Hendricks: St. Pierre is an “idiot” for thinking Nick Diaz deserves it more


UFC Welterweight title shot hopeful, Johny Hendricks, once again expressed his disappointment with Georges St. Pierre’s decision to choose Nick Diaz as the number one contender. Hendricks is currently on a five-fight win streak, three of them via KO, while Nick Diaz comes off a controversial loss to Carlos Condit.

Here’s what Hendricks had to say during an appearance on MMAmania’s Verbal Submission podcast:

“My reaction was like, ‘Really?! You’re an idiot.’ He said that Condit really did beat Nick Diaz, know what I’m saying? He said, ‘I’m fighting the true number one contender Carlos Condit,’ and now, he’s going backtracking and saying, ‘Well, I think [Hendricks] lost.’ Who cares? You don’t get to decide. He’s not a judge. He’s not a judge. He’s a fighter. He’s paid to fight and he’s paid to fight me. The fact that he was able to ask and get this request [to fight Diaz], the only thing this is, is it gives me more drive. It’s not like I didn’t have enough but what’s gonna happen is, whenever I look across the cage, he’s not going to see fear. He’s not gonna see anything. All I want to do is I want to fight him. I want to look across and see GSP and that might be something he’s not used to. I don’t know. I don’t know why he didn’t take the fight but I guess I wouldn’t want to fight me as well.”

The fight between Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz is just around the corner, taking place at UFC 158, on March 16, 2013 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

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  • Johnny'll probably have an aneurysm if he beats Ellenberger and still doesn't get a title shot.

    • I have a feeling he's going to lose to Ellenberger. I think Ellenberger has better technical striking skills, and if he doesn't get caught he's going to win the decision. Both guys are great wrestlers – i expect that to cancel out.

      • diaz is equals more ppv buys and an easier fight.

        • bingo, diaz makes more money. Same reason they arent in a huge rush to have Anderson fight a relatively unknown in the larger crowd Weidman (did I spell that wrong?).

      • I thought that he would be picked apart by Kampmann who is a great technical striker and look how that turned out.

    • GSP wants the Diaz fight, not because he's the most deserving title contender, but because of Diaz's compelling name and image and ESPECIALLY because of the BIG money-making prospect of this mega-fight of "champs." Johnny Hendricks –like Chris Widman–are still unknown by the large public. They are deceived if they think that Dana arranges fights based solely on merit and achievement (Chael being handed a title shot at another division is just a case in point)…

      • I think George really hates Diaz and just really wants to beat him up. I dont think he even cares about Hedricks.

        • Zip

          Agreed 🙂

      • That's why i like the old school mma..

    • diaz vs johnny (the bearded one) hendricks… lets test this diaz chin if its really unknockable.

  • Kinda want to see him smash someone now.. just saying.

  • Thinkin an underdog bet on Ellenberger looks better every day the fight gets closer.

  • From a business POV, if anyone is an idiot it's Hendricks.

    You can admire him for taking a fight with Elenberger or you can think he's an idiot. I think he's an idiot. He should have done what Condit did and waited it out. I believe he's foolish for taking this fight. He might win, but he may well lose, too and if he does, he will regret this decision.

    Coming off of a loss, Hendricks will have no claim to a title shot, other than the ironic offering of a generous Champ and the hope that Rush would extend to Hendricks, the same courtesy which has been extended to Diaz and via the very same rationalization (on the part of The Champ) which Hendricks now criticizes, which is, he had earned it.

    Ah, irony. Ya just have to love it.

    I hope Hendricks gets his ass kicked by Elenberger, because he's an idiot for having taken the fight with Jake. Millions of dollars potentially out-the-door, because Johnny was too stupid to play the game.That to me is the very definition of idiot. Paraphrasing Sun Tzu…sometimes, the smart move is to make no move at all.

    • And how did that turn out for Condit? I don't remember many people praising Condit for *preferring* to wait around 1 year for the title shot, either. Hendricks is going to fight no matter what, that is his philosophy and it sends out a very strong message to GSP if he does beat Ellenberger. You started talking about good "business" and you ended up quoting The Art Of War. Not that congruent, in my opinion. A fighter fights. Hendricks might be the next Champ, who the hell knows. I'm rooting for him, he's got great wrestling and a sick left…

      • @ Mind

        If you fail to see the congruency, then my deduction would be that you've never read Sun Tzu.

        A fighter does not fight. He only fights if he has no choice. Otherwise, a fighter will put the fight off until such time as he can assure victory. That is also Sun Tzu.

        How it turned out for Condit is not the issue. You are opining with the advantage of hind-sight. Its Monday morning quarterbacking, at its best. When Condit stated that he wished to wait for GSP's return, he did not have the advantage of knowing that he would lose. He also did not have the advantage of knowing that he'd win any bout, which The UFC may have given him. To claim now, that Condit was foolish, weak for or not praised, for not having taken a fight prior to his title shot, means nothing, for you do not have the requisite date to back-up an assertion that it was the wrong move. Perceptions of any weakness, aside. Not taking a fight was the smart move. Hence, the Sun Tzu reference.

        Respectfully, I stand by my assertion. Condit made the right move by not fighting and thus, not risking the (potential) millions that "might" have stemmed from his (possible) victory. Hendricks, on-the-other-hand, has opted to risk all of that, for a short-sighted pay-day.

        All I can say about that, is this, if I was his business manager (emphasis on the word business), I would have, in-no-way, allowed him to take a fight. Instead, I would have had him wait it out…ask for his "show" money for stepping aside for Diaz, which I believe he's entitled to and demanded that he got the winner of GSP / Diaz.

        Why? Because and I say this as an ardent GSP fan, he can / could / might beat, GSP. And should, somehow, GSP magically lose to Diaz in some super, hybrid, perfect-storm moment of Hughes meets Serra for GSP…then I have every confidence that Hendricks would beat the living crap out of Diaz, in a title fight. Either way, Hendricks comes out on top, The Champ and the, much, much richer man. As Dana White often says…."it's good to be Champ".

        If Hendricks loses to Elenberger, in, what-seems-to-be, a fight to prove a point, stroke-his-ego, make some quick cash, then he is being very short sighted.

        That was my only point. From a business POV, from a risk-to-reward POV, this is a dumb fight for Hendricks. There's a whole lot of downside and precious little upside. If your calculus sees it otherwise, then great, but as I see it, he stands to lose a great deal more than he "might" stand to gain.

        And in terms of Hendricks beating Elenberger, should he do so and any message that is might send to GSP, then the message will be that Johnny Hendricks is a passionate, fool-hardy, risk taker or eminent proportions. It will certainly not strike fear into The Champ's heart, if, indeed, that is your contention. I just don't see Rush having fear struck into his heart by a win, KO or otherwise, by Hendricks over Elenberger.

        Enjoy the bout when it happens. I look forward to reading any posts you might make, should Johnny lose.

        • Truth: waiting around doing nothing because of a big pay-day is just that. Only that. Nothing artistic about that.

          • If Johny loses to Elenberger well… again, a fight is a fight. What can you do. I will say, however, that kid is generating so much momentum that waiting on the bench just doesn't make sense to me. Not everyone is willing to take that kind of a risk, all I'm saying is it has its own merits beyond the pure "logistics" of the matter, and quite frankly, I don't think he's too concerned about losing. He may be crazy after all, or, he may be on a roll. We'll see.

          • Hendricks must be aware of what you are saying on some level, about risk-vs-reward, so why is he fighting a top contender? Pure insanity? Then it should be a good fight. Enjoy it as well.

          • Truth one more thing, sorry to rant. If Hendricks beats Ellenberger in a "beautiful fashion" as Lombard would say, the rewards may be bigger than you are giving them credence. It could generate necessary support from fans and media, Hendricks might also learn something paramount to possibly defeating GSP from that fight, he might slingshot himself into a perfect-timing scenario. Do you discount these things as "fool-hardy" and only consider the material brass tax? I don't. I've read some Sun Tzu, although I don't have any actual copies of his works and couldn't really cite anything.

          • @ MK

            You're not ranting and if you are, rant away.

            Look, brother, my greater point is his career. Keep your eye on the ball, as any great coach might say. This fight wight Elenberger means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Nothing.

            As to Hendricks beating Elenberger, beautiful fashion or otherwise, it still means nothing. Ultimately, it will mean nothing until he's Champ and it won't matter whether or not he does it to GSP or Diaz. I can see no gain…fans, media, sponsors or otherwise, which could compensate Johnny, monetarily speaking, for a loss.

            And the interesting thing about you raising that issue, is that it's based on compensation, which, of course, is the very issue that I raise, in my objection to Johnny taking this fight. I do consider it "fool-hardy".

            Do I discount his passion, his willingness to put it on the line? Yes. However, only in the sense that it's dangerous to his career. Jake Elenberger ain't no joke. And given all the hype and rhetoric, Elenberger is apt-to-be-looking-to-make a name for himself, by claiming Hendricks's providence….as in…if you're #1 and I just beat you, am I now #1? ….@ Which point, if he had any brains, he'd start trash talking The Champ.

            MK – I understand and appreciate where yourself and every fight fan is coming from on this issue, but this-is-not Kimbo Slice (time) fighting in a backyard. There are millions of dollars on the line and more than one person (by this time, because it's not done alone) who is dependent upon the outcome of this fight and what I'm saying…what Ed Soares probably says to Anderson Silva, is….regardless…of whether or not you can win…this fight, right now, for your career, is a losing proposition.

            I, in-no-way, am trying to throw cold water on your passion, fervor, true warrior ethic on this…dare we call it a principal…fight all fights, fight them now, defeat all combatants, train through all injuries, accept all cost, worry about no ramification, attitude…God Love, ya.

            It's also the reason why I'd fire you at the end of the meeting.


        • By your thesis I deduce that you haven't read " brown stains on the wall" by Who flung pooh.

    • no matter what, jake is just another highlight for the bearded one.

  • This is what you get when a genuinely nice guy tries to trash talk. It's like GSP's attempt: "I'm not impressed with your performance".

    "GSP is an idiot if he thinks Diaz deserves it more"…oooh. That's low.

    • I don't think he's trying to talk trash… I think he's just being honest. And he's right.

      As much as I like GSP, he IS an idiot if he thinks that Nick Diaz deserves a title shot more than Johnny Hendricks.

      It would be like saying Michael Bisping deserves a shot at Silva more than Weidman.

      • @ Bryan

        If Johnny loses and GSP beats Diaz and offers Hendricks a title shot, regardless, what would you're take on it be?

        In terms of comparing Hendricks, Diaz and their relative merit, it has nothing to do with deserving. Not as I see it, at-any-rate. It has everything to do with un-finished. That's all it is. We can argue all day long about the timing of it, but, like most things in life, when is a the right time for anything?

        Hendricks, if he sat out his fight with Elenberger, was guaranteed a title shot, which is what he said he wanted. Whether it's against GSP or Diaz is a moot point. He had opportunity, written in stone, come the summer. All he had to do was sit back and train. However, he's elected not to do that and for that, he can only blame himself, should he lose to Jake.

        The idiot here, is not GSP, but rather Hendricks. He's an idiot, because he's risking his shot and he's an idiot, because he's failing to appreciate that this is a business and sometimes business, takes precedent over policy.

        Sorry Bryan, but he should have sat it out and taken the winner of GSP / Diaz. He very well might have cost himself a title he could have earned.

      • @ Bryan, I think if you re-read my post you will realize it was meant to be humerous and it didn't require a Quixotic response.

        Since you bring it up though, Diaz is a former champion of the weight class in a Zuffa subsidiary. In addition, the stage was set for this fight before Hendricks had his two impressive wins.

        Plus…uh, everything that MMA Truth says above too (that's a joke too 😉

        • @ Michael

          Is that praise or a diss? 🙂

          You're point about about the stage being set prior to Big Rig's wins, is a point well made.

  • Hendricks should be more worried about Jake Ellenberger because he has just as much knockout power as Hendricks himself. When you've done what GSP has done in the sport of MMA you might get your way the odd time too. Honestly I believe we need to see Hendricks fight another top wrestler with power before GSP and Ellenberger is the perfect match. I will not be surprised if Ellenberger wins this fight.

  • At the end of the day Diaz lost his shot cause he didnt want to show up to b.s. media stuff. Then smoking a natural growing plant, then losing a close decision to Condit. Its not like hes on a 3 fight losing streak or something.
    Hes also much more known and will make a bigger ppv.

    Hendrinks on the other hand shouldnt stress too hard, I mean if he keeps knocking guys out like that, not only is it much easier on his body than a long grueling fight but it will be impossible to ignore, if he keeps it up his shot will come.

  • The part of Hendrick's record where he flash KO'd Fitch and Kampman is impressive–but he split-deciions with Josh Koscheck and Mike Pierce and lost to Rick Story 2 years ago.

    There is no doubt he is at the top–but to say he most certainly the only one deserving of title contention is a debatable assertion. Nick Diaz is, in my view, is at least as deserving as Hendricks–notwithstanding his controversial loss to Carlos Condit.

    Hendricks' anger seems to emanate from his sense of entitlement–which excludes anyone else from consideration as contender. I was amused when Condit quirked his eyebrow as Hendricks publicly claimed to have fought all the top guys in the WW division–and when Dana pointed out–pointedly–that when Hendricks defended his title as long as GSP–White would listen to his requests.

    Bottom line, Hendricks has a right to be disappointed, but whining publicly will not earn him fans, or Dana's goodwill, or a title shot.

    So STFU Hendricks.

    As for fighting Ellenberger–Hendricks could lose–but if he was champ–he would fight everyone anyway. If Hendricks truly beiieves he is the best–he should fight anyone and everyone–just like GSP has been doing for years now. Waiting for GSP or Diaz for the next title fight will not win him fans (sponsors) nor will it please his employers.

    The final point is that Diaz might not show. If Hendricks refused to fight–then later discovered Diaz was out–and he had no training camp–he would be in a pickle.

  • @ MMA Truth

    Well Im glad your not the "business manager" of hendricks or any other mma fighter. The last thing I want to see is a roster full of politicians playing back room games in there own self interest. Johnny hendricks is doing what a true fighter should do and thats take fights against top rated opponents.

    He obviously believes he can go in against gsp, the guy that has dominated the division for many years, take him out and hold the belt for a long time. If he believes that why would he be scared to fight ellenberger?

    Im not saying he is a lock to win as ellenberger is a very dangerous guy with more knockout power than gsp, but if you want to be the true champ you need to back yourself to beat anyone at anytime. I for one respect him for taking the fight.

    You also seem to be completely overlooking the fact that for some guys sitting on the sidelines is the worst thing for them. Ive heard many fighters talk about how they like to fight about every 3 months if they can, with a small break after a fight then going straight into the next camp. This is partly because it keeps them constantly in shape, making any weight cut easier on their bodies. Also it keeps them sharp and motivated to push themselves physically, mentally and technically in the gym knowing a fight is just around the corner.

    So I applaud Hendricks and anyone like him that takes fights rather than ducks them through fear of failure. Its good for them, the promotion and of course the fans that get to see these great match ups we may otherwise never get to enjoy

  • @ MMAyor West

    "If he believes that why would he be scared to fight Ellenberger?"

    I never called Johnny scared. I also never implied it, inferred it or alluded to it.

    In terms of overlooking that a fighter may wish to be active, I'm not overlooking it at all. Hendricks fought in November. If he chose to wait for GSP, he would have been idle for (maximum) 7 or 8 months. So, the reality of it is, he's only adding an additional 90 to 120 days to any layoff, which he would normally have had. As Big Rig probably averages a fight (about) every 5 months, I really don't see it as a big deal. Not when considering what's at risk.

    As to my management skills for MMA fighters, I'm sorry if you disagree, but with this much money and opportunity on the line, I'll go with the sure-thing, a bird-in-the-hand (a Championship Title Shot) over a two-in-the-bush, all day long.

    He was guaranteed his shot and now, he might not get it. Again, I'm going to be pulling for Ellenberger to win, if only to hope that a point gets made and that is, it's a business and Hendricks (if he loses) will have just cost himself millions. If you are comfortable with that risk-to-reward ratio, all in an effort to prove a point and I'm not even sure what the point is other than to take a fight, then all the more power to you.

    Of course, it will all be very sad if we don't get to see GSP / Hendricks, provided that GSP beats Diaz, but then again, Johnny will only have himself and his management to blame. However and of course, my guess is that The Champ will offer Hendricks the fight, regardless. At which point all of Hendricks's whining will seem ironic.

    Concluding – any time I watch a up-coming fight, such as on TUF, they're always talking about how much they wish to provide a better life for their families. I have yet to hear one say that he just want to fight, fight, fight. It seems very much, that business and making as much money as they possibly can, seems to be an integral part of their thinking. That sounds like it's more about business, than it does about fighting. The point, this is a business before it's a sport. No business, no sport. Sometimes, the business should take precedent over the fighting. And IMO Hendricks has gotten this wrong.

    If you see it otherwise, cool.

  • @ MMA Truth

    I never accused you of implying, inferring or otherwise that hendricks was scared.

    What I was getting at was all your points seem to be based around the statement "if he loses…" My point was Johnny is going in to this fight expecting to win impressively. If he does so he will gain more respect and likely a bigger following from the mma faithful, making him a bigger PPV draw and therefor increase his earning possibilities moving forward. Imagine if he does to ellenberger something similar to what he did to the hitman, then in the interview with rogan he says down the camera something along the lines of, " Georges you cant duck me anymore, Im coming to knock you out cold and take my belt" Do you think that would make the build up to the fight a whole lot more interesting and increase the PPV numbers compared to if he sat on the pine for 8 months? Plus with the increased profile of being part of such a hyped event Im sure his manager could leverage that into a few more sponsorhip dollars along the way as well. This scenario has just as good a chance of happening as your scenario of "him losing and costing himself millions of dollars".

    As far as fighters wanting to provide a better lives for their families, of course, that is a given. Any man worth his salt wants to provide a safe, stable, happy enviroment for their families to live in.You do not have to be a multi millionaire to do this (although I admit it doesnt hurt!) What I personally take most out of those interviews is that mma saved a lot of these guys from ending up in jail or worse, teaching them discipline and giving them purpose and focus. Or the common story of quitting their jobs and living on the floor of a gym because they just loved the sport and couldnt imagine doing anything else. How they love the adrenaline, the nerves, the fear, the excitement, the ecstacy of winning, the despair of losing. The mateship of the guys in the gym, their extended family, giving them a support system they otherwise wouldnt have in their lives. They just LOVE FIGHTING.

    You have you chicken before the egg theory the wrong way around. This is a sport before its a business and long may it stay that way. For the majority of fighters money is a great by-product of doing what they love, a luxury that wasnt afforded to many of the fighters that helped build the sport.

    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree but as you say, thats cool.

  • @ MMAyor West.

    On the whole "scared thing – I never said you accused me of calling him scared. I just said I never called him that nor alluded to it.

    Let us move on…

    Again, I understand all that you are saying, but it's all predicated on an "if". "If" he wins and then of course, if he beats GSP, then yes, all these wonderful things come true. However, the odd thing is, if he sat and waited the addition 3 or 4 months, then he'd have a greater chance of getting it, because at least he'd be in the room where the decisions are made (The Octagon with Rush) as opposed to the lobby, with Elenberger. Getting on that elevator, it's just as apt to take him to the basement as opposed to the Penthouse. As I said, it's the risk he takes.

    As to how winning this fight may-or-may not increase his earnings potential and garnering a fight with GSP, again, Mayor…he had the shot. He didn't have to beat Elenberger or stand in a ring and call-out GSP. He "stepped-aside". That's all he did. He did not give up his title shot. He was guaranteed the winner of GSP / Diaz. Period. Now, he is not. Again, it's the risk he has willingly taken. He's gone all-in, when he didn't need to.

    And in terms of him really building a fight with GSP, he could simply have just trashed talked GSP. Taken a leaf from Sonnen's book. It's worked wonders for him. I might add, ironically, that it's also worked for Diaz. Hence his fight. It stemmed from bad-blood and un-resolved business. Rather than just making the occasional blah-not-much-to-it statement(s), Big Rig should be out there hammering GSP, if the intent would be to build / promote a / the fight. And again, won't we all have a lot of egg on our faces if Diaz wins. Would Johnny risk another title shot (this time with Diaz) just to take a fight with GSP? Again, it would be a bad business decision.

    Chicken & Egg – the business started out as an egg, hatched, became a chicken and the chicken had another egg. Yes, it started out as a sport, because it is a sport. However, the moment it was required to pay-the-bills, which allow fans such as ourselves to turn on a TV and watch it and do so regularly, at that moment, it became a business and it's never going back. We can wax about the good-old-days, fighter pride and the warrior spirit all day long, but it's now and forever will be, a business. It's why Machida turned down his fight with Jones. It's not that Lyoto lacks warrior spirit. I think anyone who might claim that is a fool and wouldn't want to get into The Octagon and test the theory. No, he turned down that fight, because it was the smart business move.

    Mayor, this business has become so big and with so much money on the table that fighters, once they climb the ranks and establish themselves, have to be guarded, in terms of protecting their business, which, of course, is their win record. I'm not saying that a fighter should pick and choose opponents or anything like that, I'm simply saying that they shouldn't jump ever time Dana tells them to do so and they should realize when to sit down and wait. Johnny falls into the latter category.

    Put yourself in a room with millions of dollars on a table, your wife, kids and family around you, where you need that money and ask yourself….would you risk that, to prove a point? And again, Mayor, in terms of compensation, I believe Hendricks had every right to request of Dana White, to be paid his "show" & PPV percentages, for having stepped aside. I think that would have been more than fair-and-reasonable.

    Again, if you see it all a different way, then great. I will respect your do-or-die @ all costs, no risk to high, approach to things.

    Enjoy the card on the 16th. It should be a hell-of-an-event.

  • Same to you. Some super exciting match ups. Looking forward to te-huna scoring another brilliant knockout. Poirier vs swanson potential early contender for fight of the year

  • hendrick's should just wear a permanent frown, shit talk about anyone and anything, smoke a spliff or two, give interviews like a ketamine freak, and basically piss off enough people so that he is a star attraction. WWE style like Dana's made it these days.