Gomi gets BJ Penn if he beats Florian


Recently signed lightweight, Takanori Gomi, who has beaten high caliber fighters such as: Aurelio, Sakurai, Kawajiri, Pulver and Costa, has signed on to fight one of the best lightweights in the world Kenny Florian at UFC Fight Night which takes place on March 31st. In a recent interview UFC President Dana White said that if Gomi beats Florian he gets a shot at BJ Penn.

Takanori Gomi will almost certainly face BJ Penn in his second fight for the UFC, company president Dana White says, provided he gets past Kenny Florian first and Penn is still the lightweight champion after he fights Frankie Edgar on April 12th. “But BJ has a fight with Frankie Edgar in Abu Dhabi on 4/12 and Gomi still needs to fight Kenny. So until that happens we can’t make a decision. But I’ll tell you, if Gomi beats Kenny, I definitely will consider a match with BJ.”

If Gomi is able to defeat Florian many believe, including Dana White, it is going to get Gomi alot of attention from everyone including BJ Penn, resulting in a possible rematch between the king of lightweights and Gomi who was considered at one point one of the best lightweights in the world.

  • Gomi used to be a beast, but hasnt really looked good since 05-06
    I hope he has a new training camp betong his old friends or Florian will beat him, if the old aggresive Gomi shows up, he can do it, he has the tools to beat Florian.
    Last time Gomi faced BJ, he madfe it to the third round before he lost.
    Cant wait to see him back and in the octagon.

  • betong lmao, piglatin for Beyond!

  • I no, Gomi was a beast in pride, if that gomi shows up he’ll beat florian but if the new gomi shows up then florian will take it, but hopefully the pride gomi shows up cause that would make the ufc lw division alot more interesting especially if ufc can somehow get alverez, kawajiri or aoki

  • Yeah def’ Gomi seemed unstoppable especially in the ’05 Lightweight GP but once he lost to Aurellio he was never quite the same. Kenny’s stand up is good and always improving, good Muay Thai but Gomi can bang all night and is deadly in a brawl, flurry or counter. Kenny’d have a fair chance of beating Gomi on his feet but it is risky but Gomi’s biggest weakness is Ju Jitsu which Kenny’s pretty good at so Kenny should just get it to the mat and do his thing Gnp, elbows, sub.
    I like both fighters and want both to do well but I’d like to see a run at the top from The Fireball Kid one more time.

  • Penn would beat Gomi already has and would again.