Herschel Walker wants to fight one last time, has his sights set on the octagon


Herschel Walker is one hell of a tremendous athlete not to mention a rather flawless specimen of a human being. At 51 years old, the former legendary football player is in better shape than most men would Dream of achieving within their life time.

Although some of that may very well be due to or aided strongly by genetics, there’s no doubt that remaining healthy and constantly trying to push his body while doing things that he enjoys is something that he has been able to do successfully up until this point.

Not only was the man awarded the Heisman trophy in 1982, and not only is he ranked 5th all-time for NFL rushing yards at 13,787, but he also happened to pursue a fighting career, defeating both Greg Nagy (1-3) and Scott Carson (4-2) via TKO stoppage within the first 3 rounds. As Randy Couture would say “Not bad for an old man huh?”

Walker hasn’t been heard from in the world of MMA since his last fight, and with all of the fighters being brought over from the purchase and absorption of Strikeforce, it’s easy to see why any interest in his immediate future was lost among fans of the more prominent fighters and their potential futures.

With that said, it turns out Walker is actually looking to fight one last time. And this time he’s aiming for the spotlight. In a recent interview on The LaVar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes on 106.7 The Fan Walker made the following statement regarding his lingering MMA aspirations:

“I would love to do it again. I absolutely love MMA. I think it’s an excellent sport. I’m a little bit older and having to work a little bit harder. I tell people all the time, if you want to do this sport, you got to get out and you got to train. You can’t just step out there and think you’re going to fight in that cage because a lot of those guys are trained to hurt you. If I was younger, I would be doing it right now. Because I’m a little bit older and I have a business going, I would like to do one more fight and then, I think, it’s time for me step aside and give it to the young people. But I would love to do one more fight.”

There you have it folks, Walker wants one more fight before he calls it a career as an athlete. MMA Fighting contacted Dana White regarding Walkers statements, but did not respond. Do you think he should be given one more opportunity to compete? And if so is the octagon a suitable place for him?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

  • Mirco and herschel is a good match up, two old dudes… i mean herschel has a good body for a 51 yrs old dude.

  • Dana always dissed Herschel's career in the UFC and called him a freakshow. Unlikely he will get put in a UFC fight and I think that's fair, his last fight was against some random who hadn't had a fight in year and looked like his day job was in the theatre, pretending to be a punching bag.

    I have a hell of a lot of respect for Herschel Walker but you need to earn your way to the Octagon or have an incredible combat sports background to get brought in early (Brock Lesnar, James Toney).

    • Brick Lesner's combat sports background was ten years prior.

      • Well he still managed to carry it that 10 years and use it to become to baddest man on the planet

        • He consistently got out wrestled by smaller opponents. Based on his wrestling record he should have been unstoppable in that range and had he started competing in mma right after college he may have been. He retained some of that skill but by no means even most of it.

  • Man, I hope to be half the man this guy is when I'm 51. Good for you Hershel. Hey Dana, he's light years above James Toney.

    • I agree with the Herschel being a beast bit but James Toney was actually a boxing world champion and a great one at that.
      Herschel was a legendary American Football player but that doesn't carry the same weight as a world champion boxer does, not for combat sports anyway

      • Ya but… Teach Herschel a couple solid takedowns and submissions and I give him the advantage over Tony any day.

        In an MMA match anyway.

      • Don't get me wrong Keith, when it comes to pure boxing James is a beast who very few mma fighters come close to but if we are talking mma, Hershel is light years ahead of him.