GSP vs. Diaz- The drama after the fight


And you thought the lead up to the fight was entertaining…

Georges St. Pierre and Nick Diaz locked horns for the former’s UFC welterweight title on March 16th. The build up to the fight was incredibly action packed with Diaz hurling insults GSP’s way, and then going back and pretending St. Pierre started all the trash talking. The fight didn’t live up to the hype as Diaz couldn’t complete with Georges’s  grappling advantage, and in turn spent most of the night defending on the ground. The after math has turned out to be a completely different story, though.

The day after the match took place Nick posted pictures to his Instagram account claiming he was being detained by police. It turned out that he was just part of a group where some folks got arrested (some of Diaz’s buddies apparently). However, no clarification has since been given to the media on any reason why it happened.

Next up was a bombshell of a video released by the Gracie camp showing Michael Mersh, the UFC‘s Senior VP of Business and Legal Affairs, explaining to Nick the suspicious weigh-in rules Quebec’s commission uses. In the conversation he said that neither Nick or GSP had to make 170.0, and that as long as they didn’t hit 171.0 they would be fine. He also went on to say “this is off the record”, and when asked by the Diaz camp why he hadn’t explained this sooner he never fully answered. The video has since been taken down, but Diaz’s lawyer (Jonathan Tweedale) has filed a complaint with the commission.

Most recently, Tweedale filed another complaint with the commission. This one was about the drug testing procedures (with an obvious emphasis on St. Pierre) for the event. No actual details have been given, but from the way the complaint reads it appears a failure to properly supervise GSP is what they are basing it on.


What does all of this mean? Probably nothing.

Make no mistake, these are very real accUSAtions/complaints made by Diaz and his camp. The video of Mr. Mersh going over the last minute “details” with Nick, Cesar, and his team reeks of shadiness. The fight happening in Canada, and no available video for the same situation happening with St. Pierre paves the way for some suspicion about GSP’s weight on the night of the fight. That coupled with Diaz’s constant complaints about GSP over the years, and the fight happening in Georges’s home country (while also being the top draw in the UFC) can create loads of conspiracy theories that will last us for weeks.

However, in this writer’s opinion its a lot of commotion that will inevitably be forgotten about sooner rather than later. First off, there’s no evidence of St. Pierre coming in over the 170 lb mark. He was introduced as 170 at the weigh-in, although with the explanation of Mersh being that they don’t count after the decimal, it still gives no evidence to the contrary.

Also, if St. Pierre was seriously sitting at 170.8 (theoretically) and was forced to cut an extra .8 lbs over an hour (possibly less if he stripped naked), would that have made any significant difference during the fight? I am incredibly biased towards Diaz, but even I couldn’t say that would make any difference at all. GSP seemed to run out of a little bit of steam late, but Diaz was in no shape to capitalize as he dreaded the takedown too much at that point.

Lastly, you have to ask yourself a simple question: Did Georges/the UFC/AC create a huge conspiracy (that was told to Diaz) because he missed weight for the first time in his career in a match up he asked for, or did the commission tell both parties accordingly (and we just don’t have video of GSP)? I’d have to go with the latter personally, but the former isn’t impossible either.

Hugs not drugs

The drug test ordeal is probably the most entertaining to me. We’ve had rumors going around for a few weeks now that Nick might test positive again for Marijuana metabolites, and I think the Gracie camp decided to go on the offensive before the results came back.

GSP has been clean in every single test administered to him. He’s probably one of the most tested fighters in MMA history because of the amount of title fights he’s been in (commissions used to only test a select few from each event), and has never been linked to anything (outside of rumors).

Is it possible GSP was on something? You’d have to be living underneath a rock for the last 20 years to not think so, but I’ll give credence to these complaints if anything is found.

Nick Diaz

This situation isn’t doing much to help Diaz’s cause. Both complaints end with requesting a rematch/dropping the title so Nick can fight somebody else (neither of which will happen).

Diaz was so thoroughly beaten during the fight that this just seems like sour grapes, and a way to keep his name near GSP even though he knows he’ll most likely never fight him again.

It also doesn’t help that Nick’s camp kept the video under wraps until after the fight. He should have somebody whose job it is to follow up on something like the weight discrepancy when it happens. Oh, somethings sounds shady? Ask the commission at weigh-ins, ask Lorenzo, ask Dana, and make sure you have a concrete answer before continuing on. If not, hold things up until you get it.

Going on with the fight, and bringing this up after the fact looks a bit like an excuse loaded up for after the fact (rather than handling the situation when it happened).

Georges St. Pierre

Just signed on for a role in the second Captain America movie. He plays a guy who’s really strong, really agile, and French. Its incredible that in his first movie he’s taking such a leap away from himself (the character literally sounds like it was written for George).

So, I don’t think he’s paying too much attention to all the hoopla.


    • Evan I looked all through their documents, btw thanks for the find, and I couldn't see any rule that relates to the one they mentioned.

      is the "Mixed Boxing" referring to MMA or is it just all the same rules for MMA?

      • My guess is the mixed boxing part. However, personally not sure.

  • Nick Diaz and his camp need to freaking move on already.

    • I don't agree, BJ Penn decided to move on and the NSAC drop the case of GSP greasing, even tho I believe the last minute rule changed notification did not affect the outcome, I do believe that GSP was given some kind of advantage,so for the second time and Athletic commission has given GSP special treatment, and quite honestly who is him to get a different treatment than any other fighter, this is BS and it should be stop. I am a GSP fan but honestly this situation has me thinking.

      • "BJ Penn decided to move on and the NSAC drop the case of GSP greasing,"

        Hahahaha. C'mon man. Moving on is going through two hearings with the NSAC in which you bring your mother to one?

        That one literally had me LOL.

      • I am with you on the BJ part, but this one seems more like sour grapes than anything else. Only time will tell, though.

    • Also is kind of messed up that this site did not cover the video from where all this begun, but they did cover the story of GSP getting a role on a movie, also they did not cover the story about the transgender fighter, they were the last site to cover the WSOF results and other stories, Lowkick needs to stop his bias view and get their **** together to cover MMA and not only UFC.

      • This site is not what it used to be 3 years ago, P4P. I'm not sure what happened, but it used to be much better. We or they need to pick up the pace.

        • More complicated than that brother.

        • For real man, I used to go to middleeasy for a good laugh at their bias site and here I would get information about MMA, now is the other way around, there is not a unbias MMA site anymore.

          • Oh yes, this site is overly biased towards certain fighter (s) now. I'm not sure what happened, but it used to be my favorite MMA site.

          • I miss Ryan Ventura, Daniel Cassidy, heck even Joey Santosus always kept it balanced, Evan and Rory are good, but almost all the others are just morons, and then the people on this site for crying out loud, it is getting old man, and quickly…

          • David is cool too…

          • thanks p4p im still kicking lol

          • Agreed. Yep, I guess it is what it is.

          • @P4P & UGD, i agree on everything yall said except for the transgender fighter. Im glad they cover that freakshow.


          • They were MMA news and quite relevant as it would've open the possibility for transgenders to fight in MMA, that's why I woulda like to see that kind of news in here. But it seems that Zuffa has a hold on this site.

          • @ P4P

            Point-of-order, P4P…we, that's you and I, can't complain about a lack of professionalism and the members of the staff we don't like or agree with, morons. It's just bad form.

            Re-writing it….Evan and Rory are good, but almost all the others are….mostly people with opinions that I don't agree with much, if ever…and don't get me going on some of the LK members….

            For the record, I marked you as – cool. 🙂

          • @ UDG

            Out of curiosity, what is your favorite site and why is it your favorite site? If it's your favorite site, does it know you spend a great deal of your time on LowKick? Do you Blog around, UDG?

            Personally, I can't speak to other sites, their biases or lack there of, for I only attend this site. However, I think I and probably most, could attest to the fact that LK is a site run by fans and yes, they might have their favorite or favored fighters, but from my perch, they seem to represent the fights, the facts and both sides, with an even hand.

            …just sayin' and in defense of the only MMA website I belong to, read or comment on.


          • How long you've been around this site MMAtruth? There was a time when the site had the fans writhing and sharing most of its content, there were moderators who occasionally would write articles but mostly the fans would contribute to its content, so you would get different articles from people with different perspectives, so you would have a balance created by the fans, the site is failing in delivering news, such as the video mention above, also other stories like the letter from the Korean Zombie to GSP, it looks like on purpose the site has chose not publish anything that will bring negative atention to GSP, I know you have seen the bias because you and I had discussed with Bryan his lack of professionalism and his bias opinion.

          • @ P4P

            I cannot speak the the sites past, creation, editorial positions or anything of which you speak, regarding content generation. Hence, I shall refrain from doing, so.

            In terms of missing stories or news, to me and to be honest, I'm shocked that the staff gets all that they do. I think, for the most part or at least from what I can tell (I am no MMA aficionado and do not stay on top of it all), they do an admirable job. The staff certainly gets all the big stuff.

            Reporting all the news, aside, I understand your point about bias and it seeping through a writer's POV, when covering a fight or discussing / comparing fighters. With that said, though, I don't really feel that to be the case, when it comes to articles or at least not as a general rule. As I don't read or haven't read everything, I can't say it hasn't happened or doesn't happen.

            In terms of GSP and favoritism towards him from this site, I don't see it. He's just a guy on an 11 fight win streak, whose the poster child for The UFC. There's just not a lot of bad press there, unless they were to right article, after article, decrying Rush's ever-growing decision's count. And to be fair, even if they did write them, would anybody want to read the same story over and over, again. I wouldn't.

            Regarding Bryan's bias and our discussion of it, yes, I recall the debate and my (general) comments, but my rebuke of Mr. Fontez was not over his article, but rather, his follow-up comments on the thread. Yes, I would agree that they were overtly biased and inflammatory. Again though and i wish to stress this, it was his comments on the thread and not his article, which I viewed as un-professional.

            I would most certainly agree, that writers should leave their own fandom at the door when writing an article and should always appreciate, that there are two fighters in a fight and that both should be respected and treated fairly, when reviewed or discussed and that both fighters have fans and that those fans, want "their guy" fairly represented. Most certainly, articles and comments should be devoid of pejoratives and invectives. That should go without saying and you'd receive no argument from me, for cleaning it up.

            Personally, I love reading anyone's defense or attack of a fighter, their fights or fighting style, so long as it's done respectfully. Any man / woman who puts in the time and the training and is willing to get into The Cage and fight, regardless of how good or exciting they are or how many wins they have, deserves our respect and deserves to be spoken of respectfully, even when they are being spoken of in the negative.

            Either way, I appreciate your thoughts on the matter and I share with you, your interest in professionalism and non-bias.


          • @MMA Truth: To be honest, Lowkick and the Bleacher report are the only sites I go to when it comes to MMA. In other words, those two sites are the only ones I read and comment on. Although I said earlier that Lowkick "used to be" my favorite site, it's still pretty much my favorite since I don't really like that many MMA sites. That being said, lowkick is not what it once was, sadly. I'm not a fan of Sherdog, so I never go on there. Nah, I haven't cheated on Lowkick yet – JK.

            Now, as a huge NFL and NBA fan, I also visit the Bleacher report for NFL and NBA related news as well as In my spare time, I'd quickly log on to my facebook account to go to my favorite teams fan-pages.

            Nope, I don't blog around.

          • I forgot to mention Yahoo.

            P4P: I read about that letter last night and it was a well written letter by K. Zombie to Mr St. Pierre.

            Georges has become the "Golden Boy" of the UFC and possibly Lowkick. Georges can't do any wrong in the eyes of many.

          • @ UDG

            Man, how is it that George bashing has turned into LowKick bashing?

            Personally, I think LowKick has a bias towards Herschel Walker. Rarely, if ever, do they have anything bad to say about him.

          • @ UDG

            Well, even if you do blog around, I hope you blog safely and I hope you don't blog on the first article. 🙂

            You should always wait until at least the second or third article, to blog. If you blog on the first article, well….people will think you're lose with your opinion. 🙂

      • ***** to be a Daiz fan and have all this chit from the get go defending him and chit….what happen to Nick where did his pride go any self respecting fighter cant lose 5 rds like he lose them then come and say roids… no wait he had ONE pound
        thats what beat me.,, no it was my training no one could help me, no i have the better boxing training partners,.. no it was his gloves check his wraps,…. DAMN IT NATE please dont pull none of this **** you still have great skills you act like an azz coming up to the fight but seem to show respect after loving your brother
        does not mean have to act like him mannnn I hope you respect what you do
        and keep doing what you do and how you do it, you've had moments but what Nick has done is a big FU to all fighters there should be some kind of respect to know that the guy across from you has gave up and trained his *** off like you differently at the level that you guys fight at its not a tri state thing now but nationally,.. all to reach where you guys are now has giving up ALOT

      • There was a full results recap of WSOF directly after the fights were over. Guys, we're not trying to be biased towards anyone, so I apologize if it's come off that way. The UFC just dominates much of MMA right now. If stories about transgender fighters looking to knock women out is what we are looking for, we can cover that.

        • @ Mike

          Ha! Ha! The last bit was hilarious.

    • Not exactly, but they are going about it the complete wrong way.

      This should have been handled at weigh ins. It wasn't. There is no evidence of any wrong doing in the drug testing department, and they still file the second complaint.

      They just need smarter people making decisions.

  • No drama, just Diaz not being able to take a loss like a man.
    Whining and bitching, nothing else to it.

  • On the one hand…wha..wha…wha…wha! On the other hand, isn't this what we love about Nick Diaz.

    GSP has never failed to make weight. GSP has never tested positive for anything. I'm sorry if hard work pays off.

    As to Diaz, himself and I've said this months ago, he will be lucky to still be in the top-ten, by the end-of-the-year. For those that thought me wrong, he's already down to #6. As the division is rife with the type of fighters he hates, wrestlers and as he doesn't seem to have much of an answer for it, I don't see how he won't continue to fall. There's certainly no one in the top-six, he could beat. Not IMO, at-any-rate and he's already taken losses to two of those six.

    I like the guy, I think he's entertaining as hell, I think he's a solid fighter, but his game is not as great or as flawless and unbeatable, as he thinks. He's not the only tough-guy out there and he not the only "bring-it" guy.

    My advice to Nick, should he wish to continue, is to work on the flaws and stop worrying about GSP and re-matches, it's not going to happen. He should focus on the four fighters below him and figure out, of those, which one could he beat. Robbie Lawler comes to mind, for obvious reasons.

  • BJ Penn was screwed by Phil Nurse and GSP FACT.Sad part was GSP would have beat him without them his team playing hot potato with the vasoline in his corner.Note to Diaz a little to late guy it might have been relevent before the fight but now it sounds like excuses its disturbing he would wait to turn this in..This site is biased and has changed since oh well it happens my link here will always be Crocop vs Dos Santos.

    • The site is biased towards who?

      • Apparently since we didn't post about GSP's poor choice of fight wear, didn't wait with bells on for every single piece of information about Nick Diaz filing complains against GSP, and weren't all over the Fallon Fox story we're majorly biased towards GSP. Not true whatsoever. We are just trying to get past an event that was almost two weeks ago. There are more fights and fighters to talk about now.

  • wow!
    the drama over LESS than 1lb…unreal!
    diaz is a b1tch…simple as…he should take lessons of humility from his brother nate, at least he's a bit more of a gent.

    diaz this, diaz that…he lost, he didn't win like he said he was going to.
    it was nobody's fault but his own why he lost, he brought a poor fight to gsp, he couldn'y bully him like he's done most other fighters!
    boo-hoo nick! time for him and you nick loving nut huggers to move on.

    bisping for el presidentay

  • Seriously guys, who is this site biased towards? Is it because we don't cover enough stories outside of the UFC? Is it because we don't cover bad stories about GSP (those would have to be pointed out to me as they rarely happen)?

    I'm not really understanding this "biased" notion.

  • I agree. Yes, perhaps we didn't focus on GSP's Gi, or Nick Diaz's weigh-in controversy video. To be honest, I don't like either fighter more than the other. But the drama has gotten to be a bit much for a fight that's been over for almost two weeks. If you want every single piece that trashes GSP just so you can say that we're an 'equal opportunity offender,' well then, that's your opinion.

    But I don't believe we should post every single piece of regurgitated news so we can be just like the other sites, or have articles to bring GSP down a peg. He was out of the news for a long time while injured. Now he's back. However, every little barb that Diaz' lawyers throw at him doesn't mean that's breaking news.

    There's other fights going on soon guys, and other fighters. GSP is the UFC's biggest draw. He'll be reported on, just like Anderson Silva will be this summer. To say the site is biased and falling off because we didn't post a news story that you wanted us to, that you obviously already saw somewhere else, is a bit strange.

    We're trying for content that is about the actual discussion of fighting, not endless drawn-out sagas like the current GSP/Diaz rift or Fallon Fox. What, if any, does this drama hold for the lasting picture of the sport we all love?

    I appreciate all of you taking the time to read and comment on our articles, whether it be praise or criticism. If there's something you want that's not there, don't hesitate to contact me. But don't endlessly bash us for being biased when we don't post your favorite muck-raking controversies.

    LowKick is about fighting, not gossip. Let's focus on what really matters.


    • @mike and staff

      i wish you guys all the best after 3 years membership on this site i no longer actively participate. yes i do think the writers are biased towards certain fighters and yes the moderators harshly bash the fans for comments.

      for example gsp was 1# p4p on this site for years while anderson silva and jose aldo were doing "double flying knees" and "reverse elbow uppercuts." now you guys are biased towards jose aldo and renan barao. and still rank gsp #2. although sites with a much higher reputation and authority have gsp at #3 or in some cases #4.
      we understand the lowkick writers are also fans but you must maintain a certain level of professionalism if you are going to consider yourself a journalist.

      all in all i think you guys should stick to what made this site go from "" to "" and stick to providing a welcoming environment for mma hobbyist who are addicted to mma news.

      so please start to acknowledge other fighters like renan barao and jose aldo or other talent who provides tkos or submissions and have maintained a consistent record.

      Thank you, Gracias, Obrigado

      • @grapplure I hope you dont see me or any other writers here as biased. I personally try to write things as they happen but in my own style. I am in no way biased towards gsp other than in the respect that I thought he would beat diaz. Also if anybody wants to put their opinion across during any hot topics we have a fan posting section now and all are welcome to write.

      • "for example gsp was 1# p4p on this site for years "

        GSP was literally never #1 PFP at this site.

        Have a good life, onemoreround.

  • I appreciate your views and comments. I just find it hard to say we're biased towards GSP, when I wrote an article about how I agreed with Jones passing him in p4p rankings.

    I also wrote a piece posing the question if scoring in MMA should be changed, largely due to the style that GSP and other wrestlers have been using to win.

    If that's bias towards GSP, well, I just don't agree with that.

    • It's not man. This is a train that got rolling somehow, and people are leaping on with no real evidence.

      • It's more like, we didn't post the articles and/or topics we wanted you to, so therefore you are biased towards GSP and by default, Lowkick is falling off.

        It's an unwarranted argument without merit, we are not biased. If people wanted us to post certain articles at certain times, what is the point of going to other sites and then chastising us for not being the exact same?

        I'm glad there's still some people who use logic over blind emotion.

  • Personally, I think this sounds like more disrespectful BS from another fighter GSP outclassed. Who cares what excuses came from a guy that couldn't win a single round?

    Oh gosh, you don't like the way GSP fights? Okay. Fans can make that argument. People used to complain about how Nolan Ryan threw nothing but fastballs. Or how Gretsky or Jordan never played defense.

    Personally I think if you believe any of these statements, you're a moron. But it's a sport. Disagreeing is part of the fun.

    And Lowkick? If you really think GSP cheated, say so. Or if you think it's BS, say that. The article seems to be sensationalizing the accusations directed towards GSP and at the same time, dismissing them.

  • bryan fontez is the only person i feel is biased, always getting mad at the fans, like his opinions about mma are golden. other than that i think the staff does a great job, and ive been coming here for years : )

  • Diaz is a whining *****.

    I can't count all of the excuses he has made for his loss to GSP.

    The reality is–yes, there are rules and technicalities–but .9 pounds did not make Diaz lose. Spies in Diaz's camp did not make him lose. GSP's home town crowd conferred no advantage. Nick Diaz has some excellent training partners to teach him wrestling–the lack of training partners did not lose the fight for Nick. The drastic time zone difference did not lose the fight for Diaz. The water on the airplane did not lose the fight for Diaz.

    Frankly, I think the bias on this site must be for NIck Diaz. If almost any other fighter came up with such a ridiculous litany of excuses for losing a fight–they would be pilloried and mocked by staff writers and MMA fans.

    As for the bias issue–no I do not find this site unnaturally biased toward any fighter. I think it is natural when a fighter has a long winning record, there is a natural bias which forms for that fighter. I say natural, because the 'bias' is really respect and admiration for great fighters.