Holly Holm Officially Appeals UFC 208 Loss To Germaine De Randamie

Photo by Mark J. Rebilas for USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today we reported that Holly Holm and her team were considering appealing her UFC 208 loss to Germaine de Randamie from Brooklyn last weekend (Sat., February 11, 2017), a bout where “The Iron Lady” was seen nailing Holm with some incredibly hard punches after the bell in both the second and third rounds.

Word broke from MMAFighting.com that Holm will officially appeal the loss, issuing this statement as part of a full complaint about the officiating job by referee Todd Anderson, an inexperienced MMA official who failed to fully separate the fighters and did not take a point away from de Randamie for either foul:

“We respectfully request the commission review referee Anderson’s failure to assess a foul and render a decision regarding a point deduction following Round 2, and failure to assess a foul and a point deduction following Round 3, and determine an appropriate result.”

Holm’s controversial manager Lenny Fresquez had his own view of the situation, believing Randamie should give Holm a rematch (which she’s already discussed):

“It was blatant. Very blatant. I hope Germaine is a lady of her word and gives Holly the immediate rematch she promised her.”

With her inaugural run as the first-ever UFC women’s featherweight champion off to a very rocky start, de Randamie apologized for her transgression and offered Holm a rematch.

The New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) reversing the decision at UFC 208’s main event, which was already a highly criticized contest, would be about the only thing that could make the opinions of the card any worse, and would tie up the already uncertain women’s featherweight division with a potential rematch.

But hey, outside of the champion meeting Cris Cyborg (whose return is currently unknown) there aren’t many fights to be made in the division anyway, right?


    She should appeal it, had a point been deducted like it should have been it would have been a draw. It was a very close fight…i think Holly won and the hardest shots Holly got hit with were after the bell by GDR.

    • Jeff Harris

      agreed !!

  • Bill Wolf

    Holly Holm was losing easily before the late hits, and she didn’t definitely win any round after the late hits. She never did enough, and she wasted everyone’s time (and blew her only winning opportunity) with useless clinching and stalling. Holly Holm lost, badly. That means Germaine de Randamie won.

    Trying to turn Holly Holm’s weak, losing performance into a draw with lawyering is silly.

    • Kris-tyahn

      waitWHAT?!? Rules are rules are rules genius! Doesn’t matter what you think, all 3 judges had it 48-47 for GDR. Had the referee did his job like he was supposed to, GDR should have had 1 pt deducted, possibly 2 pts, but at the very least 1 pt, therefore it’s a DRAW!!! Understand now, or should I draw you a picture in crayons?!?

      • Bill Wolf

        I think neither the referee nor the judges did their jobs right, and if they had all done their jobs right it would have evened out.

        If you say, it doesn’t matter what you think, this was what the judges did, it’s equally valid to say, it doesn’t matter what you think, this was what the referee did. If we’re saying “what if?” about one of the officials, we can say “what if?” about the other officials too.

    • Bernie Asis

      what fight did you watch?did you watch fight with the tv unplugged?

    • Jamie Eyles

      Well said Bill. Holly had nothing in this fight other than loud grunts and plenty of air swings. Hollys’ face post fight shows who truly won. Holly also landed at least 2 illegal blows that the ref missed and could of deducted points from Holm too.

  • HowardMac58

    Holly was beat by two cheap shots. Randamie offered a rematch and Holly better get it. Cheats need to be called out and held accountable. Shouldn’t even need a rematch had that street bum they hired to officiate been qualified to do the job.