Gokhan Saki Makes Bold Claim For 2018 UFC Run


Ex-Glory kickboxing champ Gokhan Saki made his presence felt in the UFC with a vicious first round knockout debut win over Henrique da Silva at UFC Fight Night 117 in Japan this past Friday (Sept. 22, 2017).

Saki showed off a tremendous striking ability, that even after just one fight rivals the likes of the most elite the UFC has to offer in any weight class. In a thin upper tier at light heavyweight Saki could possibly see a quick shot at the 205-pound throne with a couple more impressive performances, and “The Turkish Tyson” knows it.

During an appearance on The MMA Hour earlier today (Mon. September 25, 2017) Saki made quite the bold prediction by vowing that by this time next year he will be a UFC champion (quotes via MMA Mania):

“I will be moving to the US to start training there for a while and I hope to fight this year one more time,” said Gokhan. “Next year this time, I am fighting for the title and I am the champion. I will be fighting for the title and I will take the title. Give me that time, and it will be exciting, I promise you,” he added.

“100-percent. That is in my mind and I have proved to myself that if I want something, I will make it happen. This is something that I always see in my career. At this moment This is my point. I want the title and I will take it no matter what.”

Although he may be a tad undersized for the light heavyweight division, Saki expressed no interest in moving down to middleweight to try his hand there. While the elite wrestlers at the top of the division may pose a huge threat to his title aspirations (such as current division king and former olympic wrestler Daniel Cormier), it should be interesting to see how the UFC matches Saki up moving forward in his tenure with the mixed martial arts (MMA) promotional powerhouse.

  • Dave WC

    I would like to see this happen but DC would lay on top him for 5 rounds and take a UD. Well, as long as the judges can stay awake.

  • draven

    looking at his last performance, I do not see him being a champion next year.
    standing and trading? well we had a lot of those kind of fighters, yet this is not the way to stay on top, at least not for long

  • leonaidis

    He has no way near the mma striking of Gus or Jones, and who knows what he has in the grappling department? Good addition to the 205 division, but talking about taking the belt is a little to much at this stage.

    • steven

      Stop mentioning Jones. Jones will never fight Saki. Jones is a career cheat. Jones’ death sentence is coming. He is a non-factor. Move on Lowkick hipster.

      • leonaidis

        You are sort of right. But steroids or coke didn’t give Jones the striking he has. You can cheat to get stronger, better cardio and better recovery, but you can’t cheat to get skill. So it’s the cheating that is a non-factor in this discussion. Because you need that level of skill to compete for the title in the 205 division, Jones needed that, plus cheating to stay at the top.

  • Gerry McCabe

    Such amazing power speaks loudly in the octagon, and in his 1st UFC bout he showed decent takedown defense, with the right trainers and team he could make it very far.

  • HeteroFriendly

    So he’s gonna learn how to out wrestle Daniel Cormier by this time next year?

    Gosh bless him.
    You gotta have goals.
    You cant achieve great things without trying to achieve them.

    • buddy

      stfu troll account with over 40000 comments, hows that white nationalist agenda? bit of a last ditch effort isnt it you morons? lol