Gilbert Melendez: Fight With Henderson Is Personal, I’m Going To Try To Kill Him


Gilbert Melendez is not usually one for pre-fight trash talk, ‘El Nino’ prefers to do his talking with his fists. In the lead up to Melendez’s Lightweight Championship tilt with Benson Henderson, much has been said about the Champion being the better athlete. I don’t think this has got to Melendez, but I do think it has helped fuel him up for the fight.

Melendez spoke with MMAJunkie recently:

“No matter what, there’s heat. I respect Benson. He’s the #1 guy right now. He’s the UFC champ. But come fight day, I’m going to try to kill him, I have bad intentions, and it is personal. I don’t need to be mad at someone. I’m a professional, and I know how to turn on the switch and turn it on and off when I need to. Some people turn it on a month out. I turn it on right when it’s time.”

A lot of the fight game is mental preparation, I can’t help but remember when fighters put too much pressure on themselves and their fears or emotions take control causing sub par performances, or shock losses. I hope this isn’t the case for Melendez.

“It’s going to be heated. It’s going to be personal. It’s just how I fight – I’m going to try to kill the guy.”  

“I don’t need anyone talking crap on me. But let it be known, on fight day, Benson is not my friend. In fact, he’s the enemy that day and I have to destroy him. That’s the mentality I have to have.”

Well this interview certainly adds to the pre-fight hype, I’m starting to think my early FOTN pick of Mir vs. Cormier may be wrong….Stay tuned to Lowkick!

  • Benson IS the better athlete and more complete overall as an MMA fighter, but at the same time it is well known that anything can happen in a fight .

    • true dat

      • both these fighters are boring fighters, both of them have chances of winning but its gonna be a boring fight and if somebody wins, its gonna be a decision, if it doesnt go to the judges hands, then its gonna be a miracle. But its a very slim chances not to go in the judges hands.

  • LW now is one of the most interesting divisions with a lot ironic. Antony Pettis kicked Ben Henderson ***, James Thompson if not bad judges kicked Gilbert ***.

  • Melendez Is Going To Get Ragdolled/Outworked Just Like Nate !
    Nothing He Can Do About It .. Benson Is Better In Everything ..
    Easy Fight For The Champ Think He Wil Finish Melendez ..

    After Saturday , Melendez , Nick , Nate , Jake , Thy All Got There Shot At Gold .. And All Failed Realy Think These Guys Need To Switch Camp Or Something Cuz Its Not Working For Them

    • agree with the gracie camp comment – they seemed to have been fun, but none of them was really gold worthy.

      Not also a fan bendo – don't think he'll hang in the belt that long.
      Waiting for him to face serious competition with etiher Maynard or Pettis.

  • Really Gil? Kill him? Wow, someone has been hanging around the Diaz boys a bit too long. Classless statement. Bendo is going to own him.

    • And……. just by saying he is going to try to kill him means he has no respect for him…..

      • Agree man …come fight time he is going to get destroyed benson wil own this dude hard .. Realy see no way Gil can win this fight ..

  • It's called hyping a fight, when he says kill him it doesn't mean he is going too make him die

  • Benson is great, In fact these guys are both part of my favorite fighter list..and honestly this is a super fight for me…that being said, idk why some are counting El Nino out, i mean Benson didt finish Nate, beat em up good, but didt KO or even near Ko'd Nate…what makes anyone think that he will run through Gil?… Gil IMO is 3x better than Nate and always brings the fight…its going to be a war, i wont pick a winner, but i can guarantee the doubters this fight will go down as one of the best ones this year. If Styles makes fight, then this fight will be epic.

  • He stopped short of saying first death in the UFC like Frank Mir. That seemed to upset uncle Dana.

  • Melendez sounded like a total idiot and he's going to be killed by Bendo in their fight. But no disrespect.