GSP admits to weighing in at 170.4 pounds for UFC 158


Well this is interesting. It seems where there maye just be some accuracy to the allegations Nick Diaz and his camp were making towards Georges, Montreal’s athletic commission and the entire weigh-in debacle that happened to make news just following their bout.

As is standard for all athletic commissions, fighters are required to weigh-in for championship bouts at or below the appropriate weight limit.

According to St. Pierre however – who recently spoke with the french media site La Presse – he now says that he believes he did weigh-in above the required limit:

“They came to us just before the weigh-ins and even I was surprised. They told us they were going to be rounding (down to the nearest pound). I was as surprised as Nick Diaz,”

GSP said he was not sure of his exact weight, but he believes that it amounted to 170.4 pounds. The Quebec Board then rounded his weight down to 170 pounds, the limit for the March 16 bout.

This is interesting seeing as how the Montreal athletic commission stated on record that no such discrepancies existed at the weigh-in.

Although they’ve already requested that an investigation be done, there has been no word yet on whether the UFC or Diaz’ camp will take any further action to follow up on this recent bit of information.

What seemed to become a non-issue has now been given some wind in its sails. Stay tuned to for more information on this story.

  • Even if GSP was over by .4 pounds, he'd have (had) two hours to make the weight. I see no real story here, other than GSP should have been required to cut the weight. Which he would have.

    • There is no story here I have seen many title fighters weight in title fights be rounded to the nearest number. Im also pretty sure GSP could of dropped the .4 .lbs with the drop of the trousers and a few minutes in the sauna if needed

    • There is no story here I have seen many fighters weight in title fights be rounded to the nearest number. Im also pretty sure GSP could of dropped the .4 .lbs with the drop of the trousers and a few minutes in the sauna if needed

      • Really? Who? You are a writer here so I expect you can back it up. Oh and it does matter trust me. When one guy is killing himself to get that extra half a pound off after already cutting a lot of weight and the other guy doesn't that is not fair. And why the rules are what they are. It's not like GSP hadn't already been cutting weight and sitting in saunas. He had trouble getting that last .4 pounds off. Not that he couldn't but it must have been a difficult cut if he was still there by weigh ins. You can't even be over in Judo competitions never mind a prize fight.

        • Diaz was told he didn't have to cut all the way down as well. Besides that, GSP cuts a lot more than Nick so even though GSP didn't make the weight, he probably drained himself more than Diaz did anyway

  • im sure the half a pound is how he won the fact he could of went to the rest room came back, or just took his shorts off he would of made weight and no reason to lose the belt over

    • Ya I'm pretty sure he could've just dropped his pants and that'd be fine. If not maybe they could've waxed his chest again to get rid of that 1/100th of a pound left.

  • RULES ARE RULES….lets not forget that this is a professional sport. You cannot shift the goal posts on the day of the weigh in which will favour an individual fighter. Cutting an extra .4 can make all the difference. Its often these last few grams that will hurt the most.

    I still believe GSP would have won convincingly, however the goal posts were shifted.

    I say give Nick another title shot, allow him to miss a couple of press conferences and get your wallets out to purchase some more wolf tickets.

  • My memory must be playing tricks on me because I could have sworn fighters were allowed to weigh in 1p over their weight class limit. Isn't it pretty standard that fighters at 155 weigh in at 156 etc?

    • Usually yes, but I think it's different for title match ups.

      • Yes it is 1 lb over for normal matches but can not be over in the slightest for title fights

  • ….and the point here is????

  • Diaz had more pot than that in his trousers before he weighed in……..

  • You can take a crap and lose half a pound….Maybe for other fighters it may be difficult but you are talkin about one of the P4P best… really think he would have struggled to lose half a pound in 2 hours enough to make a difference in the fight?

    • I don't think you guys understand how cutting weight goes. GSP had already taken every crap, sweat, and pushed all the water he thought was necessary out. .4 pounds is really hard after you have already squeezed 12-15 lbs of water out. It gets exponentially harder. Not that he couldn't but,.. .4 is a lot when you already have spent a couple days cutting.

      • He hadn't cut the ***** and trimmed his nails yet.

  • I always thought you were allowed to weigh in up to 1 pound over?
    Arent guys always showing up at 171 and 206 and stuff?

    • Not in title fights.

      • Really? All of a sudden that 1 pound matters in a title fight?
        Honest question here Ive never looked at the rules

  • Lets just get this out of the way first:

    -GSP says he thought he weighed in at 170.4. There's still no proof that was the actual number (either too high or too low).

    -Boxer briefs weigh anywhere from .2-.3 lbs, and that would leave .1-.2 lbs left for GSP to cut (and he didn't even look that drained on the scale).

    -According to the story he very well could have just stopped cutting when he heard the information about the random .9.


    Now, with that stuff out of the way, this is shady. The UFC's biggest star in his hometown weighs in at .4 over in a title fight when there is no history of that for title fights. Not only the AC being shady about the rules at the last minute, but the UFC not stepping in to enforce the letter of the contract.

    IMO, its more of a *********** than anything truly sinister but with the information presented its a bit concerning.

    PS. There are rumors going around that rounding is what Nevada does also (just not publicly I guess). If anybody has any info on this I'd be much obliged.

    • I have heard that as well Evan but nothing i have seen on paper

    • I agree with that. I don't think it's GSP's fault at all. I was just saying .4 lbs could be buck naked drained of everything to got and there is .4 more to do. Do I think it mattered in the outcome no. But it could potetionly be that both fighters at the "edge" of a cut at .4 but one plays by the rules lets his body go into temporary shock and the other doesn'….it should be clear what the rules are. GSP obviously had nothing to do with the commission.

  • While this does not matter in the slightest for the fight and I hope Diaz and his camp don't embarrass themselves anymore by trying to use this an excuse, it does matter for the future to make the sport more regulated.
    Rules are rules and they need to be kept to, this situation is in the past and we have no evidence about who weighed what exactly so all we need to take from this is to fix this error for the future.

    • Nice!

    • Doesn't change the outcome of the fight, but pursuing this with the commission is not an "embarrassment" to the Diaz brothers. I think it makes them more like advocates of the same principals you're preaching – "fix this error for the future". They busted his *** for marijuana. I think it's cool he's pursuing this with the commission.



    I speak french and I know what GSP said AND HE NEVER SAID HE WAS OVER 170!!!!!!! STOP STARTING RUMORS THIS IS NOT TRUE..

    Thank you, I am pissed off right now 🙂

    • Sorry Mr. Fontez I didn't say this to insult you but I don't like the fact that you write an article with completely fake stuff in it. Sorry again.

  • is it just me or are these guys just posting articles for posting's sake?