Glover Teixeira: I’m The Favorite And I’m Getting That Belt


UFC 172 light-heavyweight title challenger Glover Teixeira has come a long way during his MMA career; starting in 2002, GT set off with a 2-2 record in his first four bouts-nothing too stellar there. Since his decision loss to Ed Herman, Teixeira has been on a brutal rampage and has compiled a twenty fight/18 finish win streak.

Now as he faces the biggest test of his storied career, Teixeira spoke to about his status as the underdog against Jon Jones:

“There was no way I was going to be the betting favorite,” Said Teixeira, a 4-1 underdog. “In my own head, and that of my trainer’s, I am the favorite. But it’s no surprise that I’m not in the eyes of the fans. “I’ll never give myself an A since I ask a lot from myself,” Teixeira said. “Every fight has its rough spots, and I’m always looking for improve every facet. I may not be as young, but my experience makes up for it.”

Rough spots against Ryan Bader and James Te Huna were overcome, as Teixeira finished both men in the first round. That being said, he did look in a little bit of trouble against Bader, and I’m not sure he would be let off the hook so easy against ‘Bones’. GT continued:

“There are always holes in anyone’s game,” Teixeira said. “Without a doubt Jon Jones is one of the greatest fighters in history, and, of course, we do see errors that we’ll try to exploit. “I’ve watched Jones’ fights, but my trainers are the ones who come up with a strategy. Ultimately, I’m not one to spend too much time studying my opponent. I leave that up to my coaches.”

As his training for Jones is inevitably coming to a close, all the hard work and dedication will show in his performance, as he hopes to become the first man to defeat the champ Jon ‘Bones’ Jones.

“We arrived at this point with a great deal of sacrifice,” Teixeira said. “Those who followed my career know the difficulties I endured in Brazil. Now the chance to fight for the UFC belt is an achievement in itself. I’m training harder than I’ve ever trained before. I’m getting that belt.”

Will the dominant king of the light-heavyweight division maintain his tight hold on the belt, or will the heavy-handed underdog emerge as the champion with an upset?

  • Ivy

    People bet against Werdum too, gave him little chance. I think it's time for Jon Jones to lose that belt.

    • That's b/c people were stuck to Silva's nut sac & b/c he was undefeated, but I thought Weidman was going to beat him, only b/c he was a bigger, stronger & better Sonnen, and we seen what Sonnen did to Silva. If anyone other than Weidman or his camp say they thought Weidman was going to KO Silva, they're full of shit!

      As for Texeira, he didn't look great vs. Bader, and we all seen what Jones did to Bader, and that was a couple years ago. The only way Texeira wins is by a lucky punch/KO. Texeira hasnt even beaten a legit top 10 & he thinks he's going to beat Jones?!? I dunno about that.

  • How did he look in trouble vs bader? Glover is willing to take a punch in order to deliver one…That's what he did against bader

    • Well he was in trouble, cause he was rocked badly… luckily recovered fast enough to return fire and end it. If Bader didn't go after Glover with reckless abandon after he rocked him and rather picked his shots, he might've finished him there, but….. he didnt!

      Bader has serious knock out power though, Bones has nowhere near that power in his hands but makes up for that with devastating elbows. I'm still leaning towards Glover though, cause he has fight ending power in those hammers, a deadly ground game and great wrestling. He has 25 minutes to touch Jones and i think sooner or later he will connect. Jones chin held up (nearly) in the fight with Gus, but Glover's power is something special!

      • Ivy

        On top of that is Jones' hubris going into this. I think he thinks he'll walk right through Glover.

  • If you know this song please sing along with me…
    1 Hater
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    6 Hater, is there anymore???
    Wish I can see your face when Glover body hits da floor
    Will y'all continue to hate afterward??
    Past history says SURE!!! All in fun fellas just relaxing before work

  • I love his confidence and skill set. It's going to be a tough fight. I dont mind either winning, but i have to favor jones.

  • It's good to be the imaginary favorite in your own mind, Glover…maybe there's a pretend belt waiting for you there too.

    No disrespect to Teixeira, he has a puncher's chance to win at the very least, but I think he should look up what the word "favorite" means.