Gray Maynard doesn’t believe Benson Henderson is the best Lightweight


Gray Maynard just happened to be a guest on this Monday’s edition of the MMA Hour, and had a few interesting things to say. First off he claims that after calling out Anthony Pettis, not getting him and then getting matched up with his new opponent in TJ Grant, he wasn’t exatly the most motivated he’s ever been.

Well that was until the moment when Dana White announced that the winner of the match would be the number 1 contender and given a title shot. Here’s Maynard comments on the situation and how it unfolded:

“I thought it could be [an important fight], yeah, because we asked for Anthony Pettis and then he dropped down. And then they offered [Grant] and I thought that he was a top guy too, so we took it and we kind of knew it would be one of those types of fights. Halfway through the camp, you get a little bit down, a little slowed up. But [announcing it was a No. 1 contender fight] was a kick in the ass, so I was pumped.”

Since the announcement however, White has been hit with some criticism on the decision to make Grant/Maynard a contenders bout, however the former title contender refused to be fazed or affected by any of the comments from fans and media simply stating:

“There’s a lot of people out there, so there’s a lot of people that like Josh, Gilbert, me, and they’re just, that’s what they say. I don’t know what to say to that. I just do what the boss tells me to and I believe I’ve been a top guy. I believe I’ve beaten the champ, but it was a draw, and I slipped up a little bit. Just trying to get back to that belt. There’s no clear guy, though. I think Anthony [Pettis], he was. I called him out, I asked to have him, and then he dropped down. But basically after that, who else? Who else is a clear guy?”

As far as his upcoming opponent, Maynard doesn’t seem to be fearing anything that he brings to the table:

“I’m impressed to the point where it gets me up everyday to train hard as hell to beat him. That’s all I need,” said Maynard. “I don’t fear anything anyone brings to the table. But there’s a couple things that I’m aware of.I don’t want to go into great detail about it. He’s a tough kid, doesn’t have a lot of huge holes, but there’s a couple small technical holes that we’re trying to exploit.”

As far as the current champion however, while Maybard certainly has respect for th champion he simply doesn’t consider him the best in the division:

“He’s not. He’s good though. He is good. Tough to beat. He’s that guy that’s hard to beat, but not the best. I think he has three bouts that could’ve gone either/or, that were very close. And to be honest I scored three of them to the other guy — the two Edgar’s and Gil. But it could’ve gone either way.”


  • Frankie Egdar true chapmion and best LW …

    • Henderson clearly dominated and won both fights and IS the best lightweight. Haters need to stop gassing about Bendo, he's the man. He's the GSP of the lightweight division in the same way Jon Jones is the Anderson of the light heavweight division.

      I had no idea he had so many haters until I saw the votes on this post.

      • Henderson isn't anywhere near Jones or GSP. Where the hell do you get off even thinking about comparing him to the other dominant champions??

        You're saying a guy who can barely defeat every opponent he faces and JUST scrapes by with a decision pretty much every time is on the same level as any of the other champions in the UFC? Gimme a break man. That's insanity.

        If competent judges were employed during his fights against Edgar he wouldn't even be the champion, Benson isn't the best Lighweight, Edgar is better and so is Pettis. He won't remain champion for long I can guarantee you that. I've never seen a more overrated champion in my life.

      • wait-WHAT? Ben Henderson had 3 close fight, I think he lost both Edgar fights, but ESPECAILLY the 2nd one, the 1st one was close, but I gave it to Edgar, but the 2nd fight was Edgar, hands down. As for Melendez, I think Ben won that fight 48-47. Gil didn't do enough to take the title from the Champ.

        As for Henderson being compared to GSP?!? Ben Henderson won 3 very close fights, when was the last time anyone thought GSP lost 2 rounds in a fight, let alone the fight it self. I dont see Benson's opponents getting owned & embaressed like GSP's opponents. Anderson Silva got beat up for 4.5 rounds, when was the last time GSP was beaten up in any fight?!? Serra was the last one, 6 yrs ago.

        Ben Henderson is no where near GSP, Silva or Jones! Not even close!

  • Well, Bendo has the belt, and that's what really matters to all fighters whether they are willing to admit it or not.

  • I agree with Maynard. Frankie and Henderson won one fight each in my mind, Henderson won the first one fair-and-square but Frankie won the second one and got robbed, so that makes him and Frankie equal for a start, already proving Maynard's point.

    Also you could say "you've got to beat the champ to be the champ" but that doesn't work in this case because the first fight where Henderson beat him for the title was close too.

    Maynard's right up there too going 9 rounds with Frankie.

    • ALSO Frankie's an undersized lightweight to boot.

      • It is also a good indicator at how good Aldo is also and I think should he ever make the move up he could be very successful at LW also, although there is a question mark of how he deals with a bigger stronger LW with great wrestling as I think he could be vulnerable to some but I personally hope Edgar and Aldo both fight at LW, the match ups are just sick with so many great fighters but so long as the likes of Pettis and others will go down to fight him he'll have great world class opposition for some time to come.

        • Aldo is a HUGE FW & if I'm not mistaken he walks around WW weight, or very close to 165lbs, plus or minus a couple of pounds. Aldo, could very well lose to Pettis. Pettis has the striking & kicks that Aldo has, but Pettis has cardio, something Aldo does not, his fights that have gone passed the 3rd round, has proven that. Aldo can beat Pettis, but I beleive he has to do it before the 4th or Pettis is going to finish him. I think that fight is going to be inasane!

  • I agree with Gray.

    I still think Frankie won their fights and would win again, I think Pettis would beat him and Gray might beat Henderson himself.