Hector Lombard calls out top Middleweights, gets Yushin Okami at UFC on Fuel 8


Hector Lombard had an unprecedented amount of hype following him when he made his way to the UFC this summer. And that hype all but disappeared when he lost a close, albeit highly uneventful, decision to Tim Boetsch at UFC 149.

He returned at the TUF:The Smashes finale, knocking out BJJ specialist Rousimar Palhares in impressive fashion. The hype train may be back on track, and Lombard is looking for more statement fights. Speaking to Australian site News.com.au, Lombard seeks to fight only the best fighters that the 185 lb division has to offer:

“Let’s cut the bullshit, let’s be honest, they won’t give me Anderson Silva. We have to be realistic and talk about things that might happen. I want to fight the hardest match-up.

I wish they (the UFC) could go now and make a pool of the toughest guys at 84kg that no one wants to fight and I want to fight that guy. I want to fight who the UFC and the people believe is the toughest guy out there. I would like to fight Chris Weidman, he’s a big name.

I’ve been asking for (Yushin) Okami, but they (UFC) won’t give him to me because of his chin. Okami has no chin, he can’t cop the punches.”

It appears that Lombard’s recent KO has opened the floodgates for him to call out many of the top fighters at Middleweight. Credit goes to him for staking his claim, but no, he won’t get Anderson Silva, at least not anytime soon. He believed that the UFC would steer clear of placing him in a bout with Okami, but today that statement proves false.

Lombard and Okami will face off at UFC on Fuel TV 8 from Okami’s home country of Japan. Live from the Saitama Super Arena on March 3rd, the bout will be pivotal in deciding the future of the UFC Middleweight division. Okami is coming off of a great win over Alan Belcher at UFC 155. Can “Thunder” deal with the impressive and powerful strikes of “Lightning?”

  • Thank you Joe Silva. See Mike, he does come on this site, clearly.

  • people have been giving him a hard time for the boring fight with boetsch but i still think he decisively won all 3 rounds. i think hes calling everyone out because hes 34 and this might be the last chance of a title run. imo he could be a top 5 middleweight in the ufc in his last years of fighting

    • Agreed. I also think he beat Boetsch. The only person at MW I give him no chance at beating is Anderson. Other than that I think he has a fair shot at beating anyone and if Andy retires we could see him hold the strap in three or four years.

  • That quote " Can “Thunder” deal with the impressive and powerful strikes of “Lightning?” I mean dude, Okami have amazing ground game, Alan Belcher was seemed to be a big deal on the ground after Palhares, but Yushin passed guard easly and controled very nice. Yushin is my call. By the way Yushin dealed with big strikers before like Marquardt.

    • the major problem is can Okami get Palhares down? Okami is a great fighter but when he can;t get the takedown, like the Sonnen and SIlva fights, he gets destroyed.
      My prediction here ie Okami to not get the takedowns and get destroyed, viciously KO'd rather… I mean the guy was getting stumbled by Belcher's jab

      • I'm with Kieth on this one. I think that the combination of Olympic level Judo, a low center of gravity and insane strength are going to be too much for Okami to overcome on his way to a take down. Lombard will keep it standing, walk Okami down and get a KO.

  • It'd be nice to see one of those Lay & pray artists get knocked out by Lombard.

    • Those are always my favourite outcomes when a wrestler fights a fighter

  • Looking forward to it. Solid match. If Lombard can put Okami away and do so in solid fashion, then he's (probably) one fight away from a shot at the title. He certainly couldn't be any more than two fights, away.

    And Note to Lombard:

    "Let's cut the bullshit, let's be honest, they won't give me Anderson Silva. We have to be realistic and talk about things that might happen."

    Realistically, what might happen – is that whoever Silva gets in his next bout…might…might…scratch for some reason. This is The UFC, after all. It happens all the time. So be prepared, because you "just" might get a call out of the blue in 2013 telling you that the very thing you thought couldn't happen…has happened. "X" is out and do you want to replace "X" in a fight with Silva for the belt?

    Stranger things have happened.

  • Okami will get KOe'd early.

    • idk about that one, lombard is great, but not so good in the ufc. this match will let us know his true skill level, if he ko's okami early, he desrves to fight anderson

  • Watch Okami get KOd again Im in.

  • Okami is going to get ktfo

  • Gooood night, Yushin!

  • Hector Lombard is an ego-maniac….Pound for Pound most annoying and arrogant fighter out there at the moment….He bitches about his first loss in the UFC where he was flatter than a steel spiked tyre, then comes back and gets a win over an injured guy off his game.
    I hope Yushin puts him to sleep.

  • I'm gonna go out on a limb and take Yushin on this one. If he can pick his shots in the first round and pull out some Randy Couture dirty boxing on the fence, his cardio will take care of the rest. I've questioned Lombard's cardio in the past, and a few take downs towards the end of the first could make for a long 15 minute ground and pound.

  • While I don't doubt that Okami has a good chance with his wrestling but we know he won't be able to use his strength against Lombard and lets not forget that Lombard is an olympic level judoka. my money is on Lombard.