GSP thinks Chris Weidman will finish Anderson Silva


It may not be a widely known fact, but UFC Welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre often trains with Middleweight title contender Chris Weidman in New York. And it’s because of this first hand experience that he predicts a finish for Weidman over Anderson Silva, telling Sportsnet:

“My friend Chris Weidman, when I see him in training, I believe he’s going to beat Anderson Silva. I believe it’s a bad matchup for Anderson Silva. It’s very bad.”

“Not only is he going to beat, I believe he’s going to finish Anderson Silva,” GSP explained. “I believe it’s not going to be too long, that fight. People will be shocked.”

Anderson Silva has never been beaten in the UFC, let alone finished. He was of course in hot water against Chael Sonnen, but survived with a famous last round triangle. Many have maligned the 185 lb. division as being weak and not full of top-level contenders for the championship belt. Weidman is believed to be one of the best young fighters in the game. Is he the man to end Silva’s dominant reign?

  • I don't think we can share our opinions about Champion itself statement

    • gsp always predicts a finish…………

    • Did he not say the same thing about Chael and Bonnar??? Twa t…

    • In between the lines weidman kicks my *** all the time so surely he will kick silva's ***

    • And also let be fair Weidman is a training partner of GSP,all GPS is trying to do is build up confidence and erase a little doubt in the challengers heart. Helping your team mates when did that became a bad thing it prob took gsp 1 min to film this out of his life. Im sure it means alot for Chris comming from GPS himself

    • i think he's correct this time, anderson is having a problem and dealing a lot of personal issues and also the injuries and not to mention he's almost 40 yrs old. I think his A ss is going to be kick this time. Passing of the torch will begin this year.

    • another thing is that weidman has nothing to loose in this fight.

    • Man GSP better get one of these awesome predictions right before he hits his 7 year mark for the spider match, otherwise he might either have to fight him or finally admit he never wants to.

      Is this the kind of stylistic nightmare that makes it past the 2nd round? Where's Lee murray when you need him? There was an actual real threat for him, and at the rate GSP is going at murray will be released before he's done dodging.

  • Don't make me laugh GSP more like GPS. Anderson Silva will win once again one thing is to train another is to fight . I like you GSP but you just don't want to fight Anderson ,and I don't blame you .

    • More like GPS?

      That is both awesome and confusing at the same time.

      • lol My buddy called him GPS with a completely straight face at a party a while back.

        I think I was on the floor dying for like 10 mins.

  • Weidman will finish the Goat and Frankie Edgar is #1 p4p….I sense a personal agenda behind those silly comments. Lame!
    Why dont you stfu and try to finish a fight for a change, just be carefull not to finish like you did with Serra….

    • Brasil completely agree. Georges needs to stop worrying about who he thinks will finish Silva and worry about finishing the farrrr inferior fighter in Nick Diaz
      I do not agree with alot of what i read about Weidman being just another hype train. As i have my favorite fighter and greatest of allllll time winning, Weidman is no joke and it will show. As for Sir Georges , with this comment all he does is make Silva want to fight him more and we will all see Georges run from the fight AGAIN.

    • Sharp for the first half then you turn full retard for the second. It's called an interview, he's asked a question and then he answers it. If you want him to stfu then don't press play, it's pretty easy.

      And second, for all we know gsp really thinks Silva is going to destroy him. Of course he has to pick his friend/training partner. What would that do for your confidence if your friend/training partner who also happens to be a top 5 p4p fighter publicly goes on record saying you're going to lose? It's only lame in the sense that interviewers keep asking fighters to pick fights that they have personal ties to

  • too early for april fools

    • Even when Safe Peezy have something interesting to say, his boring robitic voice made my eyelids heavy.

      War Diaz reaching back like a pimp & slap'n this H.O.E.

  • GSP would love it if Anderson lost before he had to fight him.
    And it is a bad match up, every wrestler Anderson fights is a bad match up for him, but hes not only beat them all in the ufc, hes finished them all so here's hoping Weidman is no different.

  • I agree with him. I realize how good Anderson is, but you guys aren't giving Weidman a chance and it's really stupid.

    you'd have to be a pretty ignorant fan to think that Weidman isn't a nightmare of a matchup stylistically for Anderson.

    The guy is like Chael Sonnen on crack but younger. I can honestly see him taking Silva down and pounding his face to a mess within the first two rounds.

    • Bryan- Where do you think you are? This is Lowkick. You can't bring things like bad style match ups and logic into conversations about Anderson.

      • I hope you don't start calling Chris Weidman a can after he gets annihilated by the G.O.A.T.

        I suppose the next wrestler will also be a nightmare of a matchup "stylistically" for Silva after Weidman gets taken care of.

        • It's not just a wrestler match up. Its a prodigy of a grappler while also being incredibly good at wrestling.

          • lol bingo. He's more than a wrestler, this kid has got it all. Won't eb surprised if he nails Anderson with a few powerful shots on the feet aswell.

          • AJY

            Well he's up against a prodigy of a striker, who's incredibly good at sniping ppl as if they're moving in slo mo. Should be a good match up then eh?

          • Damn right.

      • AJY

        Anderson has very few bad matchups, he's good at fighting.

  • @Bryan,
    My post was in reference to GSP's stupid comments and how he gets out of his way to downplay Anderson….but i said it here before, Weidman is a bad matchup for Silva, a good wrestler wih sick sub skills….but he faced bad match ups before….
    War GOAT!!! **** GSP!!

  • Man, he REALLY doesnt want Anderson to keep wining… can't blame him, if Anderson wins, GSP is probably next

  • Where is UG? I will spend the rest of the day eagerly awaiting his thoughts on this! So excited!

    • Lol – Here I am.

      Actually, there is nothing wrong with a comedian trying to entertain his audience, so I can understand where Georges Safe-Pierre is coming from. I have always thought Georges had that in him.

      Thanks for a good laugh, Mr. Safe-Pierre, I really needed it today.

      • Hahaha- It's funny, my immediate thoughts were UG (and a few others) are going to absolutely kill him for this.

        • All kidding aside, I have no problem with what he said. Like everyone else, he is entitled to his own opinion. Georges doesn't like Silva and vice versa.

          • How do you figure? Georges is simply sharing his opinion on who he thinks would win.

            How does that equate to him not liking Anderson Silva??

          • I just don't think they like each other.

          • AJY

            I'd say you're right UG, I get the impression George feels a bit slighted by Silva. Could be the rivalry with Penn, whom Silva often praised as the most gifted fighter, while overlooking george all together.
            More likely its the Silvas constant challenge of george he wants to defeat em before retireing it seems. Perhaps to put an L on GSP's record and knock em down on the p4p list. Who knows, but yeah theres some animosity brewing no doubt.

    • Sounds to me like gsp is already trying to make a excuse for Chris he is coming from a long lay off… probly the samething some of yall will say to when (if) he looses.

  • This reminds of how Floyd was with Manny, constantly betting against him and while he isn't scared of fighting Anderson (Manny for Floyd), he still is not taking the fight and I wouldn't be surprised if tones change if Anderson loses

  • If Anderson is going to lose, he will lose to a great wrestler. Chris Weidman is a great wrestler. I endorse GSP's thoughts on the issue.

    • I think Anderson's TDD has progressed leaps and bounds. He's had to train to handle Leites, Maia, Hendo, and most importantly Sonnen – twice. I don't think people are giving enough credit to the Spider in the wrestling department. The advantage wrestlers USED to have on the Spider has diminished significantly.

      • @ Satellite

        I agree with your statement.

        Anderson's TDD and overall wrestling has significantly improved. Has it improved enough to keep Weidman off of him? I don't know, that will be the nature of the debate in the fight. If Anderson can stuff or thwart Weidman's take-down, Weidman gets crushed.

        If Anderson can't though and ends up on his back, I think Chris will own Anderson's ***. More than anything, I base that on Weidman's performance in the Munoz fight. His control of Mark, a great wrestler himself, was remarkably impressive.

        I don't know, we shall see. As a Weidman fan, I'll be pulling for CW to garner the upset victory, but it's a big hill to climb. If, on the other hand Weidman loses, then at least Silva will get a solid fighter to add to his resume of victories. It's always been my contention, that The Champ's resume could use a few more solid names. Chris would certainly be one.

        Enjoy the bout when / if (injuries and such) it happens.

  • do u guys really think GSP is going to say "my friend is gonna loouese"?? btwn boring is when A Silva does dancing with the stars

  • Can't wait ill b there you coming again @hate?

  • So if a team mate of Anderson's was fighting GSP, and the Spider said "I think he's going to beat George", how many of you would say "wow, how great is Anderson, backing an underdog against the champ?"

    The X factor in this fight is Weidman's age. Silva is a fighter who relies on his reflexes almost as much as his technique. When was the last time he fought someone under 30?

    I believe it was Thales Leites in 2009. Silva has an expiry date, all fighters do. Weidman is the biggest challenge the Spider has faced in a long time, no doubt. Like Chael but with way more power.

    Does that mean I agree with GSP? Not really. People give credit to Silva's physical ability, but not enough to his mental game. He's known Weidman has been coming for awhile and prepared, no matter what Ed Soares has said.

    But the idea that GSP is rooting for Weidman so he won't have to fight Silva is ridiculous. GSP is a master of mind games, just like Anderson.

  • I have been saying this for a long time, and i was waiting for this fight to happen. Chris weidman is the man to beat anderson silva. this is the first time i put my money against silva and for a good reason.

    The kid has everything, hes a complete fighter and has the size to match silvas. his striking might not be as good as silvas but hes no rookie standing. The only thing to worry about for weidman is that hes coming out of an injury but i hope he fights at 100%.

    Also, for everyone hating on GSP for not wanting to fight silva. you really gotta think about the odds. the smaller man will always be at a disadvantage. Its clear that Silva does not want to fight Jon Jones so please stop saying that GSP is afraid of silva because AS feels the same way or worse about fighting Jon Jones and at a weight class he has fought before.

    • At least Anderson would accept a catchweight with jones, GSP said he would and then over time doesn't like to talk about it any more.

      • Anderson talked about 192 being the catch weight. That's roughly the same to if GSP said 174-175. Anderson never agreed to go lower than 177.

        • It's about the same really. 185 is 96% of 192 and 170 is 96% of 170 so it is the same amount of difference respectively. 177 is closer to GSPs weight than Andersons anyway.

        • Anderson agreed when he was 4 years younger to go down to 170 but Dana hated his performance against Maia and canceled Silvas opportunity. Noww Silva will still cut to fight but just not as much because he's 38! GSP has never gone up a division because his style needs power to get success.

          • Anderson was only ever rumored to agree to go back to 170. They would have ran into the same problem back then about arguing about a catch weight (or they wouldn't have and GSP would have gone up because of Anderson's performance against Maia, but that's unlikely). Dana just bypassed it by "punishing" Silva (which I think was a bit of a **** move to schedule him to fight Chael 4 months later.

          • Also, 192 lbs is 93.6% of 205 lbs. That same percentage of 185 lbs is 173 lbs.

            That comparison is a bit more relevant as it pertains to the person coming down in weight than it does for the person going up.

          • AJY

            neither of which matter since gsp isn't intrested in silva, or moving weight classes

          • Both scenarios have the guy up a weight class sacraficing more than the one coming up as a weight cut is more difficult and compromising than a relax on your weight cut. The only difference is that Silva said he would at a catchweight and GSP is trying everything to avoid the scenario. It is most fair no if ands or buts to fight at a catchweight when two are most dominant in different weights and if unfair it would be most likely because everyone cuts weight harder on the guy who has to cut even more. So yes Jones has a more dangerous option in a catchweight vs Silva but Silva also faces the same issue with GSP and Silva still is willing at a catchweight unlike GSP who has been telling us he will move to 185 and now won't even accept a fight at 177. It must take until Anderson is 53 to properly add 7 lbs of muscle. We can see by GSP's reaction to getting punched in the eye and his performance afterwords that a match with the spider has him nervous as heck.

          • "The only difference is that Silva said he would at a catchweight and GSP is trying everything to avoid the scenario."

            Again, Silva said he would at a catch weight comparable to GSP saying he'd to a catch weight with Silva at 173. It wasn't much of an offer outside of saying he'd do it (which GSP has both said he would and would not do in the past).

            It's not the same thing. It's one guy trying to get one person to come up 7 lbs (while dropping 7-8 extra pounds himself), while trying get somebody else to drop 12 or 13 lbs (while basically coming into a fight cutting 4 or 5 lbs).

          • GSP has said he would do both a catch weight and a move up in the past and now when offered both he declines. Anderson has at least agreed to a catchweight against Jones and GSP. Also the logic is flawed in your calculations for 173 from 170 being the same as 192 from 185. there are 20lbs between 185 and 205 and so 7 lbs towards 205 is 35% of that 20lbs while 170 – 185 has only 15lbs diff and 3 lbs of 15 lbs is only 20% of that 175-176 is closer. And again with a weight cut being more difficult than a relax on a weight cut. If anything 195 and 177.5 is the fairest offer for both sides.

          • The logic isn't flawed at all. It just takes into account the percentage of weight loss needed for the party moving down in weight. Which is the most important factor in the situation. Anderson agreed to the catch weight against Jones in the same way Gsp idd for him years ago. Without any possibility of the fight happening yet.

    • gm1

      Chris Weidman- 6'2 185 78'reach
      Anderson Silva- 6'2 185 77.6'reach

      I like this math up…..No reach advantage for anyone..

  • Just to get it straight.. GSP should NOT support his training buddy? See everyone has an opinion, but opinions are like assholes everyone has one and all of them is full of ****.

    True Story..

  • Anderson Silva > Chael Sonnen > Dan Henderson > Chris Weidman…. Easy win for The Spider soon, while Vaseline GSP will continue to hide in a very dark place.. Also War Diaz..

  • I'm so excited about this Saturday! We get to see the ultimate "decision-er" take on the ultimate "finisher"! If Diaz wins this one I will be so happy to see a GSP fight with a definitive finish. Has anyone checked the Vegas odds for the fight?

  • I think Silva has way too many tricks for Chris, the size is equal, so its really interesting, but Silva has too much experience and is still in his prime, Chris might do some damage but nothing spectacular. I got Silva by tko in the third. If Silva wins easily then there's no way he can deny the Jones fight.

  • You can understand GSP's loyalty to his friend and training partner……that's normal….but IMHO Weidman isn't getting the credit he deserves….people just don't know much about him but he is a lot more dangerous than people seem to realise….we all know about his BJJ credentials but he's also a dangerous striker……he not too long ago fought Urijah Hall, currently on this seasons TUF, who recently had that devastating back spin KO…..Weidman knocked him out with a left hook……Granted that Hall is no Anderson Silva but don't sleep on Weidman…..I actually give him a better shot than some of Silva's more recent opponents…..i mean Stephan Bonnar FFS??!!….who was the genius behind that one?!….Silva showed the vast difference between a technical brawler and a pin point striker when he fought both Bonnar AND Griffin….decimating both of them……I do actually think myself that Silva will retain the belt….BUT…..i wont be as shocked as some if Weidman pulls this off….as i say…..because he isn't widely recognised people aren't giving him a chance……i think he does possess the necassary tools to cause an upset….Weidman has well and truly come in under the radar…..which may work in his favour in the end……we'll see…

  • To all the haters……

    Please read your comments on this thread. Are your lives so sad you hang on GSP's every word watching closely to find something you can express your hate for the guy??

    These threads are almost identical going back for the last 2 – 3 years, maybe longer. I was hoping some of you might have got your first girlfriend by now and moved on to something more substantial in life, but I guess some of you will never lose the hard-ons you got for GSP. Don't be jealous and drop your inferiority complexes you have toward GSP. You'll never have his money, his skill and for many his looks either, get over it.

    I personally think Silva isn't as good as many claim him to be. I haven't seen enough of Weidman against top calibre fighters to have much of an opinion if he's good enough for Silva so we'll have to wait and see. Silva does have the best striking in the game though so if Weidman does have trouble getting the fight to the ground he could struggle as many do against SIlva when standing.