Heavy Hitters: JDS vs. Mark Hunt official for UFC 160


It appears that Alistair Overeem will not be facing Junior dos Santos in their long-awaited grudge match after he heals from his quad injury. Just a short time after it was revealed by Dana White that Mark Hunt turned down the JDS bout, it appears that his mood has changed after a conversation with the President.

Hunt vs. JDS is on for UFC 160 this May, and is likely one of the most high-profile striking wars available to the MMA world. Hunt of course comes in on the heels of a brutal jaw-breaking knockout of Stefan Struve at UFC on Fuel TV 8, while JDS is reeling off of his first-ever UFC loss late last year at UFC 155.

The potentially epic bout will come at us live from Las Vegas on May 25th, serving as the co-main event to the headlining rematch of champion Cain Velasquez vs. Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva.

For Hunt, it’s the blockbuster bouts that his fans have been absolutely clamoring for during his recent streak of knockout wins. He rides a huge wave of momentum with four in a row, but will step a very obvious step up in competition in the Brazilian former champion.

I for one think that dos Santos is hungry to get that rematch with Velasquez and prove he’s the rightful titleholder. That’s a rematch that definitely deserves to happen. But Hunt has so much power and heart that he deserves a chance to prove himself as well. Now he has it on a large scale.

Expect fireworks this Memorial Day, a weekend that’s quickly becoming the time to showcase the heavyweights for the UFC.

  • Nice!

    JDS is a load, but then again, so is Mark. As a big Mark Hunt fan, I'll stick with my boy and pick him, via TKO upset.

    • ya mark hunt is definitely the premier…….tasdkasjfklajfaskdfjaklsjd ragu ragu ragu

    • @ MMA sorry but Hunt just doesent have the skillset to beat JDS, he will et picked apart he looked very unimpressive against struve, and when struve finally dropped his hands he finally was able to score the KO if you can barely beat struve only du to cardio then thats just not good enough to beat santos.

      • @ Jr.

        All of what you say is true, but we also need to take into account the amount of ground fighting in that bout. That took a lot of energy out of both fighters and seemed to be a problem that JDS himself, succumb too, in his bout with Cain.

        I realize and appreciate that Jr. is the younger, taller, more technically gifted fighter, but I believe Mark can deal with and overcome TFC's skill set.

        Either way, it should be a great bout and I hope we both / all get to enjoy an exciting fight. May the best man win.

  • Just imagine that if Mark Hunt knockout JDS. I could see a great redemption for the PrideFC.
    Especially for greatness of Fedor

  • I love this match up. In my opinion nothing beats 2 great strikers going at it.

  • Mark Hunt is the better striker. But JDS is a quicker and has better cardio. From what i've seen when Hunt fights is that all of his opponents tire rather quickly. I'm not sure why but he always seems to find a way to get them into his pace. If the fight says standing up I give Mark the edge, even on the ground Mark has shown great improvement. Speed in my eyes will be the key in this fight. If JDS can pop and move around he should take the decision.

    • @asdf,

      So I can understand your comment more completely.

      What specifically do you mean by the term "better striker"?

      For me a better striker is someone who is has a better technical range of shots and combinations,, superior movement which allows for clean entry and exit strategies which nullify the ability of the opponent to create significant damage through countering… For me JDS fills this criteria far more cleanly than Mark Hunt… Hunt is the better puncher in the sense that he has higher velocity punching power and excellent stamina.

      In military terms I would compare JDS to an attack helicopter and Hunt to a battle tank…. the tank could win, but in all likelyhood will probably be destroyed from range.

      • then struve would be a rocket launcher? range didnt work for him. neither did it work for most of mike tysons opponents. hunt knows how to close distance and get inside.

      • I disagree. Mark hunt is more than a puncher. He was K1 world champion. His movement is good. Don't think that because he's big he can't move. He's cleaver and moves his head, has a solid chin. Knees, elbows and throws harder low kicks than JDS. With all that said I still see cardio being a big advantage for JDS. Mark is 38

    • Very interesting fight for sure, the classic striker match up of high power vs agility. Fight could end up being something like Hoost vs Hunt in K-1, the low-kicks replaced by sharper punching from JDS.

      I'd usually go for the agility but Mark Hunt being the beast that he is, I reckon he can catch a post-war decision.

    • @ asdf

      "If the fight stays standing…"

      No ground fight in this fight. Someone in this bout, is going to get KO'd on their feet, not subed on the ground or G 'n Pd' out. It there's one thing you could be the farm on, it's a standing KO in this fight. 🙂

  • YES!!

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  • A true test for JDS. If couldn't put away Big Country, he'll have a harder time with Hunt. Just as good a chin, and way more power than Roy.

    I picked Struve in the lowpick but bet on Hunt because the odds were so good, and the Kiwi is such a tough out. I'll probably do something similar for JDS.

  • First: i jizzed!
    Second: Nice opportunity for JDS to tests his alleged black belt and train his ground in a real fight situation…..he might need that to face Cain again.

  • Really fun fight, they replaced one K-1 WGP champion with another.

    I can't see Hunt winning though – he only has a chance in the first and while he may be on Junior's level technically, i think JDS will have the footwork and speed advantage and pick Hunt apart.

    If Junior really goes for it, wouldn't be surprised to see a 2nd round TKO but probably a decision.

  • fun fight but i dont see how hunt would win this i think jds is too fast for him but hey we have seen hunt upset before

  • I hope Hunt works his cardio and leg kicks if so he could slow JDS down and go for the kill if not I agree 3rd stoppage for Cigano he may ever do it by Sub.

  • jds is too long skilled and powerful. Just cause cain beat dos santos doesent mean anything because those two are way above everyone else anyways, skilllwise and come ufc 160 everyone will know why.. JDS by 3rd rd TKO. and JDS by 2nd Rd tko when he fights cain again.

  • This will be an entertaining fight; however, all it is, is a filler for Overreem. As much as I hate to say it, the heavyweight division is lacking in depth. JDS, and Cain are on a higher level of competition.

    Until Cormier, Werdum, Barnett join, I still see this division as being run by Cain or JDS on any given day.

  • I think JDS will put Hunt on his back. He has talked about wanting to show off his Jits lately, and I think this is the fight he'll do it in.

    Otherwise it could be a great striking match up.

  • OH MY GOD !!! AWESOME !!!!!! I won't speculate any outcome neither argue who is going to win this, just enjoy this crossover war !!!!!!!