Gilbert Melendez is looking to fight the best lightweight possible


Some think Gilbert Melendez should be the UFC Lightweight Champion, while others believe that he narrowly lost to titleholder Ben Henderson at UFC on Fox 7. Regardless of your stance, Melendez knows that he has a wall to climb in order to get another shot at his coveted belt. The former longtime Strikeforce kingpin spoke up to Knockout Radio this week to state his next move, wasting no time in looking for a big fight:

“There’s a lot of good guys.  Whoever is hot right now.  Whoever is the hot dude who is closest to getting that title shot, I’ll take it.” 

“If it’s ‘Cowboy’ Cerrone, if it’s the loser between (Jose) Aldo and (Anthony) Pettis, if it’s Pat Healy, if it’s Joe Lauzon, Diego Sanchez, who is it?  You let me know who will get me quicker to the top, but it would be a good matchup with all these guys. All these people are new faces for me.  I just don’t want to fight Josh Thomson or Jorge Masvidal,”

While both Thomson and Masvidal won their UFC debuts at UFC on Fox 7, ‘El Nino’ defeated both of them in Strikeforce. He stated a laundry list of potential contenders that will get him back into the cage with Benson Henderson. The loser of Jose Aldo and Anthony Pettis might get him close, and so would a bout with the gritty Pat Healy. It’s doubtful that beating Cerrone would get him there, as Cerrone truly lacks a win over a top opponent, losing to Nate Diaz and Pettis when presented with the opportunity.

It can be argued that Melendez will need a win over a truly top-ranked lightweight, and the winner of the UFC 160 bout between Gray Maynard and T.J. Grant is said to get the next title shot at Henderson. So, Melendez remains in a bit of limbo in his quest for the 155 lb. strap. What would be his best course of action to prove he’s the best in the world? 

  • Diego sanchez would be cool, oh no wait he got gregged didnt he? oh well Joe Lauzon is an option but only Lauzon would gain something out of that fight. Nate Diaz maybe? I would actually like to see him against Frankie for the lightweight title cause those are the guys who won 2 of the last 3 title fights. 3 of the last 4 even imo but that first one might be considered fanboyism on my part.

  • Pettis when he loses to Aldo.

  • It was a close fight, to say the least. Gilbert is a great fighter to say the least. As he's coming off of a loss in a title fight, perhaps he could get the loser of Grant / Maynard.

  • I would agree with a fight with Maynard or Grant. Where the hell is Sean Sherk at that would be a pretty good match up. Tell you the honest truth why isn't there a rematch since that's the name of the game in the lightweight division. You ain't cool unless you get a rematch.

  • I think Gilbert missed a big opportunity against Bendo, he was catching those legs kick for fun and didn't do enough with that. He also managed to trap Bendo close to cage on nuerous occasions and didn't do enough of that either. The LW division is crazy you can rise and fall very quickly I just Gilbert doesn't fall