GSP makes a stop on Canadian radio talk show ‘Studio Q’ to promote his new book


Georges St. Pierre recently stopped by a well known Canadian radio talk show called Studio Q hosted by Gian Ghomeshi, to talk about and promote his new book.

Ghomeshi has been interviewing celebrities for years, some of his best interviews were with world renowned Comedian Russell Peters, Vocalist Josh Groban and his very tense interview with actor Billy Bob Thornton which has now become famous on youtube garnering 2.8 million views.

Check out his interview with GSP below:

  • I have watched this guy from very early in his career. I am at a loss to pinpoint a time when he changed from GSP the fighter to GSP the brand. Good luck to the guy. A credit to MMA and Canada.

    • I'd say it was when he got his belt back from Serra. After that he started slowly started changing his mentality.

      • Yeah there was a noticeable change in GSP himself but it seems like he morphed almost naturally and seamlessly into the brand. the change was his approach to fighting rather than the media. He's always carried himself the same as far as the media goes.