stands to this day. Stay tuned as we bring you updates when this story evolves.

  • Bill Wolf

    Holly Holm lost. She lost two rounds before the late hits, and she did not clearly win any round. It would have been perfectly reasonable for the judges to decide she lost all of the rounds. She never did enough. She did a lot of useless clinching that wasn’t control because it never went anywhere, and she landed some non-significant leg-kicks, Apart from that, Holly Holm was out-performed by Germaine de Randamie.

    Despite all this, Holly Holm had a chance. She hurt her opponent once. That was her one chance to take the fight out of its natural course. Instead of capitalizing, Holly Holm went back to her useless clinching, and did nothing till the opportunity went away.

    In the final round, Holly Holm’s corner told her to kick-box: in effect to knock her opponent out. (Naturally she ignored this advice, and continued with clinches that went nowhere.) Why did they do this? Are we supposed to believe they thought Holly Holm was winning?

    Holly Holm lost to Germaine de Randamie. That means Germaine de Randamie won. It doesn’t matter if Germaine de Randamie had a lackluster fight; Holly Holm had a worse fight.

    Trying to turn this loss into a win with lawyering is ridiculous. Everybody pursuing this should be embarrassed.

    What Germaine de Randamie did in the cage was wrong, but she put it right as best she could by offering an immediate rematch. There’s nothing further she can do, and there’s nothing further she should do. Germaine de Randamie won the fight so she’s the champion, and she doesn’t owe anyone any more apologies.

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      A lot of people were picking against holly for her stylistic faults before the dirty punches I’m not sure that an immediate rematch is what Holly needs more then to look into her technique mistakes

      She can fight her again shortly is she straightens her mistakes out
      Its not a deep roster at chick 145

      • Bill Wolf

        “Its not a deep roster at chick 145”

        It certainly isn’t.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    I wonder if Dutch Kickboxers are kind of dirty?

    They’ve got Yvel and dirty bob

  • Jamie Eyles

    This is the only way Holm can win anything. Her last 3 fights have shown she certainly cant fight.

    • Bill Wolf

      I believe Holly Holm can fight. But…

      1. Miesha Tate could fight too. That’s why she and Holly Holm were both champions.
      2. You can be a very good fighter and not be as skilled as Valentina Shevchenko.
      3. There is such a thing as having a hard day at the office, and Holly Holm had one against Germaine de Randamie.

      It makes sense that Holly Holm sought the women’s featherweight title. She believed in her ability, which makes sense for a recent champion.

      It doesn’t make sense that Holly Holm looked at the video of her fight with Germane de Randamie, a fight in which Holly Holm mainly launched air-swings and clinches that did no damage, and after seeing that record of her frustration she decided that what that performance really needed was an appeal process to certify it as a draw, not a loss.

      After reviewing a fight like that, wanting to improve your techniques would make sense. Wanting to fight again soon (if you think you just under-performed on the day) would make sense. Thinking that the problem was that the judges declared the other fighter the winner doesn’t make sense.

      People in Holly Holm’s camp should have watched that fight with her. They should have pointed to Holly Holm missing and Germaine de Randamie landing hard rights in Holly Holm’s face, and they should have said: that’s what needs to change. Forget appeals and lawyers, we need to change that.

      • Jamie Eyles

        Perhaps HH needs a new office……
        Hard to fathom that a chick on a 2 fight losing streak basically gets handed a title shot and yet still blew it. Not sure what div Holly will run to now. Maybe boxing is an option since mma isn’t working out

        • Bill Wolf

          I think older fighters should retire and stay retired. I’ve said this about Georges St-Pierre, whom I think is the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, and who quit when he was still winning. (Even if only barely.) I will certainly say it about Holly Holm, who is 35 and an ex-champion on a losing streak.