Georges St-Pierre wants to get rid of rounds in MMA


UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre continues to be in the news more than any other fighter, from showing up on Canadian talk shows to promoting his book on tonight’s edition of “UFC Tonight,” GSP is generating hype for his brand like never before. He also appeared on today’s episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” and had some comments that were far different from simple promotion:

“There’s a lot of things I would change in the sport. First of all, the time, there’s no time, no round. Seriously, I believe it is stupid, the round. If you want to see who’s the best man, let them fight, you know? Fifteen minutes or maybe 25 minutes for the championship. No rounds. Why the round? Why are we trying to be like boxing? We’re not boxers — they did rounds to be like boxing to be accepted as a sport. Yeah, of course, 100 percent (there would be more finishes). No rounds. I think it’s ridiculous. 100 percent I would rather fight with a rule like this, I think it’s more honest, like, who’s the better man? Let them fight.”

Quite the outspoken views about MMA from the normally calm St-Pierre. Of course, the UFC started off with fights that had no rounds, but MMA becoming more mainstream had much to do with the implementation of timed rounds and weight classes. It’s interesting to hear GSP talk about finishes as well, as he’s still searching for his first one since 2009.

St-Pierre also danced around the topic of his next fight on “UFC Tonight,” noting that in order to fight Anderson Silva as has been rumored, he would need to go up to 185 and not come back. Johny Hendricks has been patiently waiting for a shot at GSP, but may have to wait even longer should the long-rumored fight with Silva ever materialize.

In any case, the discussion of one-round fights is an interesting debate. What would that old style translate into for today’s UFC?

  • Never thought about the no round thing, but damn that got me.

    I'm all for it! What do you think guys?

    • I guess having to get up from the ground when the round ends, and then take the guy to the ground for all of the next round is really starting to wear on him.

      Might as well just lay there for the entire 25 minutes i suppose. Having the opponent start standing in the next round is really just teasing.

      • Nemesis – Lol – That was a great one.

      • Yep!! This would give fighters like GSP even more of an advantage. Top control is already the bain of any non wrestler (as primary skill-set). Wrestling would get an even tighter stranglehold – pardon the pun – on MMA.

    • Street fighting –real fighting–goes on until one rival "submits" or even kills the other. In that perspective, this primal form of fighting is the ultimate proving ground of the best/fittest man or woman fighter. A no rounder perfectly suits an inexhaustible gas tank with superior athleticism and power as GSP. Grinders like Condit, Edgar, or Diaz would also find it equally fitting to their strengths.

    • GSP would very likely have finished most of his fights that went to decision. And Chael would probably have beaten Anderson at least the first time the fought. Maybe the second too. If Anderson wasn't rescued at the end of every round. Especially at the end of the first round of that first fight, Anderson got hurt in that round. It likely would have been a TKO win for Sonnen. And yes it is true this could favor wrestlers even more than the current format. But when it does, so be it. If you can't get up and you can't submit him from your back or sweep, tough crap. That's life. Sometimes there would be a long decision, if it was 15 or 25 minutes, but I bet that would be rare. And if the guy on top wears himself out then there could still be comebacks due to gassing. But it wouldn't just be whoever has the best cardio wins. It would be important to pace yourself when needed, or give it all you have if you see a finish in sight. It would be awesome to see this but it'll never happen.

  • Would like to see the Pride rounds brought back and the Yellow card for inactivity.

  • I'm 100% with Georges. One 15/25 minute round for normal/championship bouts. Judges would score fights as a whole instead of who won which round.

  • lets just focus on finishing some1 first george..

  • Behind this idea 100%, I think corners are to important as it is and seeing just how many fights someone gets saved by the bell.

  • So the man with the best cardio wins, meh

    • If the other guy isn't good enough to finish him first, then I guess yea

  • I have always thought the no rounds approach is best. I don't think it should be for a specified time either though Georges as that means you can just wait out the clock. It should be indefinite until there is a finish and maybe you might not think it is such a good idea then.

  • How many guys get saved by the bell ? You see it all the time. They are about to lose then get time on the stool to regather. They restart in a better position.

    Maybe having one round will make it easier for the judges ? But imagine having two guys on the ground for 15 minutes with boring pepper shots only to go to a decision.
    The only problem with the sport is that so many fights end in split decisions and you just wish there were more rounds to get a decisive decision to show the guy with the bigger heart and stamina. Guys often lose 1st round to nerves.

  • Interesting thought. The whole podcast (while unusually short) was pretty good, worth a watch.

  • I love the idea but at the same time I'm sure we'd begin seeing more injuries and an increase in heart attacks in the octagon. The Human body isn't meant to exert that much energy for more than 10-15mins. You could die from over exertion, exhaustion, dehydration.

    • whoever dies first loses.

      • In seriousness, I have seen plenty of fights in the early days without rounds and One fight I saw between Royce Gracie and Sakuraba went for over an hour until Gracies threw in the towel for Royce. I have never heard of anyone in great shape dying in those days. It can happen but so can a punch kill someone or a kick or a slam. It comes with the sport to have these risks.

  • It dont matter what GSP says… at the end of the day the UFC is about making money, not entirely about the sport… having rounds brings in more money to the UFC thanks to TV Commercials…. not having rounds means LESS MONEY… and homeboy Dana "Money" White wont like that

  • No rounds AND the yellow card would be nice, and don't be scared to use it, keep them working for a finish and with 1 long round they should be more frequent.

  • Would love to see some grand prix in UFC as well. have guys fight 1-3 in a single night!!