GSP vs. Johny Hendricks To Headline UFC 167 In Las Vegas


As was reported last week, UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will be defending his title against the man that has gone through hell and high water to fight him, Johny Hendricks. The title bout will go down as the main event of UFC 167 on November 16th from Las Vegas, a departure from St-Pierre’s recent title defenses in Canada.

Ariel Helwani confirmed the news and location on tonight’s edition of “UFC Tonight,” and later tweeted the reveal:  

The official news will come as a great finding for Hendricks and his camp, who were beginning to think that GSP was ducking them after a long period of wondering whether St-Pierre would bypass the bout for a more lucrative super fight with Anderson Silva. But as talk of Silva-GSP cooled in favor of a possible Silva-Jon Jones throwdown, it became clear that Hendricks would finally have his day against the champ.

Just like many think that Chris Weidman is the toughest test that Anderson Silva will ever face, there are legions of fans that believe Hendricks to be the contender with the best chance to wrest the belt from GSP’s hands. Hendricks has proven he has the power to knock out top welterweights in a split second, and his wrestling is well documented as first class.

However, he appeared to wilt a bit in the last round of his exciting bout with Carlos Condit this March, and a bout against St-Pierre could easily go into deep water. His plan will most likely be to take the champ out early, but obviously that’s no easy task. Who’s your early pick to win this blockbuster title match that will shape the future at welterweight?

  • God forbid another card ruining injury.

    • On Nov. 9: "LowKick has just been informed that GSP has unfortunately torn his mcl, acl, and rotator cuff, while Hendricks has pulled his back, groin, and broke his collar bone. Chael Sonnen will be fighting Jose Aldo for his 145lb belt."

      • Dude, you're not funny. If it comes true I hope you ban yourself from commenting ever again.

        Btw, Aldo will spank Chael all night long.

  • I know. This should be an awesome fight.

  • Looks like my 2nd UFC event this year has come..Bearded powers will rock Vegas and GSPs chin! cant wait!~

  • As a GSP fan..I have trepidation about this fight. I feel the same way about Hendricks as Silva fans should feel about Chris Weidman.

    Happily, the Spider goes first in that lottery.

  • Easy fight for GSP. He just needs to weather the initial storm i.e. the big left hand in the first round. Rest is the same-old-same-old! With that said, I think this is going to be another decision victory for GSP. I don't think he will (be able to) finish Hendricks. Anyway, will root for GSP as always.

    • Weathering that storm is not easy, not for anyone. I reckon this will be more competitive than GSP fights of late, more like the Condit one

      • I disagree Keith. I think Hendricks is going to be a lot easier than Condit. His stand up is good but he is very dependent on his one BIG LEFT to finish fights. GSP on the other hand, is an extremely intelligent and a well rounded fighter and that is going to be quite a task for Hendricks. Yes, Hendricks is a good wrestler but how has wrestling helped him in all his fights?

        To be honest, even I was convinced that Hendricks was a threat until I saw him fight Condit. that was a very tough fight for Hendricks as Condit was fairly successful in taking some massive punishment in the early rounds and, was still able to dominate Hendricks in the last round. Some even say, and would agree to an extent, that Condit won that fight.

        In my view, Condit is still the biggest threat to GSP as of today and I would love to see a GSP vs Condit 2. Nonetheless, I am extremely excited about this fight as GSP has always been my favourite and I hope he finishes this time and gets rid of the "safe" status.

  • Love Hendricks but he either wins by flash KO/ TKO or loses IMO. Every challengers skill sets look effective until GSP neutralises it on the great stage…

    Diaz's combo's and timing, Penn's BJJ, Fitch's & Shields' smothering styles, Condit's precision and game planning (although his trademark explosiveness rocked GSP)…

    I think the KO/ TKO is the only route to victory… that said I think it could easily happen…

  • Incredible fight – one of the biggest if not the biggest threat GSP has ever faced.

    I don't live in North America so it doesn't matter to me where GSP fights but I love when he fights in Canada even if it happens too much, the atmosphere jumps right out the TV with his walkout in Canada

    • I'm a bit suprised this isn't going down in Canada myself. When was the last time he fought anywhere else?

  • Flash KO only. Real challenge will be Maia.

  • November, so far away…

  • GSP by decision.

  • GSP will never let Hendricks get close to his chin. GSP has the reach and the jab to keep him at bay. GSP by decision. ZZzZZZZzz