GSP vs. Diaz fight video


Georges St-Pierre retained his welterweight championship belt on Saturday night, defeating Nick Diaz in convincing fashion. The victory came via unanimous decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45).

Watch this Fox Sports GSP vs. Diaz fight video for a complete picture of how it went down. Stay tuned to LowKick for complete analysis and post-fight coverage.

  • should be good

  • No finish. I'm an idiot 😉
    David and P4P – send me a PM

    • the money goes to your race buddy, it was not a fair bet anyways…

  • i lost my bet (stoppage buy cuts) is what i thought would happen my prediction to my favorite fighter a loss to johnny hendricks gsp can't take that kind of punching power

  • At a little under 71% for main and co-main event picks, grapplure/onemoreround.

    Just in case you were wonfering.

  • I said Georges would take him down, I said he would nullify his BJJ, I specifically pointed out that the jab would be too quick for Nick to avoid and I called a GSP victory via UD.

    If the odds weren't soo one sided I would've put money on this fight. Damn.

  • Good performance for GSP and not boring at all but i cant stand Bryan Fontez when he is saying "i told you so","it`s for sure","i said so"…I think in his opinion GSP vs Diaz it should never hapen ,because anyway GSP it was going to win